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Forum view on Activity page - different posts for different users

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I think this has been raised few times already but I dont think I've seen clear answer, and its someting that makes everyone I'm testing hubzilla with very confused. We would like to know how forums really work and to see wheter we are dealing with a bug something.

It seems that different accounts see different posts in their Activity view when they go to a specific forum eg:
I tested it with two accounts and the channel's page.Here is the result:

My account on disroot server:


Account on


Disroot Community channel page:


As you see each account sees different content. I've checked Hubzilla Support forum pages too. They all show different results.
My first guess was that maybe due to federation some of the posts have not arrived to different servers etc, but in case all users are connected to the forum, all posts should arrive to all participating servers, right? Specially that in case of Disroot Community Forum we've observed the same situation while all accounts we tested on were on the same server.

Additionally I noticed that when I post to a forum using mention tag, (like now), I dont see my posts apearing in the forum tab, nor on the forums channel page (only when i post directly to the forum via their site).

Could someone clarify whether its how forum feature work, or if there is something weird that I should be looking into?
-one node that seems to be offline.-
not just one, in that table I see 7 or more dead hubs already doing some time, some  years ...
not just one, in that table I see 7 or more dead hubs already doing some time, some  years ...

No big deal. We don't waste too much time delivering to dead sites (we try briefly maybe once or twice a day), and in any event they'll be marked dead internally and thereafter ignored if we can't reach them for a month. The software is designed to be self-healing when it comes to channels and hubs coming and going - and it's rare that anybody needs to intervene.
Mike thanks for the exaplanation on the forum behaviour. This makes a lot of sense and explains the confusion. For consistency sake I'm interested in seeing your changes though. Otherwise I guess the idea of hubzilla (the more i use it the more i understand it) is to post form within other peoples walls. Though for poeple not familiar with the way it works it gets confusing at first I suppose.

I'll be playing around with the delivery settings to make sure our hub is fast enough.