2 days, 2 arrests

just a day after the arrest of Loïc (an activist from "bure, statement form her little sister see here: https://hub.disroot.org/channel/someone/?f=&mid=e0389fb6bbc2f8c9c59054386967208ed4c677f28ce767d733bc4534db8805d4@hub.disroot.org) someone got yesterday arrested in bure. It was caused by a regular police control that took irregular long. As a result, a bystander got pushed to the ground and taken to the #police station.

The police does not help to make your enviorment secure, neither do they work towards solving conflicts. All they are trained (mostly) for is to opress conflicts. That this isn't a sustainable solution for the long run, as any insurection that happend in the past have proofen.
person that got arrested during the ID control is released. trial about to happen in november.
another arrest:

Activist from #bure that decided to run away from trails and cops that are against him after facing several unfair trails incl. police violence got caught by the cops.

The following is a message from Loïc's little sister.

(translated from french)

"Loic is in custody. He had returned home for a few days to see the family, while keeping quite a few precautions.

It wasn't enough. We underestimated the cameras and the wiretaps.
They returned as usual, at least 15, in a violent and determined way (je veux bien que ce soit le processus, but if you are cordial, you die directly...)
Not even time to breathe...
The door is damaged.
This is probably the last police custody... more info coming as soon as we know more.

Aude (little sister)"

Context and privious related events that happend to Loïc can be read here:

(there is also connection to the #G20 cases. On 29. of may several places got raided around #europe. The house of his parents was one of the targets)
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Is a presence on mastadon to amplify prison labor struggles. IWOC or Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is an awesome inside/outside union of the IWW that is helping kick off #august21 Nationwide Prison Strikes. Worth a follow once it gets rolling.
house raids and searches are happening here somewhat frequently. There could be content that needs to stay private.

Does the encyption tool provide this security, or would the police gain control over the content as soon as they have physical control over the server (asuming just hubzilla is being hosted and no additional server encryption.)

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(Plus a possible 10 years in jail for not unlocking your phone)

I think I've been cured of any desire to move to the land down under.

You should store nothing of any informational value on your American personal tracking device. If you do, you're an idiot. The Americans have every secret you've stored there. So do the Russians. So do the Chinese and the Israelis. So do Walmart and Burger King and Frankie's Pizza and Facebook. The Aussies are nothing if not polite. They'll ask you. They may threaten you with incarceration, but at least they ask.
Just when I though @Mike Macgirvin may have been being a bit hyperbolic here (largely I agree with the sentiment, but I wasn't sure I agreed with the details), I find this on Slashdot:

Nobody's Cellphone Is Really That Secure, Bruce Schneier Reminds - Slashdot


Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Russians and the Chinese were eavesdropping on President Donald Trump's personal cellphone and using the information gleaned to better influence his behavior. This should surprise no one, writes Bruce Schneier. From a story: Security experts ha...
A little late in the game here, but this
All the encryption in the world won't help you if the plaintext is leaking before it even reaches the encryptor. At some point the resources of the state far outweighs your own abilities and the value of the information you're trying to hide, and also the security of your "system" --- which includes all the human assets and technology combined (operating systems, routers, all your software). Start there. Secure your "system".

is so true
@Disroot Community can I see the post that are sheudeld for being published, and in best case scenario also edit them again?
Anarchists have claimed responsibility for setting fire to a zoo in central France.

Anarchists have claimed responsibility for setting fire to a zoo in central France:

No animals or people were harmed by the flames.

"Zoos pretend to protect these animals, when in fact at the time they were discovered by colonialists, they were decimated and thrown into cages and brought back here to be exhibited as entertainment, as gifts in circuses and zoos."

"Zoos remind us of those colonialists who didn't just massacre and exile non-human animals but by using the same arguments that they had that "human zoos" which were developed during the bloody process of colonialisation."


"A thought for all people, whether they are locked in cages or not, who would like to see them destroyed, aware that they are not just physical.

Held dear in our thoughts, are also all those living beings that fire our passion for destruction as much as our desire to live.

Last week, we attacked the zoo / safari Peaugres, setting fire to its four boxes of entry, small prefabricated cabins covered with wooden panels. We placed on each of them two devices, the first one (half a lit firelighter) under one of the windows, hoping that the heat would blow up the glass and allow the fire to spread inside, and the second, (1.5 L of a mixture of gasoline and oil and the rest of the fire lighters) at the foot of the window, under the wooden panels. Our idea was to multiply the places of fire so that it spreads more efficiently. In addition, we also verified that the fire could not possibly spread to the nearby forest (separated from that by land or bitumen, and no wind).

