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The Rules of the Game

  • up to 25% of the ground can be built on (which half thereof allowed for the actual housing)
  • up to 11% for infrastructure and hardened soil (e.g. roads, bike path's)
  • at least 7% #green, can be be spread anywhere
  • at least 2% water and/or #water reservoir (think little water ditches, a pond etc.)
  • at least 50% #urban-agriculture (which by they literally mean edibles)

Time to start sketching :)
Our current preliminary sketches

These layouts correspond to our current shell designed with the #wikihouse modules (only the living part of the building - the left side). Obviously these are still very early stages of the process and we are still figuring things out, including what we want, what are comfortable sizes for rooms or windows and much much more technical, aesthetic and strategic points - so surely there will be lots of drastic changes still.




We should put a quick link in the channel's main page.
Also some trees and other objects for scale.
Our very first sketches (end December 2017)

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These sketches were made based on the first starting point of building the house out of #shipping-containers. We've since changed our minds and decided to look for other ways of building. Considering the humid weather conditions in the Netherlands, the amount of precise metal working we would rather avoid and the measurement limitations of the containers, we went on searching for other methods.


Wishlist #1 - will be updated regularly

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The house
3-4 bedrooms
Open kitchen with breakfast bar
Big windows
Service room with Little annex for the cat
Indoor herb garden
Glass dome/sun porch with a lemon tree (One can dream, right?)


Green roof
Sheltered outdoor lounge and game area

Local fruit trees:
Cherry, Apple, Pear, Plum, Walnut, Chestnut
Strawberries, Raspberry and other berries
Shitake forest
Aloe vera plant
Flower field for bees
Playground made from tree stems and local material
Big trampoline dug in to ground level
Outdoor fireplace and kitchenette
Community Supported Agriculture
Publicly accessible giveaway shop
Impressions from Oosterwold - Oct 8th 2017

First we ran into a girl from this project: - it is a foundation building a youth center.
She is already living there in a yurt while they are building and has the intention to keep on living in the yurt. As she she told us, you may have a temporary living structure on the land for two years. With some structures, such as a yurt, you can convert it to serves another function then living (workshops etc) so there is no problem keeping it on the land. Since they bought it as a foundation with investors, she couldn't say much about financing.

We also went to talk to the family from this project:
There is a little structure called Oosterwold Pavilion and the signs hanging on the windows said 'for any information about plots or else call # or ring the bell by the house 30m further'. We walked towards the house as we found the parents and their teenage boy fixing bicycles in the shed. They were happy to answer questions.
They said they help people that can't/won't/aren't able to build themselves with making the #Helofytenfilter, preparation of the land etc. and then added 'but it looks like you won't need that' and was saying it is easy enough to do by yourself. The main reason they help and advice on self building is to make sure no more of that boring nieuwbouw [New suburbia like housing estates] will be realized. Turns out they were big players in making the municipality understand why it is a bad idea to have developers take over an organic project like #Oosterwold.
The man's advice was "gewoon doen"[Just do it].
We asked again about financing of nontraditional houses. He just said that many people are already building from #ShippingContainers, #strawbale or an #Earthship so the possibilities are there.

We then met another couple who are building all by themselves. They said they are working with a construction supervisor which is worth gold and is guiding them through every step. They assure us that #self-build is very doable.
They did say that getting all the permits in check and all the inspections, researches and other official stuff is a long and tiring process (and expensive) - you must have everything round and approved before you can actually buy the land. They chose to build a relatively traditional house to avoid even more process (deviation from the construction decree). But it seems like the process has gotten much faster and easier since they started building. They are already in the process for 2.5 years.

We went to see and talk with the people building with shipping containers in the Zeebodemkolonistenweg. They did not seem to have much problems getting all the permits round within 3/4 of a year. The said that not much differs from the construction decree apart of maybe ceiling heights but that is not a problem and is accepted in Oosterwold. Another thing we learned here - it doesn't matter what kind of structure you build you still need to have foundation with polls hammered deep into the ground (heien), and as the guy from the container house said - the foundations of the house are way heavier the the whole structure on top.
(Important tip was to NEVER work with CBOX, which did a terrible job on the cutting and welding and then disappeared without fixing it.)

  • All the building plans and permits have to be approved before you can officially buy the land
  • There is a mandatory investment into the soil research, architect, foundation etc. before starting the actual building
  • People are very helpful and friendly and willing to share their knowledge and experience
  • Lots of interesting things are happening there, it made us feel like new settlers :)
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If everything goes as planned I'm gonna build a house here
First Thoughts from 5th October 2017

We have been thinking quite a lot of the project and what we would like it to become. We want to note our thought and concerns before we dive in too deep.

We would like to live around like minded people. We would like to live with #families with young #kids to not break the #freedom our daughter has been enjoying in her first years of life. We would like to live with #diverse and open minded people, what we learned from our current house is that different people that can respect each other's differences actually work together better then most single minded affinity groups.

Our plan would be to buy separate plots rather the one shared by a group, so at the end of the day we are #neighbors. With some we might have a stronger bond and with some not at all, which is fine as long as we can get along and organize the basics we need to organize together.

We will need to #organize together some of the process. We will need to talk and meet and decide some things - roads, public nature, water filtering system etc. We think it is a good thing. If we want to be neighbors, good #communication is not only important but also just nice. It is motivating to go on through this process with a group that is enthusiastic about building individually yet together. Share the plans, help each other and what not.

Last, after visiting #Oosterwold on Sunday, we were not so impressed by the first location idea. It is very isolated, much farther then it seems by looking on the map. It is also quite close to the highway, and to a high voltage mast and what looks like a big live stock farm. Not very appealing. We'd like to investigate other options.

Next Sunday, we are going with some people from our current house to have another look, and talk to people that already built something there. There is quite some interest from our house mates. We had a positive experience living with them till now so we do not rule out the possibility to continue with the same people to Oosterwold at this early stage.
Flying a kite in Oosterwold

First sketches

Below attached are our first sketches. We are planning to build a house and a small workshop, so we never have to leave home smiling cat face with open mouth

#wikihouse, #diy
Hi everyone

Some of you know us from projects like or

We're starting our life time dream project where we're going to self build an open source house based on WikiHouse technology.
We're going to use this channel to keep you all updated on current progress, plans and struggles.
We hope you're going to like it and find it interesting.


WikiHouse is a collaborative R&D project to bring about a digital revolution in the way we make homes.