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About: a sensitive software engineer (he/him); I like engaging in discussions
Description: hi.. I'm a guy who wants to build a plane that you stand on.. kind of wacky..
Age: 38
Description: My work with tech. and electronics as well as tech. news.
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About: I tend to have multiple projects going at once. This is the place for me to post and talk about the tech. ones. I'll also post tech. news I find interesting.
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Description: A gamer that's into computers, photography, and so much more.
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About: Kind of new to Hubzilla. Came here because of the amount of flexibility.

I'm Tek. I use Fedora and Windows. Hoping to move more computers to Fedora soon.
Moving myself to my own website instead of being all over the internet on so many platforms.
I create a lot of new content. Photography and working on my Discord bot are the current big things I'm doing.
Age: 42