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Description: learning();
Location: WA, USA
About: Currently stewing in my own existentialism. A fan of Kafka.
Description: アイコンいいね!
Description: The Hub @ Subzone.Net
Hometown: CyberSpace
About: Security and Privacy advocate interested in Linux, FOSS, Cyber-Security, Cyber-Forensics, Cloud Services and just technology in general. Disgusted by how corporations took the genius of global communications to distort the dreams of many. Abusing the trust of the layman and using technological advances in social media and telecommunications as a means to create a new product, US!
Description: Organized Chaos @ The Hub!
Hometown: CyberSpace
About: Curator of Organized Chaos on (Tue-Wed-Thurs 00:00-01:00 UTC), an ultra high fidelity listening experience. When not on the air I'm a Technologist, a Privacy Advocate, into CyberSecurity and Forensics, Cloud Technology, FOSS, Linux and just a massive Soccer fan!
Description: A Hubzilla sister to the website - mainly to add a wiki
Location: Sussex, England
Keywords: solidarity, economy, commons, P2P
Location: Hessen, Germany
Hometown: Frankfurt
Age: 28
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Description: Technical blather from dlowe
Description: I'm trying this out.
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Hometown: Waltham
About: The common sort of lisp hacker, martial artist, spiritual nomad, and father. I like conlangs, coding, and BeeKeeping. I live near Boston.


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Description: Ветер - мой брат. Одинокий, усталый, шальной, нагловат... Но хороший малый
Location: France
Age: 23
Description: React Native Developer
Age: 14
Location: İstanbul, Türkiye
Location: doanhmarket
Location: doanhmarket
About: запознава читателите с интересни факти от различни сфери на живота, подредени в Топ 10 класации.
Целта е потребителите да се запознаят с нови, любопитни и забавни неща за живота.