Location: NSW, Australia
Hometown: Sydney
Description: hayfidelity
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Hometown: Mainburg
About: freelancer it
Description: TBA
Location: Florida, US
Homepage: www.debian.org
Keywords: Philosophy, Gnu, Debian, Art, &, Literature
Location: Australia
About: new no new age advanced ambient motor music machine
Description: Professional nerd, writes in Dutch and English. Can read some German, French and Spanish too.
Location: Netherlands


Description: Die Antwort ist immer42. Warum das so ist? Frag deine Eltern ;)
Hometown: Braunschweig
Location: USA
About: Ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Student of A Course in Miracles.
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Description: Ich arbeite im IT-Security Bereich und bin auch im Datenschutz tätig. Privat und beruflich beschäftige ich mich mit IT-Sicherheit, Sicherheitskonzepte, Datenschutz, Privatsphäre, Linux...
Location: Germany
Location: Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Hometown: Georgsmarienhütte
Location: Finland
Keywords: debian, linux, privacy
About: Linux user
Description: Testzugang, der wahrscheinlich eher selten benutzt wird ...
Hometown: Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
About: Free software user, member of the Document Foundation, LibreOffice UI/help translator, CreativeCommons music from www.jamendo.com and other places
Location: New Zealand
About: My thing is; Astronomy, Weather, Science, Photography, Timelapse, Tramping/Hiking, Cycling, Target/3D Archery, Anime, Humor, Linux, Debian, SysAdmin, Self-Hosting, OpenSource
Description: System Administrator
Age: 39
Location: Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
Location: USA
Homepage: www.nunya.biz
About: I speak 4 languages, English, clearly, being one;
Falo quatro idiomas, e o português também sendo um deles.
Hablo cuatro idiomas, el español también siendo dentro da lista.
Je parle quatre langues, et maintenant, vous savez tous les quatre.
Location: Brasil
Keywords: Debian
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
Description: Just an electronic engineer passionate about technology, free software and open standards.
Age: 46
About: Debian l10n Portuguese team member, electronic engineer passionate about technology, free software and open standards.
Location: Kansas City, MO, United States of America
About: Time Magazine Person of the Year - 2006

I'm different.
Age: 47
Location: Italy
Location: Santiago, Chile
Hometown: Santiago, CL
Description: extra channel for Taz, b/c his theme hosed site functionality on my.fed.soc
Keywords: debian, gnu, linux, running, cycling
About: translator, hobby hacker-wannabe, artist, musician, runner, cyclist, anarchist, gardner, sk8r