instancia de acceso ao #fediverso para persoas interesadas

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I have today taken the initiative to REMOVE the following protected axes from Fit Open's Code of Conduct:

`Political identity`

We demand respect for our whole community. We strive to ensure the safety of every community member. Your political views do NOT eclipse our expectation for you to maintain a civil demeanor and respect to your fellow community members.

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Experiencia de grupo local de Faircoop

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📣 Artigo en galego sobre a I Ruta de Intercambio entre Nodos Locais de Iberia. Ligando nodos e persoas de @Fair_Coop ⤵

enlaces a la versión en español e inglés al final del artículo
hubzilla code moved to framagit

mmmmm, if I answer here (the mirrowed identity at ... what identity you all we'll see at @Disroot Community ???

This is just an experiment to learn using #hubzilla, so ignore it :D

I might start session on an alternative server and still post as it was my primal (principal) identity?

Let's see!!
Dont be. Good to see poeple being up to date and aware fo things thumbs up sign
and answering my own test (now back to disroot server)

:D yes!! #witchery

the message written at seems to be written by my disroot identity.

Yeah yeah yeah, you all knew this but #hubzilla represents another abstraction level on internet to me :P
Cadence vs. Speed

!Barefoot & Minimalist Running Forum
One of the first topics when we aim to run #barefoot or in minimalistic fashion is to try to increase #cadence (steps per minute) and avoid overstriding.
The reason is that biomechanically the less you are touching the ground the more efficient you are ... up to a certain value, so 180 spm is the average common value most runners seem to achieve. Of course you may run with much higher cadence (you need to be quite fast and strong to sustain that value over long runs) but it's not usual to run at low cadence and being efficient.

So, when you start learning to run barefoot you always get this advice

Try run at 180 spm

Yesterday I went for a morning run on my bare feet, enjoyable as usual, but back at home a stumble on the cadence grafic and notice something that always happen in this kind of short runs: the cadence is 180 stp.

This is NOT something I'm trying to do, very soon I discovered that conciously trying to achieve that cadence was harmful to me, I was forcing the running form hurting my feet and eventually discovered that running relaxed and smooth was far more important. As a consecuence, on the next weeks, high cadence went as a consecuence.

Here I show you the speed chart for the same run session where you can see that with different speeds you can run at the same cadence (increasing stride). I just run faster or slower, I did not think on keeping cadence constant, it was just naturally achieved.


So my advice is not focus on cadence and just try to relax and enjoy. You will eventually run about that value and remember it is just a reference, not an universal golden value. Slightly higher or lower values might be better for you.

I hope this is useful information for anyone here on the #fediverse and open networks ;) Please comment your experience on the topic if you feel to do so. Thanks.

This is a repost from my own original but worth posting here IMO. And first original publication on hubzilla, so excuse any wrongdoing (& spelling).