Potential Hubzilla Bug

When I write and submit a post, the post goes through but the post entry box doesn't clear.
Ok, that time it did. Hm.
BBS 2.0

Kinda wondering if it would be possible to distribute disroot's setup (email, matrix, hubzilla, and nextcloud, all integrated with LDAP) as a Docker image or something, so that other people could run their own "copies."

I mean what we've got going on here is veeeeeery similar to what BBSes used to be. Hell, find some way to integrate them with dialup and there'd be almost no difference.
My personal goal (which I am a long, long way from) is to get some form of communications hub working across something other than corporate-controlled fiber backbones. This "free and open exchange of ideas" paradise is going away, very soon, so it behooves us to develop alternatives before it's too late.

Can't stop the signal.
Ugh, I can't just post a picture directly to my channel? Have to upload it to a photo album first? That's kind of a huge usability penalty.
Right, so I've concluded that there's something fucked up about this channel in particular that makes it impossible for me to add myself from Diaspora. Don't know exactly what it is but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that this channel was imported rather than created.

No idea how to troubleshoot.
Chat thoughts

Trying to choose between #xmpp and #matrix for chat is such a bugbear.

(Yes, I know the difference is less crucial than it seems on the surface due to bridging.)


  • Lightweight (at least by comparison)
  • Has option for non-logged communications
  • Existing clients support multiple accounts
  • Good pidgin integration
  • Potentially useful for Diaspora/Hubzilla integration


  • No voice/video
  • Doesn't bridge with other protocols very well
  • MUCs are single-point
  • Multi-client syncing not the best

Matrix Pros

  • Voice/video both 1 on 1 and in channels
  • Good bridging with other protocols
  • Richer overall experience
  • "Way of the future?"
  • Handles multiple clients well
  • Good offline messaging in both 1 on 1 and MUC

** Matrix Cons**

  • Heavyweight
  • Current clients don't do multiple accounts
  • Pidgin integration kind of (really) sucks
  • Lots and lots of forensics
  • No provision for Diaspora/Hubzilla integration
So ... wat do?

(One option is to use Matrix for day-to-day chat and Tox for "sensitive" chats ... but having to commit to a single Matrix account on a given client is painful.)
 matrix  xmpp
Gonna be honest, I don't like that you have both "categories" and "hashtags." I don't see the point of having both and it seems like it would complicate the "follow hashtags" feature that everyone seems to want. #hubzilla #features
Good moooooooorning Fediverse!

Today's #songOfTheDay:

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Questions and Answers

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Hokay, so, some initial observations.

Comparisons to Facepalm
  • "Social channel" seems to be your standard social media blogging platform. Something of a FB clone but FB cloned Myspace anyway so who cares. Ability to format is nice, seems to have access to both BBcode and Markdown (although MD formatting does not seem to be perfectly faithful -- underlining, for example, does not seem to work.
  • I love to pieces that there are more options for posts. Disabling comments alone, glorious. Voting, expiration date, queueing, even encryption (note to self, figure out how that works). And categories. So all the best parts of Facebook and Tumblr. Aces.
  • Meanwhile the Forum type channel seems analogous to FB groups, which are in essence thread-displayed forums (which are themselves in essence glorified listservs). Haven't played with these too much yet.
  • Not sure what the point of the third channel type is. Further investigation is needed. Like Facebook pages maybe? Idk, seems like that would be covered by just having a second social channel.
  • Don't see a way to do events, which I would consider a social media must-have.
  • Asymmetric following is ... cool, I guess? I mean I guess FB technically has this too, since "friending" and "following" are two separate, only loosely-related, things.
  • On the subject, can you "mute" one of the people you're following? Might be important for reasons of interpersonal drama.
  • Inability to change visibility after posting is ugly, but probably a weakness of the federation system?
  • Is it possible to tag people?
Comparisons to Diaspora
  • My very favorite thing about Diaspora is the bookmarklet feature. That doesn't seem to exist over here, or if it does I haven't found it yet. (Potentially a way for me to contribute to the project?)
  • Diaspora does Markdown better.
  • Diaspora has integrated chat (XMPP, even!), which I'm not seeing here.
  • The sharing/"following" mechanic is a lot more ... intuitive, I guess, over here, but I only think Hubzilla's way is "intuitive" because Diaspora does it backwards to how every other site does it.
Comparison to Masto/Pleroma
  • Why are content warnings not a standard feature on all social media platforms these days? Seriously, I'd consider a way to redact sensitive content a key feature of a welcoming social media environment in our modern era. Potentially something else for me to contribute, if it doesn't already exist.
Other Thoughts
  • The interface is pretty sluggish but that might be my computer.
  • No mobile app is murder.
  • What is the point of multiple "profiles" for the same channel?
  • Editing fucking breaks formatting.
Might edit as I play around more.
You said you never used Facebook? So you might not know what I mean exactly. FB allows threaded replies to comments as well as just to posts. It's a small thing that half the ppl on FB don't even use.

I'm going to be deploying my own hub instance at some point so if you haven't figured it out by then I'll see what I can do.
Ok. I think the examplanation is clear. You mean you can have multiple threads of comments within one post.
I dont know if hubzilla has such feature. Its good to check if there is such feature request and if not.... make it happend. I will put it on the radar.
I personally don't much care honestly, just tabulating the differences. Following hashtags is the number one feature I'd like to see added at this stage, to the point I might get to work on it myself XD
Channel migration, very straightforward. Doesn't seem to have imported my old content from Hubzilla, unless I'm just not seeing it yet.

Much to learn. Much to explore.