Description: Independent Eccentric


Location: Italy
Description: A place to share information and resources about Privacy and security on Android devices
Description: This is a channel for federating on multiple protocols. Main channel, which is mirrored here, but only federates on zot protocol is at - check the
Location: Nomad, Indonesia
Hometown: Void
About: Sometimes crafting codes, sometimes playing with networks. Mostly sleep and being a procrastinator extraordinaire.
Description: BMT
Location: Front Range CO
About: Socialist Rifle Association chapter, located in the front range region of Colorado.
Location: USA
Description: Grupo de música brasileira, funky, pagode, bossa, etc, etc, con sede en Tarragona, Spain.
Location: Tarragona, Spain
Keywords: pagode, samba, funk, música, brasil
Description: Security and Privacy advocate interested in Linux, FOSS, Cyber-Security, Cyber-Forensics, Cloud Services and technology in general.
Location: CyberSpace, The Fediverse
Hometown: Disroot.Org
About: «Lo importante no es lo que han hecho de nosotros, sino lo que hacemos con lo que han hecho de nosotros» Jean-Paul Sartre
Description: I love the internet!
Location: Venus
Keywords: wallichii
About: I love the internet!
Description: a blue and green sandbox
Location: Andalusia, Spain
Hometown: Lanjaron
Description: Beyond Meritocracy - A Blog
Location: Local Cluster
About: This blog is created in dedication to the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg, Gary L. Francione & Anna Charlton, David Graeber, David Harvey, Noam Chomsky, Thomas Frank, Yves Smith, and Corey Robin, from all of whose work I've benefited to various degrees, and whose work I will be drawing and building on.

As I see it, we're currently still very far from where we need to get to. Part of the reason for this is that there currently are very few resources that clearly tie together all of the stuff that strikes me as connected. Another part is that most everyone is blind to meritocratic reasoning as a problem. As such, I figured I'd try to lend others a hand, in the hope that we'll get there faster. I'm hoping folks who find this blog will (come to) find most of what I'll be writing about and tieing together interesting. Either way, I appreciate any/all feedback from interested readers. It'll probably take me a while to truly get going and get used to writing, so please be patient, and I'll try to reciprocate. :)
Location: Turkey
Hometown: Izmir
Description: Una pasión sin fin
Location: Leanead, Leanead
Hometown: Leanead
Keywords: Una, pasión, sin, fin
About: Blog con temática sobre privacidad, tecnología, vida, filosofía, cifrado y etc: