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SinDome - Cyberpunk MUD

Ok. I think I finally found my game. The best climate, best, features, best graphics and amazing sound. Playable on any platform (even commodore 64 if you like).
If you feel like trying totally new approach to #gaming and like #cyberpunk you should totally check it out:
 from Diaspora
Uh, a real MUD like back in ye olde days? Dang, I'm not even sure if I have telnet installed :-)
Hah. you can use built in client on their website. Its actually recommended because of ansi colors etc.
This one is different because its purely based on Role play. So no running around dungeons killing 'Giant spider" :P.
I havent spent much time in-game as I was mainly reading stuff abotu the world, but form what I experienced so far I was totally blown by the complecity and realism of the game. it really feels like reading a good scifi book.
Cyberpunk MUD

I'm looking for a MUD set in cyberpunk world which is still active with many folks online. If there's none, anyone feels like joining and building one?

#mud #gaming #gamingonlinux
Compressorhead at ADM Festival 2018


Yesterday at #adm festival I finally managed to see #compressorhead Very impressive as well as the entire festival.

Compressorhead-Ace of Spades-Now with 350kg Singer
by Compressorhead on YouTube

ADM - the free haven of Amsterdam
by Lisa Keome on YouTube
Uh! :-)
Bye Bye Free internet

AFAIK its curious that the term 'third world country' actually means russia and other anti-US nations, 'second world' is China and India, 1st world are NATO and countries which align with US. somehow this term gets thrown around as some sort of economic or racial definition.. by the way what makes a country "Third World"?
You mixed that up slightly:

But I guess you are right, it is a bit of an outdated term by now ;)
oops a bit. lol.
Mastodon relay servers in relation to hubzilla

!Hubzilla Development

Since mastodon released their relay servers, I was wondering if that could improve the federation between those. As it is now for example one cant see posts from hubzilla channel on mastodon unless its sharing with that account already etc. I was wondering if we would post / get posts from relay would that change? Meaning that posts from hubzilla would be seen on mastodon side without prior sharing with the channel and the same way public posts on mastodon would be seen on hubzilla too.
It's sort of the same concept as the Diaspora relay servers, except for the ActivityPub protocol. FYI Pleroma has a competing implementation (which isn't compatible). Since ActivityPub is an addon, a relay driver would probably either need to be an option to that addon or self-contained (like we do for OStatus and PubSubHubbub (now Websub) and which is also a relay server).

Anyway, yes it has certain advantages much as you have described. I have no interest in firehose implementations personally because the basic concept tends to work against the decentralisation movement - leading to larger servers and concentrations of content and growing clusters of people around them. As optional services, sure. Do whatever you want.

Such mechanisms will surely find adherents. I'm not personally interested as it goes against everything I stand for and have worked toward, so I'm going to bow out. If you want it, #makeithappen.

I've  been working on what I call a 'hyperdrive engine' for decentralised networks which takes a completely different approach to the problem. Instead of working from the top down and distributing all content to all servers, it works from the bottom up. and can bring in orders of magnitude more content to your server - but only content which is relevant in particular ways to you or your site members personally. This is working today and will come to Hubzilla with Zot6 but requires a different implementation for every protocol and a couple of protocols make this incredibly difficult. FYI, it does work with ActivityPub.
MassimilianoMassimiliano wrote the following post Sun, 09 Sep 2018 13:47:54 +0200
Logo for Nomad poll
!Disroot Community

Thanks to all. We have now a few logos to make the poll possible.

Here you find it:

apt-get shirtapt-get shirt wrote the following post Sun, 09 Sep 2018 12:20:02 +0200
New workspace

Hi guys.

Finally, we are back on track. We are starting our shirt printing production in our own place. 100% DIY. As you can see on the picture its a huge mess. A lot of work is still ahead of us, but once its all done it will be a joy to start printing again. We cant wait!

But first, big cleanup!