All the cabins seem to have been destroyed, but we have no confirmation as to the effectiveness of the devices under the windows.

Below, some of the reasons that motivated this attack, and reflections that came to us during the preparation of the latter.

Zoos are prisons presented as places of entertainment, discovery, education and even awareness and conservation of an apparently wild wildlife. While very often it was born in captivity, and at the time it was discovered by Western settlers was decimated and caged to be brought here, exhibited, used as a gift and as entertainment, as circus business fund or zoo.

These places and the propaganda that surrounds them are the embodiment of the specist mentality that destroys the world of which they would be expected to be a sample. That is to say the superiority that human beings create over the rest of the living and by virtue of which they give themselves the possibility of disposing and enclosing non-human beings for their pleasure, whether it be culinary, emotional, cultural or scientific.

The zoos are not without reminding us that the settlers did not limit themselves to massacring and exiling non-human animals, and that it was under the guise of the same arguments and ambitions - to entertain and educate through exhibition - that developed and popularized "human zoos" throughout a bloody process of colonization. A demonstration of ostensible racism always present, among other things in mentalities and structures that denigrate and / or exotise a category of people.

And it is these places (in their so-called "safari" form), firmly based on the speciesist domination that one would like to pass for places where to "become aware of the environment", where "to discover nature", where the animals would be "wild" and "free". But, without pretending to make an exhautive definition, animals "in the wild" do not mean locked up in parks that can only be too small, crossed by cars all day long, fed and cared for by human beings, depriving them of all capacity to be autonomous, and to move.

The electrified walls and screens surrounding these parks are not their "natural environment". This could be, for example, the areas currently being ransacked by the oil companies that provide the gasoline used by the customers of its safaris to see these animals, (and certainly, those of our devices).

No more than it exists for individuals in a society where we would like to let ourselves think that there are no other barriers than those visible in prisons and borders, freedom is not left behind. to these non-human animals. A more appropriate word exists to describe their material situation: captivity.

This lie, the "natural, free and wild" state, in addition to being a marketing argument, is reflected in the educational content that teaches its audience that "nature" and the fauna that compose it are limited to cloisonné spaces. and reconstituted by humans. What it underlies is that it is normal to see bears and giraffes in France, normal that animals are in cages, normal that other species are enslaved to the human being, which must protect them ".

The zoos are nothing more than prisons, businesses whose participants justify hypocritically the confinement under the guise of protecting decimated species, while participating to normalize, trivialize and exalt the domination of the human species on this which surrounds it.

This idea, that there are beings "to be protected" more generally serves as a pretext for the establishment of various types of confinement. It is found in the speeches of the state which, under the guise of protecting, monitors and controls the individuals it claims to provide security by the implementation of security devices (from the laws to cameras through the carding and encouragement to the denunciation). It is underlying and also participates in maintaining other forms of structural domination such as patriarchy and racism.

The state, the figure of the father or some other actor seeking to establish a position of power, makes sure to anchor fear in individuals and deprives them of any means of being autonomous in the organization of their own defense; thereby creating not only a dependence on a protective instance but also the feeling of weakness and helplessness that self-feeds this logic. To illustrate this briefly, it is to tell a person categorized as "woman" that she is at the same time in danger, weak and unfit to use physical or verbal violence.

This is the principle of the gilded prison, where certainly, the locked up beings are not free, but at least "safe". And for those who refuse to submit to this protective.ice / protected logic, and / or deemed dangerous for others, for themselves or for social peace, much less gilded prisons are planned.

For the destruction of all prisons, whatever the shape of their bars."
Basque delegation visiting Rojava

A delegation from the #Basque city of Durango is currently visiting Kobane. The delegation met representatives of Kongreya Star to talk about projects to support women and their organisations.

...another housesearch happend just a few kilometers away from #bure.
They aimed to gain DNA
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just discoverd that in this hub, outgoing links from my channel got added an 'zid' to any outgoing link. Since this will give data to the sideowner of an external page I consider it as an privacy issue.
(they will see that someone visited their page with a link that contains "zid" and their specific hubzilla username.)
yes for me too @meaz

@muppeth hmm, ok. Thought the zid ID would not be embeded in the link itself, but gets embedded into links that the viewer of the links sees.
Its not embeded as of the patch (so since yesterday) all previous posts will still have it.
Radical cycling group enters bure

#Alternatiba, a revolting cycling group has yesterday enterd #bure; where the gov. plans to dump nuclear waste into the ground.

