Location: L I M A
Description: Aprenent les xarxes lliures, Hubzilla en aquest cas. Sent el canvi que vull. Essent humà
Location: Catalunya
Description: Applying a permanency to technology
Age: 49
Location: gard, France
Location: Queensland, Australia
Hometown: Brisbane
Description: web dev
Location: Colorado, United States
Hometown: Small town southwest Texas
Description: просто я
Location: russia
About: анархия - мать порядка!
Age: 64
Location: Occitanie, France
Hometown: Paris
About: administrateur de l'instance hubzilla "Occitanie Décroissance", pour moi, les réseaux libres et le logiciel libre en général participent du combat contre la marchandisation croissansiste.
Description: Webmaster du site occitanie-décroissance.info
Location: occitanie, France
Hometown: Paris
Description: My Non Author Blog
Age: 29
Description: HP: https://hibiki314.github.io/web.co.jp
Age: 17
Location: 日本
Description: Digitalization Consultant. Open Source fan. Arch Linux user ⚓ „Digitalisierung im Kopf, Open Source im Herzen.“
Location: Bordesholm, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Hometown: Bordesholm
Description: web dev
Location: Colorado, USA
Hometown: Very small farming town in Southwest Texas
Homepage: https://podDVR.com
Keywords: webapp, podcasting, web, media
About: Building the VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform; first deployment at

Age: 26
Location: Vaud, Suisse
Hometown: Lausanne
Hometown: Wahrane
About: Hubzilla:
Age: 40
Location: Vermont, USA
About: My name is Brian O’Donnell. I am a co-founder and Executive Director of Gibberfish, Inc, an all-volunteer nonprofit working to bring accessible encryption to activists, organizers, and human rights defenders.

The opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and are not representative of Gibberfish, Inc.
Location: ES
Description: Podcast Schleuder
Description: Site Administrator
Location: Vermont, USA
Hometown: Burlington
About: Gibberfish, Inc is a committed all-volunteer nonprofit based in the US with the goal of developing easy-to-use online tools for activists, organizers, and human rights defenders which offer strong privacy and accessible encryption without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. Further, we aim to provide hosting for these tools at zero cost, so the people who need them most can focus all of their limited resources towards making a positive impact.

We are sponsoring this pod to help further those ideals. Please check out our website and consider making a donation to support this pod and our greater global mission. You can also set up automated micro-donations through Liberapay to help sustain our operations.
About: Locutor y poeta. Músico y guionista.  Y otras

Description: Test
Description: 古い物が好きだったりする 18↓/Linux/Source Engine Games/Sansui Audio/Retro Games/がっこうぐらし!Vocaloidなど
Location: Japan
Description: artist of sorts
Description: Ненастоящая зверюшка для проверки коннективити с сервером fhtagn.org
About: I am енот,  and you are - not
Description: Сумерки
Age: 40
Description: Freelance CRO (Chief Restructuing Officer) and IT-Consulter. Worked in over 15 countries. Open Source & Privacy Fan, FreeBSD & Linux since 1995 #Austria
Location: Austria
Hometown: Salzburg
Homepage: https://kmj.at