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SinDome - Cyberpunk MUD

Ok. I think I finally found my game. The best climate, best, features, best graphics and amazing sound. Playable on any platform (even commodore 64 if you like).
If you feel like trying totally new approach to #gaming and like #cyberpunk you should totally check it out:
 from Diaspora
Uh, a real MUD like back in ye olde days? Dang, I'm not even sure if I have telnet installed :-)
Hah. you can use built in client on their website. Its actually recommended because of ansi colors etc.
This one is different because its purely based on Role play. So no running around dungeons killing 'Giant spider" :P.
I havent spent much time in-game as I was mainly reading stuff abotu the world, but form what I experienced so far I was totally blown by the complecity and realism of the game. it really feels like reading a good scifi book.