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I've enabled smilay button in the composer, however it does not seem to be using emojione. Is there a way or option to do that or rather do PR for smiley-button addon?
 simleys  ui
Oh right - I see the issue. The smileybutton addon only lists the default emoticons. I think this was by design as there is no paging involved in that plugin. The entire list of emojis takes about five minutes to load. So yeah, this would likely require a pull request to smileybutton. There *is* native autocomplete for emojis in the editor if the emojione addon is installed and you type :something . Also the /smilies page will list them all.
emojione css needs work btw

Yeah in the meantime i checked the code of miley plugin.

I'm wondering whether to use the emojione form the plugin (they are all then on the server) or use one of the jquery plugins available around like: