Description: Editor, Pagol* Network
Age: 26
Location: West Bengal, India
Hometown: Maldah
Description: "We did it, not because it was easy... but because we thought it would be easy." Just a bloke who's into stuff.
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Hometown: Montclair, NJ, USA
About: I spend a lot of time experiencing, enjoying, reflecting, self-correcting, making the most of every day. I've got too many enthusiasms to describe.
Description: Professional nerd trying out some FLOSS social networks
Age: 45
Location: Netherlands
Description: Anything About the GTA
Location: Ontario, Canada 🍁
Hometown: Toronto
About: The Centre & Capital of Canada
Description: admin
Age: 41
Location: Республика Башкортостан, Россия
About: Моё основное место обитания - Mastodon. Hubzilla - второе и самое комплексное.

Location: Western Massachusetts, USA
About: A digital FreeCycle depot for residents in the area of Western Massachusetts. If you are looking for an item, please begin your post title with SEEKING. If you have an item looking for a new owner, please begin your post title with OFFERING. Please, no posts requiring any type of exchange of money, goods or services
Description: zwerfkater (miauw!)
Age: 47
Location: Ipswich, United Kingdom
Hometown: Ipswich
Location: New Zealand
About: My thing is; Astronomy, Weather, Science, Photography, Timelapse, Tramping/Hiking, Cycling, Target/3D Archery, Anime, Humor, Linux, Debian, SysAdmin, Self-Hosting, OpenSource
Age: 32
Location: Munich, Germany
Hometown: Darmstadt, Germany
About: I'm a very curious person, eager to gain experiences. In short, I'm profound, friendly and warm-hearted. Friends also describes me as honest, tender, reliable, intelligent and humorous. I leave it to your decision if you'll trust them. :-D Last but not least I'm fond of chocolate and other sweets.

I moved to Munich about two years ago to enjoy life here and of course to work in a great job. Prior to that I've studied computer sciences in Darmstadt and have done some research at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.
Location: USA
About: I speak 4 languages, English, clearly, being one;
Falo quatro idiomas, e o português também sendo um deles.
Hablo cuatro idiomas, el español también siendo dentro da lista.
Je parle quatre langues, et maintenant, vous savez tous les quatre.
Description: My fitness activities
About: I'm diabetic and have cancer, but I'm fighting for my life with all I've got...this channel will log my fitness activities.
Location: Virginia, USA
Hometown: Eastern Shore of Virginia
Keywords: running, cycling, fitness, ocr
Description: extra channel for Taz, b/c his theme hosed site functionality on my.fed.soc
Keywords: debian, gnu, linux, running, cycling
About: translator, hobby hacker-wannabe, artist, musician, runner, cyclist, anarchist, gardner, sk8r