Nice writeup about #movim #xmpp client with social network capabilities by it's author Jaussoin Timothée
(Psssst... looks like OMEMO support is coming to movim afterall)

 xmpp  movim
 from Diaspora
This got me thiking about it at least. Maybe I'll take it for a spin a little. Let us know how the server setup goes when you do it. :)
Movim is cool, I had it deployed for a while but are currently waiting for the new 0.14 release that will come with many changes to re-evaluate if I want to use it again. It's a nice XMPP web-client, but if you arn't really using all the additional pubsub blog community like features it is a bit overkill (for example because that's pretty much covered by HubZilla, and Movim doesn't federate outside XMPP).
Also, despite being php, due to the zeroMQ dependency and the need to run a special php-deamon in the background, it is not possible to host it on a normal shared web-host (and there also isn't an official convenient docker image AFAIK).

Regarding OMEMO: I followed the discussion the developers of Movim had on their XMPP channel. Strangely they want to implement  E2EE encryption in php on the server side.They seem to have their architectural reasons for it and also they have a point that E2EE encryption done by server delivered JS on the client is hardly better... but that really isn't E2EE encryption then anymore, but just a way people on Movim can talk to others on OMEMO implementing clients with reduced security.
@poVoq yes the omemo part is true. However if someone wants to use it that way why not. I know a popup informing of security issue will be implemented so that people are warrned.
I will continue to do mockups for conversejs and try to make it as pretty as movim. Probably will endup serving both. From what i heard from the dev movim RAM footprint is about 10MB per user.
!Disroot Community

disrootdisroot wrote the following post Sat, 01 Sep 2018 00:55:09 +0200
👋 Announcement

If you want to follow info about issues, downtimes, scheduled maintenance of disroot platform, check with your favourite tool:

🍇 web:
🍏 mail:
🍑 RSS:
🌽 Matrix:
🥦 Diaspora/hubzilla/mastodon/fediverse:
also best way is to send email to
 from Diaspora
It was on webmail.

However, we have "good" news for Disroot. The problem seemed to be related to FireFox, since it has worked on another web browser (Vivaldi).

Thanks for the information about support and for your answer!
Thanks for the info I will have a look regardless.
in case you want to follow it and poke us if it takes too long to resolve:
Drinking beer, eating chips, watching "Snatch" and fixing mailserver.
Good movie!
one of my favourite. havent seen it for a while. I think next it the queue is 'Lock stock and two smoking barrels". Last 15 min of snatch, and i think the mail server is fixed.
For lock stock I think I will do some work on xmpp bot.
Nextcloud 📱☁️💻Nextcloud 📱☁️💻 wrote the following post Sat, 25 Aug 2018 11:13:43 +0200
Japan will add millions of Nextcloud nodes to our federated, private cloud network!

Fresh announcement, follow the stream on

Seems to hard to manage for the everage joe...
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If build into the router, and every router gets a dynamic ""  or so subdomain for free by NEC, that would be quite hassle free.
One of the NEC Platform router/server models will have 8GB RAM, 4-core Atom, Hard drive/RAID option in a size of router+. It will have a built-in DDNS providing a hostname. It also has features like NAS, VPN gateway(IPSEC/L2TP), virtual desktop, VM, SSL, and much more. You can install/setup apps like Nextcloud, Mattermost, Wordpress etc in minutes. TURN server enables you to run TALK over firewall.

NEC platform plans to start selling the router/servers early Feb.,2019.
AntilopaAntilopa wrote the following post Mon, 30 Jul 2018 12:05:30 +0200

"When algorithms judge everything we do, we need to protect the right to make mistakes."

@Jason Robinson 🐍🍻 I'm trying to figure out why we arent getting all the public posts from diaspora relay on our hubzilla hub. We seem to be failing the ultimate Dr Roy Schestowitz test :P

Our hub url is Could you have a look in the free time if you can see anything that could give us a clue on the relay side?
Slowly regaining control.