Here some impressions:


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bug button doent work

@Disroot Community the bug report button in the upper left menu section does not work. same counts for the public stream.
Appel à l'action : "Désarmer Rheinmetall - la guerre commence ici"

Appel à l'action : "Désarmer Rheinmetall - la guerre commence ici"

Les armes allemandes sont impliquées dans des meurtres à l'échelle mondiale. En ce qui concerne les exportations d'armes, l'Allemagne se situe au quatrième rang mondial et même au deuxième rang de l'UE. Au cours des dix dernières années, Rheinmetall a réussi à devenir l'un des plus grands acteurs de l'industrie des munitions sans provoquer de protestations.

Avec l'aide de filiales à l'étranger, Rheinmetall réussit même à contourner les quelques règles sur les exportations d'armes existantes, ce qui conduit à des ventes dans les zones de guerre et les régions en crise. Les conséquences sont à la fois rentables et sanglantes : des gens meurent à cause des bombes produites par Rheinmetall en Italie. Contre le droit international, la Turquie est en guerre en Afrique, au nord de la Syrie, avec l'aide des chars Leopard 2. L'armée turque de l'OTAN anéantit les structures sociétales qui indiquaient la voie à suivre les années précédentes en ce qui concerne la libération des femmes, la démocratie depuis la base et l'écologie...

En partenariat avec ce régime, Rheinmetall vise à construire une usine de munitions et à produire des chars d'assaut en Turquie. De plus, Rheinmetall construit une usine pour le véhicule de transport blindé Fox en Algérie. Cette liste pourrait être prolongée pendant un certain temps.

Nous ne voulons pas permettre à Rheinmetall de continuer à tuer des gens avec leurs armes.

Il est clair dès le départ que la discussion sur les contrôles à l'exportation et les droits de l'homme ne joue aucun rôle dans la réalité. La politique allemande ne défend aucune valeur morale à l'étranger, mais s'efforce de vendre des produits allemands, y compris des équipements militaires. Bien que 80 % de la population allemande s'oppose à ces exportations d'armes, les responsables semblent peu impressionnés. Dans le passé, de multiples manifestations contre Rheinmetall ont déjà été exécutées : par exemple, des camps et des actions dans les usines de Rheinmetall et au Centre d'entraînement au combat de l'armée allemande (GÜZ) basé à Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide, qui est également géré par l'entreprise. Cette année, nous voulons construire à partir de ça avec des manifestations, un camp de la paix et diverses actions sur le site de production de Rheinmetall à Unterlüß. Par la présente, nous dénonçons collectivement la production de l'industrie de la défense et ses conséquences directes telles que la guerre, la terreur, la migration forcée et la pauvreté.

Les activités entourant la Journée contre la guerre du 1er septembre ne signifient pas seulement notre résistance contre un entrepreneur de l'industrie de la défense, mais aussi notre campagne pour un autre monde. Nous voulons plutôt discuter de la transition d'une industrie destructrice à une production civile et écologique. Nous voulons défendre la coopération pacifique et sociale au lieu de l'assassinat et de la concurrence féroce. Nous ne pouvons plus supporter un monde plein de discrimination et de répression.

Changing language doesn't work

!Disroot Community when changing the language, anytime resstarting the browser session brings someone back to default lang, as if the settings were only stored in the browser, but not on sever side.
Interesting. I will have to check it out. Probably @Mario Vavti has an answer to that.
Hubzilla is using the browser language setting.

The Hubzilla language selector setting is a per session setting and is mostly used by translators/devs to debug translations...
propably that's a rare case; but someone likes to have choosen lang in browser different then in their hub.
But also not a big deal if not.

 Call to Action: “Disarming Rheinmetall – war starts here”

Starts: Wednesday August 29, 2018 @ 10:50 AM
Finishes: Tuesday September 04, 2018 @ 11:50 AM

Call to Action: “Disarming #Rheinmetall – war starts here”
multi lang. in #english #arabic #espanol #italiano #deutsch


(webseite hautsachlich in deutsch)

German weapons are involved in killing on a global scale. With respect to arms exports, #Germany is ranked fourth worldwide and even second in the #EU. In the past ten years Rheinmetall managed to become one of the largest players in the munitions industry without causing an outcry.

