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First post from Ubuntu touch

hokay. I finally managed to install ubports. my first impression? I hate the keyboard. the overall performance is not bad though feels a bit sluggish. what I fell in love right away is ability to create webapps. just quickly made one for hubzilla which is great. I need to find a way to get xmpp notifications otherwise its impossible for me to work (server monitoring alerts and most of my communication is done with it)
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@muppeth if this is an answer to me ... your hubzilla answers just show up as normal statuses in my home timeline...if i was away a while, i'd never have noticed this reply...
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@muppeth however, any fastboot hack is impossible as oem unlock was not allowed in the system which i can't access
@Milan This was not an answer to you. Pity masto breaks the thread. I will remember to always mention people on mastodon side. Bit annoying.
Flashing UBPorts on Fairphone2

And so it begins. Made a backup of my current LineageOS and proceed to flash #ubports. Lets hope it all works well and I'll be testing new OS in few moments.


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How'd it go? I have the BQ M10 tablet with Ubports Touch. The recent update with new Ubuntu base, and new browser, made things much nicer.
I had problems with the installation (installing fomr lineageOS15.1 was for some reason giving errors). Now doing my first steps. Any idea how to get notifications going on movim?
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Notifications are in Systems Settings, but it doesn't look to me like Movim is connected to Notifications... You might need to put in a feature request.
Phone distro hopping

I decided to go experimental the next weeks and do some distro hopping on my phone. But not one android for another. Thats boring. I will be playing around with #UBPorts and #sailfishos

Not sure what goes first, but generally the idea is to use them as a daily driver for a while and note what are the advantages/disadvantages of both, and see whether they are good enough for daily use. I'm selfhost (floss) extremist with no google, facebook, whatsapp accounts so won't be missing those.

My approach is to check whether sailfish or ubuntu-touch could be used as "disroot" phone.
Lets find out.

(Ps for all activitypub folks seeing this)
Please boost it so I get more coverage on mastodon.
I was running Sailfish on my Oneplus X for awhile. I really like how fast it was, and could boot in half the time it took Android.
Big downside was the native app selection. Many abandoned, or half functional applications between the official store and Openrepos. Unless you are running an official SFOS port, you don't get the android VM to fill the gaps.
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My father had (probably still has) a speech problem with aspirating voiceless plosives, for example at a cub scout meeting he said puffets instead of puppets and all us kids were like what the hell is a puffet. He avoided words with such plosives. It was the first time I recall recognizing that my father had an imperfection.

So, @muppeth would be like a double whammy tongue twister.
I got a really cheap second hand Nexus5 the other day. If I find the time I'll try

I tried Ubuntu Touch back when it was still official on my now broken Nexus4, funny how the one great feature (easy webapps integrated into the UI), was never taken up by other OS, otherwise it was just too sluggish and locked down for my taste.