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Changes to login settings

!Disroot Community
Due to ldap login plugin and the fact hubzilla tights directly to email address, in order to login to our hub, you should use your disroot email address (old users should be able to logn with just username). The good news is that channels as well as user acounts can be deleted now.
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The blessing of hubzilla's right notification side-bar

As my stream gets busier, I noticed yet another little thing #hubzilla makes very good.

instead of endless scroll (which i do when i feel like it and i used to do on other social medias) now with the right sidebar that shows me notifications of who did what, I can cherry pick things posted by people I find interesting.

It's a small thing but makes my social life a bit less packed.
"I've split out all of my contacts based on what networks they're on." How you do that?
Well, you can basically identify what network someone is coming from on the contacts page as a starting point, based on what federation protocol is being used. People connecting from Mastodon, for example, always have the network identification of ActivityPub.

I've made a habit of checking people's profiles before approving requests, to double-check what network they're on. Afterwards, I sort that contact into their own Privacy Group, which is analogous to Diaspora's Aspects system.

It's a super-super manual approach, one that I adopted before I started prior to making connections in the first place. Because of that, it's been easy to maintain, but I wouldn't recommend this if you have a few hundred contacts already. face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
Thanks Sean
Discovering hubzilla's awesomeness

Just when I thought I discovered most of the things about hubzilla I was shock to find out an entire universe of settings.

Basically it gives freedom for every user to setup their pages as they wish.
Go to Settings > Display Settings > Content Settings > System page Layout Editor (button on the very bottom) or /pdledit page on your server I guess you need to set your account to Expret.

Damn this shit is aweosme
hahahahah proper early 2000s
BUT upon upgrade these will normally be reset.

That is not true.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that if the core pdl changes, you will not see the changes if you use a custom pdl.
That is good news! :-)
[Testing Hubzilla] - updated to 3.4RC

Just updated #hubzilla to the latest 3.4RC release. Very nice and painless process thumbs up sign
Would jt be worth updating to rc3?
we did this morning