Mastodon relay servers in relation to hubzilla

!Hubzilla Development

Since mastodon released their relay servers, I was wondering if that could improve the federation between those. As it is now for example one cant see posts from hubzilla channel on mastodon unless its sharing with that account already etc. I was wondering if we would post / get posts from relay would that change? Meaning that posts from hubzilla would be seen on mastodon side without prior sharing with the channel and the same way public posts on mastodon would be seen on hubzilla too.
It's sort of the same concept as the Diaspora relay servers, except for the ActivityPub protocol. FYI Pleroma has a competing implementation (which isn't compatible). Since ActivityPub is an addon, a relay driver would probably either need to be an option to that addon or self-contained (like we do for OStatus and PubSubHubbub (now Websub) and which is also a relay server).

Anyway, yes it has certain advantages much as you have described. I have no interest in firehose implementations personally because the basic concept tends to work against the decentralisation movement - leading to larger servers and concentrations of content and growing clusters of people around them. As optional services, sure. Do whatever you want.

Such mechanisms will surely find adherents. I'm not personally interested as it goes against everything I stand for and have worked toward, so I'm going to bow out. If you want it, #makeithappen.

I've  been working on what I call a 'hyperdrive engine' for decentralised networks which takes a completely different approach to the problem. Instead of working from the top down and distributing all content to all servers, it works from the bottom up. and can bring in orders of magnitude more content to your server - but only content which is relevant in particular ways to you or your site members personally. This is working today and will come to Hubzilla with Zot6 but requires a different implementation for every protocol and a couple of protocols make this incredibly difficult. FYI, it does work with ActivityPub.