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Nomad - Hubzilla for android

Update v0.8.11

New #Nomad update is available on #f-droid.
Thank you @Kévin Minions for correcting the French translation and also the about tranlslations part.
There is now also an Invite shorcut in the sidebar (wich is disabled by default), you can enable it in the settings if you want.

Finally Nomad is working on my Oneplus 3+ thumbs up sign . The previous version were crashing after I entered my hub. So I was resigned to enable the debug log, entered the address of my hub - and it worked. Whatever you changed, it worked thumbs up sign
Forget signin in Nomad

Hi there,
It looks like #Nomad forgets credentials of user in some obscure case. I don't know what causes it, also can't reproduce it and that makes it even more difficult to find the cause.
I feel like i will not be able to solve it by myself.
Sorry for that. But if anyone has a clue, feel free to comment or contrubute the code.

After the latest update this has been fixed for me.

Is there a way to cache the post from where the app was closed? After the app closes the app refreshes itself from the start. It gives lot of trouble to scroll down the post again to comment if you closed the app for some reason.

Feature request:
Ability to have more then one accounts.
Glad to hear. Thank you.
I like your idea about caching. I will look what i can do.
Glad to hear. Thank you.
I like your idea about caching. I will look what i can do.
Download files in Nomad

Another good news.

With the next update you will also be able to download all files in #Nomad \o/

So keep an eye on #f-droid in coming days ;-)
yes, but, for example, what happened to me with the change of version, is that the old configuration went up in smoke, and I had to reinstall the app to return to work as it was before.
Good to know. Thanks!
#nomad does not work! Разочарован! Ничего в нем не работает, ни потоки ни каалы, вообще не подгружаються :( Панели налазят на содержимое сайта. В общем удалю до лучших времен, в браузере и то удобней и все работает.
android 5.1, unpretentious

For me Nomad works. Maybe it depends of what hub it is. Try with an other account on an other hub.
Как оказалось #WebView #Android  5.1 не может полноценно отображать #Hubzilla → Будем использовать браузер.

WebView for android 5.1 hubzilla - Fail! Need It is necessary to add a restriction to the description on the f-droid. Thanks!
Upload restriction file extention in Nomad

  last edited: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 08:53:03 +0200  
Last night i was working on the file upload restriction.
I have temoved the type restriction for the files you want to upload.
On next update it will be possible to upload all file types with #Nomad
Permanently crashing on Oneplus 3T (Android 8.0.2)


I've tried using nomad (via f-droid). Unfortunately I was unable to use/test it: I was able to enter the address of my hub, after that Nomad permanently crashed - no screen, no chance to change settings, each and every time I tried to open it -> crash :-/

!Nomad - Hubzilla for android
OK, will do so later. First of all: How do I enable the debug log? Because after I added my hub there's no way of ever starting the app again (it will crash immediately)
If you can't start the app then you should connect your smartphone wirh android studio.
If you can't start the app then you should connect your smartphone wirh android studio.
Nomad got finally on F-Droid


Good news!

Nomad is now on F-Droid


From now on you can download it on F-Droid


if you already have Nomad installed you need to remove it before installing it from F-Droid again.

This is due to non matching signing keys as of F-Droid uses it's own keys for signing apps
Nomad - Hubzilla for android updated their cover photo

The design of the logo is a courtesy of @Albatroz Jeremias
Thak you for that @Albatroz Jeremias :-D
Nomad merge approval on F-Droid

Good news. Nomad got approved and merged.
We are now waiting for the server to build and publish it.

Stay tuned for more info as soon as it gets published.
Nomad waiting for approval -->F-Droid merge request

#Nomad is now waiting for approval to get on #F-Droid.

Hope it won't take to long. :-)
Don't worry. the first thing i will do when it gets on F-Droid is post it here :-)
I think having a phone app is a huge progress
Well in meanwhile you can download it from the nextcloud link i shared and install
Nomad V0.8.8

Latest apk can be downloaded here

 Nomad  Nomad
Nomad - Hubzilla for android updated their profile photo