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Us #OSR folks will have to make sure we can all find each other 4 months sooner:
My #OSR #RPG group fascinates me every week. It is mostly a good thing, but I am realizing I need to refocus my prep.

It is time to re-dive into some of the tried and true indexes I hold close to my heart to review and reassess. It will be fun!

What links are your go-to for advice? Touchstones that you read occasionally?
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So I am not seeing very good ways to properly integrate #activitypub users with #hubzilla.

I don't think I can "@" people, and selecting them in a post's permission settings seems to get lost in /dev/null

This month long soaking in of hubzilla may end sooner than expected.
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I started with pluspora, and trying to get into hubzilla, but I... don't understand anything. I will not last one month, I bet. I am still trying to plug away and also am it pluspora/diaspora. That integration seems easier. It is this activitypub thing.

I have been kinda writing up something about the #zot family from a G+ expat perspective, but it has been slow going with "real life" issues making me put the write up on hold occasionally. When finished, though, I will post it to a number of places (I don't have a blog yet).
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Testing another thing and trying to "@" dasagriva ...
@PresGas (OSR) Aspect One more mention to #diaspora
@{} Oh, was this the way to do it?
Another pretest from #hubzilla
Pretest of posting in #hubzilla
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