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@Levieux Cédric Hi, I have been unable to login on for some time, because I am told that my 2FA code is invalid. As all my other codes work, could you check if your server clock is on correct time or give any advice how I could get in?
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@mikaela can you test again ?
It seems that the ntp synchro was off
So I am being fan of this nomadic ID system and then still posting nothing here. Hi.
You can also make use of hubzillas caldav feature. This way you will be able to share your calendar with other channels on your hub.
Yea I feel like it's going to take a few months more of browsing to find all the forum channels I might be interested in and make connections.

I haven't even learned to use forums yet.

(FB also has the same export/feed link, my Android calendar shows my FB calendar as well as my Gmail one, I'm probably going to shovel it all round to NextCloud+DAVDroid to quit using Google calendar)

It's hidden to the sidebar of near bottom if I recall correctly in case anyone is looking for it. I don't have account, so I cannot onfirm.

You can also make use of hubzillas caldav feature. This way you will be able to share your calendar with other channels on your hub.

Is there somewhere similar link for adding it to third party calendars?
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Is there somewhere similar link for adding it to third party calendars?

If you want to add it to a caldav client, there is this: /cdav

It works perfectly with davdroid and evolution for me. Some people have complained it does not work with apple client but i don't have one, so i can't check.
Languages I am learning

Apparently now I am learning Czech, Estonian and Spanish at the sane time with recommendation being one language at a time unless you really have to :S

I guess I have a squish/crush on Spanish again in addition to Estonian.

Encrypted content

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It's not just you. You're not alone.
PiggoPiggo wrote the following post Mon, 04 Jun 2018 19:03:29 +0200
looks like gitlab suffers from the same false centrality disease like despite being selfhostable, everyone goes to the one server and it's now completely overloaded (also i guess there are no other public instances and they still don't have federation, which makes it even more sucky)
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I hope this restores my age closer to reality.
Yeah, closer*
How should I interpret that asterisk?
I have been informed that my Hubzilla photo makes me look 20 years older than I actually am! Where should I complain about it doing bad job with cropping?
Ping? Is my identity still cloned or did this somehow become disconnected? I am wondering about that connection count being so different.
Uhm... I might have been wrong with my assumption then... Do you see a pattern in which are synced and which not?
No, I don't. But I think the Wehost now has three more connections than when I last checked, so maybe it's just syncing very slowly.
I think Diaspora* connections seem to be more likely synced than Mastodon.
Next question: did I start following too many people at Hubzilla, even if now there is content? :D
I love text editors! <3

The solution to mass import to Hubzilla is to export the csv, edit it a little and then next figure out a way to mass open a lot of tabs in Firefox and the deed is done.
Dishub: 75 connections
WeHost Hubzilla: stuck on 29 connections

I wonder if I followed 40 people too quickly or what happened, maybe it's going to catch up later.
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Can you explain what lines to edit?
@maryjane Export it in csv, open it in pluma/gedit, select a line change, search & replace, it should be searching for line changes and you want to change it to (there is a space before the URL).

Then open a new tab, make a line change and copy-paste it to find & replace of the csv where you are looking for spaces and you should have a pretty list of lines like which you can paste to e.g. and then you have many tabs complaining about gateway timeout or service being temporarily unavailable, but as you refresh them patiently one by one, you are following people at Hubzilla anyway :D
Lorem ipsum, I am curious on whether this will go through to Mastodon regardless of the character limit, because I think I have seen over 500 characters over there. I also hope tagging NSFW i

At least next time I will know to type long stories at Hubzilla and then boost them at Mastodon if I have trouble staying under 500 characters.
Since mastodon abuses summary for content warnings, you would need to use the summary tag to get a content warning in mastodon:

[summary]your content warning[/summary]

For the lost n.s.f.w tag: you used the hubzilla categories for this. Masto does not have categories iirc so we can't map them to anything useful...
Thanks, I will keep that in mind for the next time :)
OK, now I have imported connections from Diaspora* by hand as long as the people were either in offline or online aspects and I had some sort of idea who they were.

Sadly it seems that most of the people were very inactive, but I imagine that I won't have to do this again thanks to nomadic identity and at most I would need to figure out how to tell Diaspora/Mastodon connections that my account has moved and force Hubzilla to move the connected location in the distant future.

Adding connections was very unfriendly though. For Mastodon I am trying to claim knowing more than Hubzilla knows, maybe it will give me a secret button for mass-importing IDs.
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@mikaela Yeah the permissions and groupings don't translate to ActivityPub well. I guess this could be addressed on either end, but automating or simplifying those processes should be done.
Oops, I went over 500 characters here and only then did a test if that is possible :D
Should I go through my Mastodon follows and attempt to import some of them here by hand or how would I get at all interesting activity here?
I wonder if I should be giving Hubzilla more chance, but there isn't any mobile app that I find pleasant to use and I don't think I understand the UIs enough, but simultaneously there is this nomadic ID...
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A new Linux Magazine just had an article on Mycroft. Bought it at Helsinki Raiway Station.
I think this may be a different Mycroft.
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Weird, Disroot was unable to process this, while Wehost accepted it directly with the exception of wanting to cut it. At least it doesn't look so horrible as in Wehost cropping tool.
Hello Wehost, I think I am now trying the decentralised identity with your help :)
Hello RSS feed reader at Matrix, do you hear me?
It looks as bad as Mastodon :(
I should probably follow more active posters here as it looks like nothing has happened in days while Mastodon is either too complicated or too active with everyone being too unfamiliar.
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About this, can I somehow unfollow everyone at #Mastodon? #help?

Or does anyone have any advice how could I get this under control? I have too many toots in my timelines and I have no idea who most of people I see are or why I am following then :(

Is my best bet just creating another account somewhere? But where, this is probably the most logical place for me to be unless I moved to Hubzilla which I don't like yet for missing apps.
Hello, I saw your Hubzilla/Mastodon toot, but I cannot find you from here, but I hope this message will reach you regardless :)
Oh, now I found it, I didn't see it on mobile even with desktop view. I fear that I may be getting more active at Mastodon until a nice mobile app presents itself :(
@Mikaela Suomalainen Yeah that might not come too quick. I'm atm hacking up an app (based on diaspora webview) but thats pretty much web mobiel version wrapper.
It might be easier to adapt one of the few Friendica apps to work with Hubzilla instead.
From what I gather, the API isn't too different between the projects. Unfortunately I know nothing about programming.
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Looks very peaceful
Thanks, it's starting to be a little dated photo from Töölö bay, but I have been using it as my banner everywhere.

You can see Linnanmäki amusement park on the top right corner.
I like the stones, water and the bird.