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Nice writeup about #movim #xmpp client with social network capabilities by it's author Jaussoin Timothée
(Psssst... looks like OMEMO support is coming to movim afterall)

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 from Diaspora
This got me thiking about it at least. Maybe I'll take it for a spin a little. Let us know how the server setup goes when you do it. :)
Movim is cool, I had it deployed for a while but are currently waiting for the new 0.14 release that will come with many changes to re-evaluate if I want to use it again. It's a nice XMPP web-client, but if you arn't really using all the additional pubsub blog community like features it is a bit overkill (for example because that's pretty much covered by HubZilla, and Movim doesn't federate outside XMPP).
Also, despite being php, due to the zeroMQ dependency and the need to run a special php-deamon in the background, it is not possible to host it on a normal shared web-host (and there also isn't an official convenient docker image AFAIK).

Regarding OMEMO: I followed the discussion the developers of Movim had on their XMPP channel. Strangely they want to implement  E2EE encryption in php on the server side.They seem to have their architectural reasons for it and also they have a point that E2EE encryption done by server delivered JS on the client is hardly better... but that really isn't E2EE encryption then anymore, but just a way people on Movim can talk to others on OMEMO implementing clients with reduced security.
@poVoq yes the omemo part is true. However if someone wants to use it that way why not. I know a popup informing of security issue will be implemented so that people are warrned.
I will continue to do mockups for conversejs and try to make it as pretty as movim. Probably will endup serving both. From what i heard from the dev movim RAM footprint is about 10MB per user.