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Running is first and foremost about well-being, and taking pleasure in keeping fit and healthy. I go jogging because it provides me with a range of benefits. When I go for a run, it clears my mind. If you're anything like me, you'll know it's important when there's a lack of daylight and you're low on vitamin D.

— Cécile
The Biggest Mistakes Foreigners Make When Travelling In India.

India is vast, varied, and complicated to make sense of in a short time. Given its complicated nature,  many travellers fear to come to India and when they do, they stick to the conventional path mostly laid out by a travel agent. It breaks my heart to see travellers limiting themselves into the ‘mainstream’ Indian experiences. Perhaps, its time to change that.

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Old friends, new argument
Thumbs buried in his eyes
Blood all over
Wake up
with a smile
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The gulf between the private and public views of our countrymen is evidence of the power of the state.

— Celâl Salik, Milliyet
At nightfall, Mevlut approached the crumbling wall around the white house of Crooked-Necked Abdurrahman, the girl’s father. The window at the back was dark. Mevlut was ten minutes early and anxious to get going. He thought of the old days when people trying to elope got entangled in blood feuds and wound up shot, or when, running away in the dead of night, they lost their way and ended up getting caught. He thought of how embarrassing it was for the boys when girls changed their minds and decided not to run away after all, and he stood up with some trepidation. He told himself that God would protect him.

The dogs barked. The window lit up for a moment and then went dark again. Mevlut’s heart began to race. He walked toward the house. He heard a rustling among the trees, and then the girl calling out to him in a whisper:


It was a voice full of love, the voice of someone who had read the letters he’d sent during his military service, a trusting voice. Mevlut remembered those letters now, hundreds of them, each written with genuine love and desire; he remembered how he had devoted his entire being to winning over that beautiful girl, and the scenes of happiness he’d conjured in his mind. Now, at last, he’d managed to get the girl. He couldn’t see much, but in that magical night, he drew like a sleepwalker toward the sound of her voice.


Usually I stay away from the food court at any mall, but yesterday I was too hungry to ignore it. Ate a bowl of Teriyaki with Ramen and carrots. Not sure whether the sauce was really teriyaki or not (never eaten it before). The whole thing cost me ₹79 so it was alright price-wise. Taste-wise, though, it wasn't. Not going to order it ever again.

View from the food court-floor.

Teriyaki with ramen and carrots.

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Dear Rascala,

Yesterday I went to watch an Indian science fiction film called 2.0. It's a Tamil film, not a Hindi/Bollywood film, mind it. Of course, I watched the dubbed version. Wasn't planning to watch this film intially, but, after reading some tweets earlier on Sunday, I decided to go for it. The ticket @ INOX cost me ₹150. I'm sure that the greedy folks at PVR Cinemas must be charging thrice that amount, at least. Badhai Ho, for instance, is still being shown at PVR for ₹270!!! I saw it at INOX for ₹80!!! Assholes.

Oops! Sorry for the digression.

Although 2.0 is a sequel to a Tamil film that came out many years ago, it can be viewed as a standalone film. It stars Tamil superstar, Rajnikanth, as the robot, Chitti. Rajnikanth enjoys a demigod status in Tamil Nadu, India. He's arguably the second most popular Maratha in the country after Sachin Tendulkar. (Those Madrasis are crazy, I tell you. XD)

The role of the antagonist in this film is played by the Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar. I don't think he spoke his lines in Tamil. Neither did some of the other actors. I wonder if their lines were dubbed in Tamil afterwards or simply presented with subtitles to the South Indian audience.

Indian films are not known for having mindblowing VFX but that's slowly changing. The quality of the VFX in 2.0 is very good most of the times, just not consistently good. Bahubali also suferred from the same inconistency. Lot of foreign talent was hired for this purpose so I don't know why they couldn't hit the bullseye.

Anyway, this film was a fun watch. 2 hours and 46 minutes pretty much flew by. If you're in the mood for a timepass #scifi film then give 2.0 a try.