In.Flammen - War Starts Here
by In.Flammen on YouTube

With the help of subsidiaries overseas, Rheinmetall even succeeds in bypassing those few rules on arms exports that are in existence, leading to sales in war zones and crisis regions. The consequences are profitable and bloody at the same time: people are dying due to bombs that were produced by Rheinmetall in #Italy. Against international law, #Turkey is at war in #Afrin, Northern #Syria, with the help of Leopard 2 tanks. The Turkish #NATO army annihilates societal structures which were pointing the way ahead in previous years concerning women’s liberation, grassroots democracy, and ecology .

In partnership with this regime, Rheinmetall aims at building a munitions factory as well as producing tanks in #Turkey. Moreover, Rheinmetall is building a factory for the Fox armored transport vehicle in Algeria. This list could be continued for quite some time.

We do not want to allow #Rheinmetall to keep on killing people with their armaments any longer.

It is clear from the start that the discussion about export controls and human rights does not play any role in reality. German policy does not defend any moral values abroad but strives to sell German products, including military equipment. Although 80 % of the German population object to these arms exports, the ones responsible seem to be sparsely impressed. In the past, multiple protests against Rheinmetall have been executed already: for instance, camps and actions at Rheinmetall factories and at the German Army’s Combat Training Centre (GÜZ) based in the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide which is also run by the company. This year, we want to build on those with a demonstration, a peace camp, and various actions at Rheinmetall’s production site in Unterlüß. Hereby, we collectively speak out against defense production and its direct consequences such as war, terror, forced migration, and poverty.

The activities surrounding the Anti-war Day on 1 September do not only signify our resistance against a defense contractor, but also our campaign for another world. We want to discuss the transition from a destructive industry to civil and ecological production instead. We want to stand up for peaceful and social cooperation instead of murder and fierce competition. We cannot bear a world full of discrimination and repression any longer.


الحرب تبدأ هنا / منع شركة راينميتال من إنتاج الأسلحة

أينما نظرنا في هذا العالم نجد أن ألمانيا قد شاركت بأسلحتها في جرائم القتل والتدمير والتهجير القسري. إن ألمانيا الاتحادية تحتل المركز الرابع عالمياً والثاني أوروبياً في صادرات الأسلحة. لقد استطاعت شركة راينميتال الألمانية في السنوات العشر السابقة الإرتقاء لتصبح واحدة من أكبر الشركات الموردة للذخيرة على مستوى العالم بدون أي ردع أو احتجاج. كما أنها استطاعت التحايل على لائحة قواني تصدير الأسلحة عن طريق الشركات التابعة لها حول العالم لتستطيع بيع أسلحتها في مناطق الحروب والنزاعات.

إن عواقب صادراتها مربحة ودموية في آن واحد. فإذا ما نظرنا إلى اليمن الذي أصبح حزينً بعدما كان يسمى بالسعيد نرى أن الناس يُقتلون بسبب القنابل التي تصنعها شركة راينميتال في إيطاليا. وفي الشمال السوري تشن الحكومة التركية بقيادة اردوغان وحزبه حرباً مخالفة للقانون الدولي على بلدة عفرين باستخدام الجيل الثاني من دبابات ليوبارد الألمانية الصنع. إن الجيش التركي يدمر البنية الاجتماعية التي استطاعت منهجت نفسها في السنوات الأخيرة في مجالات تحرير المرأة، الديمقراطية الشعبية وحماية البيئة.

وبهذا التعاون مع النظام التركي تسعى شركة راينميتال لبناء مصنع للذخيرة وخط إنتاج دبابات في تركيا. كما أنها تبني مصنعً لإنتاج مدرعة فوكس في الجزائر. وقائمتنا هذه قد تستمر في التضخم إذا ما وقفنا في وجه هذه الشركة. باختصار شديد نحن لا نريد السماح لهذه الشركة بالاستمرار في قتل الناس وتهجيرهم من أوطانهم.

من الوهلةِ الأولى يصبح من الواضح لنا أن ضوابط التصدير وحقوق الإنسان لا تلعب أي دور في الواقع. إن سياسة ألمانيا الاتحادية وحكومتها الفيدرالية لا تدافع عن أية قيمٍ عليا في خارجها بل هي ببساطة تسوق لمنتجاتها ومن ضمن هذه المنتجات „المعدات العسكرية„.

