Description: Armchair Cheerleader
Location: Lapland, Finland
Hometown: Sodankylä
About: I live in Finnish Lapland. I make sounds and images. I'm a pretty good drummer and a great drinking buddy. I used to be very active in the Free Software world, but have later focused on armchair activism.
Description: Forum to organize meetings in Europe
Location: Europe
About: This forum is dedicated to discussing and planning personal meetings of members of the free web in Europe. For practical reasons, "the free web" means the RedMatrix, Friendica, and Diaspora here, because others can't join/read the forum.

This is about meeting in Europe, but that doesn't mean people from other continents are not allowed to join. If you're from somewhere else, you're still invited to come to a meeting, and you're also allowed to just read about what we're doing, of course.