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Deploying retropie x86 on my desktop

Since I moved entirely to laptop as my main machine (thinkpad x220t with 16GB RAM, dockingstation and 2x24" screens) I thought I would turn my desktop into a game console. The idea is to install retropie with my library of 8bit 16bit games (amiga, c64, snes, nes, sega, mame etc), plus my steam games and more recent emulators like ps1, ps2, xbox, saturn, nintendos etc. As I always wanted to convert typical desktop into aquarium mineral oil cooled machine, I think this project seems to be the best suited for just that.
You can follow #aquabox tag (or category on my wall) if you want to see progress.

Right now compiling all the emulators:
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I guess most of xbox games have been released on windows too. I havent check if there is an emulator though I assume there is something.
outlaw golf, circa 2002. xbox. would be fun to have that working

Best emulator for Xbox era games is probably Dolphin, which does an excellent job of emulating Gamecube and Wii games, especially if your GPU can do Vulkan.