PS: I'm now in love with Amy Jackson.




Will watch ZERO when it comes out later this month. :)


Everything at PVR is expensive!

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Internships are just a scam for companies to get free labor. #Showerthoughts
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The struggle is worth it. ❣️

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Where Dunkin' Went Wrong in India

The last time I had a donut was. . . 5 or 6 years ago? Can't say I'm missing it. And according to this report, my fellow citizens aren't, either.

America’s doughnut chain has had to embrace a hard truth in India: Many consumers there just don’t like doughnuts, and even the ones that like them are unlikely to buy them by the dozen. Despite efforts to cater the menu to Indian tastebuds, the franchisee, Jubilant FoodWorks, has now closed more than half of Dunkin' stores in less than two years.


Why Dunkin' Donuts Is Failing in India
by CNBC on YouTube

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Blade Runner Black Out 2022

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Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is a neo-noir cyberpunk anime short film directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. Set three years after the events of Blade Runner, the Tyrell Corporation has developed the new Nexus-8 line of replicants, who now possess natural, open-ended lifespans equivalent to that of a regular human. This causes a massive backlash among the human populace, who begin hunting down and killing replicants, seeing them as a, now very credible, threat to humanity.

Watch here:

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - "Black Out 2022" Anime Short
by Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

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They say that every man dies twice, once when his heart stops beating and again when his name is uttered for the last time. Well that’s exactly how it works in the spirit world, where far in the future, famous figures throughout history wait to finally be forgotten.
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Here's Why Investors are Queuing up to Back Indian Language Content Startups

With the surge of smartphones and internet penetration across India, startups targeting the next 100 million internet users by building products for them to communicate and be informed and entertained in their own languages are drawing the attention of marque investors.

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Lift off for Pioneering nanosats

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The first ‘Pioneer’ mission lifted off early this morning from Sriharikota, India, with the two inventive little nanosatellites now circling the Earth, ready for action. posted by pod_feeder
Listening to Episode 1 of Splintered Caravan.

Splintered Caravan is a fictional podcast series set in a futuristic Cyberpunk world. It's like a combination of Blade Runner, John Wick and Ocean's Eleven.

Episode 1 - 'Team Player'
by Splintered Caravan on YouTube

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Psychopaths and the Rest of Us

I lurked on the psychopath forum for three days before contacting anyone. It is, unsurprisingly, a scary place. People have usernames like CoiledSnake and PowerShark. The forum was hosted by a now-defunct social networking site called Experience Project which allowed people to communicate anonymously through forums or private messages on everything from divorce and depression to, in this case, psychopathy. Someone would post an “experience” in the relevant forum and members would comment underneath. One day, someone posted in one of the psychopath forums, “Who wants to play a game?” Someone else responded, “I do.” They private messaged each other and were never heard from again. Other people messaged back on the main thread: “So, what happened?” No response.

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Women do file fake cases against men and their families, says author Jyoti Arora

Following Jyoti Arora’s second book, the ‘quintessentially feminist’ Lemon Girl, which was on rape and victim-blaming, the author was floored with Twitter trolls who relentlessly sent her newspaper clippings of incidents where the opposite has been proven too. This prompted Arora to feel the need to present the other side of the story to readers and with this thought in mind, she wrote You Came like Hope.

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turn off shutdown...


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'Actually, Pakistan's web of deceit had begun imploding with the arrest of Headley, the LeT scout, by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in June 2010. He told his Indian interrogators that the Pakistan Army and ISI were deeply involved in the 26/11 attack.'

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Despite Headley’s Warning, U.S. Prioritised Capturing Bin Laden Over Saving Mumbai

There are so many reasons why 26/11 should never be forgotten. A megalopolis was taken hostage and in a democratising act of brutality neither the poor or the rich were spared, Indian, Jewish and international targets attacked, making this a universal act of terror that in many ways —its scale, visibility and duration —was far worse than anything else endured in the epoch of terror we are living through.


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