Just got the new app by @Massimiliano from #f-droid! It is looking good! It is awesome what the community can do. Big love to the developer! Love it!
Amazon Who?

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Thanks to, I have really thought about my reading habits. I have not bought a book from Amazon in many years, but now it is time to switch to a Kobo and get rid of the Generation 1 Paperwhite chain that I have been using.
SNS Stalkers

Just got rid of both Twitter and Instagram. Both decided I was a bot and gave me endless blocks and recaptcha crap. I will soon be down to one centralised Network (MeWe) and maybe that will be soon gone too. If I can't get friends to come to the Fediverse, I might just have to make new friends!


Up Yours, Verizon

Wonderful that parasitic lard suckers like Verizon use natural disasters to screw more profit from people. Thabks to arseholes like Ajit Pai....

North Carolina Verizon customers, trapped by Hurricane Florence, say they're being throttled and upsold / Boing Boing
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*via Nomad client (Source)
Midweek Mirth

Midweek giggles about an Unamerican idea!

Upcoming Film On Life Of Christ Criticized For Omitting American Flag


HOLLYWOOD, CA—An upcoming historical drama on the life of Christ, Son of Man, has drawn heavy criticism for not including a scene prominently featuring the flag of the United States. The movie is set to include various significant scenes from Jesus’ ministry, but will not show the American flag a single time, sources confirmed. From Christ’s …