وعلى الرغم من أن حوالي ٨٠% من الشعب الألماني يرفضون تصدير الأسلحة إلا أن المسؤولين لا يكترثون لذلك نهائياً ويستمرون في تجارتهم الدموية. في السابق أُقيم عددٌ من الأنشطة ضد هذه الشركة ومن ضمنها معسكرات وحركات احتجاجية في مركز التدريب القتالي الذي تديره الشركة في منطقة كولبيتز–ليتسلنغز هايدِ وأيضاً في العديد من مصانعها. ولهذه الأسباب قررنا تنظيم مظاهرة ضد هذه الشركة بالإضافة إلي معسكر للسلام والعديد من الأنشطة المختلفة في موقع إنتاج الشركة في منطقة أونترلوس. للنقدم إدانة وضحة وصريحة ضد إنتاج الأسلحة وعواقبها الوخيمة كالحروب، الإرهاب، التهجير والفقر.

إن وقوفنا معاً في الأول من أيلول اليوم المناهض للحروب لا يعني فقط احتجاجنا على شركة أسلحة بل يعني دعوتنا لعالم مختلف. نريد أن نناقش التحول إلى الإنتاج المدني والإيكولوجي بدلاً من الصناعات المدمرة. عوضاً عن المنافسات المريرة والقتل نريد الكفاح لأجل التعايش السلمي والاجتماعي حول العالم. لم يعد باستطاعتنا أن نحتمل عالم مليء بالظلم والتمييز.

ابتداءً من ٢٩/٨ وحتى ٤/٩/٢٠١٨ تخييم، ورش عمل، محاضرات وأحاديث ثقافية.

يوم الأحد الموافق ٢/٩/٢٠١٨ مظاهرة في أونترلوس

Llamado a „Desarmar Rheinmetall – la guerra comienza aquí“

Armas alemanas toman parte mundialmente en matanzas. Alemania sostiene el 4° lugar en la exportación de armamento en el mundo y el 2° en la Comunidad Europea. En los últimos 10 años Rheinmetall ha avanzado sin mayores protestas a ser uno de los proveedores de munición más grandes del mundo. A través de filiales en el extranjero Rheinmetall consigue eludir los pocos reglamentos de exportación y vende sus productos también en regiones de guerra y crisis. Los resultados son al mismo tiempo rentables y sangrientos: en el Yemen muere la población a través de bombas que Rheinmetall ha producido en Italia. Turquía combate en el norte de Siria, en Afrin, una guerra con tanques Leopard 2, una guerra que viola los derechos internacionales. El ejército turco de la OTAN hace pedazos estructuras sociales que se han formado en torno a la liberación de la mujer, la democracia de base y la ecología. En cooperación con ése régimen turco Rheinmetall pretende construir una fábrica de munición y de tanques en Turquía. Rheinmetall construye una fábrica de tanques FUCHS en Algeria. La lista continúa y es larga. Nosotros no queremos seguir aceptando que personas mueran con la ayuda de las armas de Rheinmetall. Es evidente que los controles de la exportación son en realidad un cuento y los derechos humanos palabrería. La política alemana no defiende en el extranjero nobles valores sino solo la comercialización de productos alemanes, inclusive las máquinas de guerra. Aunque aproximadamente un 80% de la población alemana está en contra de esas exportaciones de armas, esto causa poca impresión bajo los responsables. Anteriormente ya ha habido una serie de actividades en contra de Rheinmetall, por ejemplo campamentos y acciones en su centro de entrenamiento de combate en el llano de Colbitz-Letzling y ante sus fábricas. Queremos proseguir este año con una manifestación, un campamento por la paz y con diversas acciones en el lugar de producción de Rheinmetall en Unterlüss. Con esto damos un testimonio claro en contra de la producción de armas y sus resultados incuestionables como lo son la guerra, el terror, la fuga y la pobreza. Las acciones en torno al Día Anti-guerra del 1° de septiembre significan para nosotros no sólo la resistencia contra una empresa de armamentos, sino también levantarse para cambiar el mundo. Queremos discutir sobre el cambio a una producción civil y ecológica en vez de una industria destructora. Queremos una convivencia mundial pacífica y social en vez de una competencia rigurosa y matanzas. No soportamos más un mundo lleno de discriminación y opresión.