Last few days I've closed myself at home and worked on all the pending things to re-gain control over the servers I take care of (personal, disroot, work, etc). In recent months things became a chaotic mess where automation scripts were no longer applied due to undocumented custom changes here and there, some procedures became complex and manual work due to neglect and manual changes etc.

Basically everything became a mess that created situation where I wouldnt touch certain things anymore, or would postpone things forever because instead of simple script to run it, it would require a lot of manual additions and felt like too much to focus on and do.

However, last days brought some stability. I've updated some of the crutial and basic ansible roles, and re-wrote some scripts. I added some extra templates to my zabbix monitoring to have better overview and generally started documenting the work. Its still far from perfect, but i alreaqdy see improvements, I hope by the end of next week, the total control will be regained.
Racking new server

!Disroot Community
@muppeth is in the datacenter racking new server
Thagard will be hosting now some of the services (including hubzilla) to spread the load a bit.
Nice. Server racked and configured. Now we can slowly migrate services to it.
thumbs up sign
rack it... rack it good.

Salt-N-Pepa - Push It
by SaltNPepaVEVO on YouTube
Dennim, zap and future of hubzilla

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!Hubzilla Development
I just saw Mike's post about Zot6, denim, zap and vassal. Does that mean that those new apps will replace hubzilla in terms of priority, development etc (i read zot6 will be backported to hubzilla which usually suggest that thats the case)?
Or at least shift the focus to those new apps instead of hubzilla? Is there a point to actively work and improve on hubzilla and promote it if in few weeks/months we might be switching to new thing?
I finally settled on "Osada" (gypsy village). It is now at version 1.2.
Osada now.
(Sorry for a dislike, it was a mistake with my big fingers).
Controlling forum categories

!Hubzilla Support Forum
After two months of usage, our forum is filled up with categories. Many of them duplicates (some written with capital some not, some with space in between etc). We wanted to clean them up, remove some repeating categories and re-categorize others so that our forum is easy to navigate.

Obviously seems like that is not possible as the posts arent owned by the forum so only authors of the posts can modify categories. Is there a working way to achieve that by forum account or forum admins? If not is it possible to implement such a feature and what would that require.
I might recommend using pdledit/channel (requires advanced theming feature iirc) and changing the category list widget to a category tagcloud . The catcloud_wall widget let's you limit the display to the top 'n' categories instead of listing all of them.

-  [widget=categories][/widget]
+ [widget=catcloud_wall][var=limit]24[/var][/widget]

If you visit my homepage you'll see that I also used the rainbowtag addon to add a bit of colour to the catcloud and tagcloud.

In theory the forum owner can edit the posts and change the categories as desired (the forum is the owner, regardless of who the author is) but there is no UI or link for doing that at this time.
 Cato Neimoidia 
Thank you @Mike Macgirvin
Be creative day

Since last week my and @Antilopa did some weekly planning to make sure we have dedicated enough time to all the projects, but also our family and hobbies (our projects are our hobbies also). We are still not there yet in terms of keeping to the schedule, but in few weeks we should be more accustom if we continue.

Saturday evenings are are dedicated to being creative. Whether its building something, 3d printing, prototyping, painting, drawing or whatever, we force ourself to be creative.

So tonight I'm going to:
- 3D print casing for PiGRRL-Zero we are building for our kid
- Get the PS3 like controller working with my #aquabox project and get the RetropieX86 launch and display the entire game library
- Play around and break #AndHub android hubzilla app
Still havent manage to get the ps3 controller to talk with my PC (hate the fact i need to use ubuntu 16.04 with retyropie).

But printer, thought seemed broken, I managed this morning to find a cause and fix it. Printed nice PiGRRL Zero case. Next is to solder all the electronics together, and see how it fits. Eventually we are going to use "glow in the dark pla" and do some mods like adding stereo jack out and rear camera.