Description: Researcher
Location: Gipuzkoa,, Euskal Herria
Hometown: Donostia
Homepage: ORCID:
About: I'm a researcher and PhD student in the Political Science department at the University of the Basque Country . My main research is focused on just and democratic energy transitions. I'm part of ekopol a multidisciplinary research group,and Tradener research team, where my research is centered mainly in the energy transitions movements in Europe and Brazil. My most recent publication is European Cities in the Energy Transition: A Preliminary Analysis of 27 Cities. Recently I've finished a specialization course in the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) about Energy and Society. Nowadays I'm working for the mPower European Project.
Description: Channeler
Age: 31
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Hometown: Vancouver