Chiamata: „Disarmiamo Rheinmetall – La guerra inizia qui“

Le armi tedesche sono coinvolte nelle uccisioni in tutto il mondo. La Germania è il quarto***es**portatore***di armi al mondo ed il secondo nell’UE. Negli ultimi 10 anni, Rheinmetall è stato in grado di diventare – senza molte proteste – uno dei maggiori fornitori di munizioni al mondo.

Tramite filiali all’estero, la Rheinmetall riesce persino a eludere le poche normative e regole di esportazione di armi esistenti ed a vendere i suoi prodotti nelle regioni di guerra e di crisi.

Le conseguenze sono proficue e sanguinarie allo stesso tempo: nello Yemen, le persone muoiono per le bombe che Rheinmetall ha prodotto in Italia. La Turchia sta usando i carri armati Leopard 2 nella guerra nel /nord/della /Siria //ad Afrin/in violazione del diritto internazionale. L’esercito turco della NATOsta distruggendo le strutture sociali che hanno aperto la strada alla liberazione delle donne, alla democrazia di base e all’ecologia negli ultimi anni.

In cooperazione con questo regime turco, Rheinmetall punta alla costruzione di una fabbrica di munizioni e alla produzione di carri armati in Turchia. Rheinmetall sta costruendo una fabbrica per la produzione delveicolo blindato da trasporto“FUCHS” in Algeria. Questo elenco può essere continuato a lungo.

Non vogliamo continuarea permettere che lepersone muoianoattraversogli armamenti di Rheinmetall.

A prima vista, diventa chiaro che il discorso sui controlli delle esportazioni e sui diritti umani non ha alcun ruolo nella realtà. La politica tedesca non difende alti valori all’estero, ma solo le vendite di prodotti tedeschi – equipaggiamento bellico incluso.

Anche se circa l’80% della popolazione tedesca rifiuta queste esportazioni di armi, i responsabili non sono molto colpiti. Ci sono state diverse attività contro Rheinmetall in passato, ad es. campeggi di protestae azioni presso il centro di addestramento al combattimento della Rheinmetall (GÜZ) negli stabilimenti della brughiera Colbitz-Letzlingene presso le fabbriche di Rheinmetall. Quest’anno, vogliamo riagganciaresu questo con una manifestazione, un campeggiodi pace e una varietà di azioni presso ilsito di produzione di Rheinmetall a Unterlüß vicino Düsseldorf. Insieme, stiamo trasmettendoun segnale
chiaro controla produzione di armi e contro lesue conseguenze dirette quali guerra, terrore, fuga e povertà.

Le azioni intorno all’1 ° settembre, ilgiorno internazionalecontro la guerra, significano per noi non solo la resistenza contro una società di armamenti, ma la difesa di un altro mondo possibile. Vogliamo discutere il passaggio dell’industria distruttiva alla produzione civile ed ecologica. Vogliamo lottare per una coesistenza globale pacifica e sociale invece di omicidi e concorrenza amara. Non sopportiamo più un mondo di discriminazione e oppressione.
Location: #Unterlüß
The power of sound, someone takes it back

Sounding Off!
Music As Subversion/Resistance/Revolution

Free Radio: Liberating the Commons

Liberating the broadcast spectrum through electronic civil disobedience and being a voice for the voiceless defines the essential nature of Free Radio.
 book  pdf

 week of action in bure

Starts: Monday September 03, 2018 @ 7:14 PM
Finishes: Monday September 10, 2018 @ 8:14 PM
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From 3. September to 10. September their will be a week of action in #bure and around.
Bure is currently in a state of emergency caused by #Cigeo, a project that aims to develope just 100m next from where someone lives, an underground storage to dump nuclear waste.

Someone does not like that; someone invites you to join the resistance.

Also keep in mind the International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp 2018. See more about that here:


Location: bure
Announcement to all being against artificial created #nuclearenergy in its current state and it's militarisation it comes with:

From 3. September to 10. September their will be a week of action in #bure and around.
Bure is currently in a state of emergency caused by #Cigeo, a project that aims to develope just 100m next from where someone lives, an underground storage to dump nuclear waste.

Someone does not like that; someone invites you to join the resistance.

Also keep in mind the International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp 2018. See more about that here: