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Disapp, new donation page and planned registrations

The last two weeks had some amazing surprises and developments. It was absolutely and positively motivating for us.

1. Disroot app

Many people have been asking for Disroot mobile app and we repeatedly failed to see the possibility of such app since we run multitude of services that, in most cases, provide their own separate app. Massimiliano was the one who actually saw the potential of a Disroot app and decided to take the challenge with an unexpected approach. He developed the Disroot "Swiss army knife" app that helps and guides disrooters to recommended apps, tips and tutorials on how to set everything up. The app will pick the best (in our opinion) app for email, chat, etc and for those services that do not have a dedicated app it will open them in the webview window. The app also provides directions to all community tutorials we've gathered over the years to help people use provided services. We are very thankful to Massimiliano for his brilliant idea and the hard work he put into it. The app is available from the one and only truly Free/Libre Android store: here

2. Changing notification email and Screen Name

This is something we wanted to do since a while now and we finally managed. Since not everyone uses their Disroot email, and we in no way want to force people to do so, we wanted to make it possible for disrooters to use their email address of choice for all incoming notifications from services provided by the Disroot platform. As of today, you can login to https://user.disroot.org and update your profile with new notification email and also Screen Name.
At this moment only Nextcloud is configured to accept the changes. Once you update your profile, Nextcloud will be sending your notification emails to the given address. \o/
!Note! Due to a bug in nextcloud software although your screen name won't change for you on the interface on Nextcloud, your new name will be shown to people you share files with, calendars etc. We hope this will be solved soon.
As time progresses and we test other services we will be adding those too.

2. Registration issue.

Last two weeks we spent on thinking how to solve the issue of registrations. We've had few brainstorm sessions, some open discussions eg. here and countless private talks, chats, etc. The outcome of all the discussions is satisfying and, most importantly, brings a possible solution to the problem. We will be busy with that in the next two weeks and hopefully we will re-open registrations soon after.

3. New donation page.

Last weeks Antilopa was busy punching all the numbers from all over the place (Paypal, Patreon, bank etc) into new accounting system that will help us have better overview on the current situation, the amount of donations we receive and our current costs. We still cant believe the outcome and are still recalculating it over and over. The result makes us very happy and we would like to thank everyone who decided to chip in and donate money to our project until now. But please don't quit with satisfaction yet - for long term sustainability we need you to keep this trend. As the platform grows so do the costs and the amount of work we invest in it.
The new donation page has more detailed information and hope to be as transparent as can be. We will be updating it each month as we do our administration. In the new donation page we will regularly put our short and and long term goals for the project. At the moment we are still experimenting with the idea, so more goals will show up later (including eventually the ultimate goal and dream to be able to work fully on Disroot and quit our day jobs..)

For now we have accomplished one goal we wanted to share with you:

Goal 1 - Donate to projects - Unlocked.

We heavily depend on people creating the amazing software we provide to you every day. Without the hard work of those developers there would be no Disroot. It's therefore logical to support these people and projects financially as much as we can, and to help build a self sustainable model for libre/open source software.
As of next month we have decided to donate on regular basis to the projects listed below according to this formula:
As long as the donations we receive double our costs we will share 15% of our surplus with developers of software we use to provide disroot services.
At the moment we are considering donating to the following projects: Diaspora, Taiga, Nextcloud, Conversejs, Etherpad, Ethercalc, Privatebin, Lufi, Searx and Framasoft

All this is made possible by your generous donations! We are very grateful to everyone that decided to keep buying us a coffee. Make the donations flowing :) We are very thirsty for caffeine. :P

The next two weeks we will probably spend most of our time on implementing the new registration system to get back up on our feet. Additionally we will work on small improvements here and there and maybe play and experiment with something new for a change.



This summer, we have upgraded our password store policy. We therefor would like to recommend you to update your password (even to the same one if you will). Once updated it will be stored in more secure way then before. You can do that by logging in to https://user.disroot.org and select "Change password" option. If you are changing to new password (which we recommend you do periodically anyway), please follow these instructions, specially when you use Nextcloud files: https://howto.disroot.org/en/basics/how-to-change-your-disroot-user-password
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Nomad got finally on F-Droid

Good news!

Nomad is now on F-Droid


From now on you can download it on F-Droid


if you already have Nomad installed you need to remove it before installing it from F-Droid again.

This is due to non matching signing keys as of F-Droid uses it's own keys for signing apps
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Please use free #software šŸ§šŸ’»šŸ˜ƒ

#opensource #freedom #instructions #guide
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With Much Thanks to: !Massimiliano & the !Disroot Community
Finally, a working .apk!! Image/photo
apt-get shirtapt-get shirt wrote the following post Mon, 11 Jun 2018 16:13:15 +0200
Apt-get Shirt is back!

We've started this project to create nice looking #swag to promote #FLOSS projects out there (even the smallest ones), and to share the profits form sold #merchandise with those projects. Some of you might remember us from last year's campaign where we crowdfunded and produced some #shirts. Due to other priorities and some complications, we had to suspend the project for some time, until today. During the last weeks we've been working on setting up our new web-shop and preparing for the re-launching of the project.

Especially for the re-launch all shirts are now 10% off! As always 50% of the profit will be shared with the projects each #t-shirt represent. Our shirts are made from #fair-trade #organic cotton where decent living wages are paid to the workers. Our designs are hand #silkscreen printed using water-based inks, giving the best quality, no peeling nor plastic feel.

Soon after the crowd-funding campaign we've realized that outsourcing the shirt printing process is very expensive when producing for such a niche market (unfortunately #FOSS folks ain't mainstream). Especially when we want to be able to produce small amounts for the tiniest projects out there. We are now able to use a small friendly silk screen print-shop which is great as long as it lasts - sadly, gentrification will soon force closure upon that location. Our goal and most desired situation is to run a small scale print-shop in our own home workshop. Therefor any initial profits from the relaunch will go into the equipment we need to become fully independent, allowing us utter freedom which is the fuel for real creativity.

We hope this time around we will manage to be more determent, more active and make the project a long lasting success with new (surprising) designs for more projects.

Saved folders / bookmarks

!Disroot Community

I'm testing the bookmark option. I can set a post to be part of my bookmark, but when I try to see my bookmarks (by clicking on the Saved Folders widget on the right), nothing appears. Could you try to see if you have the same issue?
You're right. Today it doesn't work here either. so i guess it's a bug. But need to know if it's on DisHub or Hubzilla in general.
Here is what @muppeth said about it:

its due to the bug on hubzilla causing the database disconnection

I still need to look into this.
yeah sorry for that. Atm we have some issues with nextcloud which is crippling the performance of all the other services hubzilla included. I'm trying to find out what exactly is causing it and hopefully fix it. Once this is out of the way i wil focus on hubzilla issue (if its not fixed by then)

Chat expiration time

!Hubzilla Support Forum

I've been playing around with the chatroom feature. I don't understand the expiration time you can set on a chat. Indeed, I set an expiration time to 15 minutes, but it was still available after 20 minutes...
all complain about the expiration of all the things in hubzilla, can I also add the expiration of the accounts?

it seems that the dates are really strange as regards the expiration of the accounts... (in admin page)
This may help explain the number of bugs we've seen about that feature. We don't expire the chats (messages) that are already on your screen, but if you enter the room, the expired chats are deleted and won't be shown. Some recent chats otherwise will so that new people entering the room have some context about what's already happening.
ok thanks for the information. It makes things clearer.
Don't see comments of a connection's posts

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Is that possible to see the posts of a connection, but not the comments?

For example, I may be interested in viewing a connection's posts and receiving them in my stream. But I may want to see only those posts. Not other users comments on those posts.
Fairly easy to do really, but it hasn't yet been implemented. You're welcome to have a go at it or at least submit an issue and wait for somebody else to decide to have a go at it.
Problems with connection ignored/deleted

!Hubzilla Support Forum

I have some struggle with the difference between ignoring a channel connection and deleting it. It seems to me that the only difference is that the ignored channel appears in the connections page, so we can change its statu at any time. The deleted one is completely removed so doesn't even appear in this connections page. Is that correct or are there any other differences?

The seconde point seems like a bug to me. Channel A creates a connection with Channel B. Channel B deletes this connection when it receives the approval notification. So Channel B appears in Channel A connections list with a one-way sign. But when Channel A goes on Channel B page, there is the "+Connect" button on Channel B's avatar. That's kind of confusing because even if the connection wasn't approved by channel B, the connection exists on Channel A side...
so there is no much difference? I still don't get it...
a deleted contact disappears,
while the ignored contact is always there, on the list, ready to be "admitted to your  harem".

Another thing: if you initially accept and then later ignore, the person in question does not even realize, on the contrary if you eliminate  he notices.
A connection is nothing more than a grant of permissions.

An ignored connection still receive your stream (and any other permissions you have granted them). You just aren't listening or receiving anything they write.

A deleted connection has the same rights as the general public.
Permission summary

What would be great would be to create a page on hubzilla filtering the connections per permission.
For example, you would click on "who can edit your wiki" and you would see all the connections that are allowed to do it.

The idea behing that is that I guess that over time, one may forget who he gave permission to do what. And if he has as lot of permissions, that would be long to open each of them to actually check.
Wiki: problem with revert

!Hubzilla Support Forum

I'm doing some tests in order to understand how wiki work.
I have a problem with the "revert" option. When I click on it, I have this message: "Page reverted by not save". However, there is no "Save" button. I tried to click on this message, but nothing happened. And when I go to the edit page (where the is a save button), nothing changed, the content was not reverted, so nothing to be saved.

Is that a bug or just that there is something I didn't get?
You have found a bug where the disabled Save button is not enabled when a reversion is performed. The fix should be straightforward.

The revert feature does work, at least in all my testing. It is possible that the reason you do not see a change in the text after clicking the Revert button is because you have selected the first Revert button in the list, which is actually the latest revision.

Originally I designed it to work like this: If you want to revert to a previous version, you go to the History tab and use the Compare buttons to find the revision you want. Then you press the Revert button. The text changes but a new revision is not saved yet because you may want to make further edits prior to saving. The reason the most recent revision has a Revert button is because you may revert to a previous revision and then change your mind and wish to go back to the most recent one without reloading the page.
Thanks Andrew for your answer.

I did some tests.

A created a wiki with threee lines.
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3

I saved each time wrote a line so in the history I have something like:

Date 2018-05-25 09:40:00
Name: meaz
Message: test 3
Date 2018-05-25 09:38:00
Name: meaz
Message: test 2
Date 2018-05-25 09:36:00
Name: meaz
Message: test 1

If I click on Compare for test 2, I see that:
Actual version:
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3

"Test 3" text being displayed in red.

Selected version:
Test 1
Test 2

It makes sense: "Test 3" was added after "Test 2".

What I don't understand, is that if I click on Revert, here is what I see as being reverted
Test 1

Why don' I see the following?
Test 1
Test 2

It would make more sense to be reverted to what you see when you click on "compare", no? Because now, it is reverted not to what you see in compare, but the save just before.

I hope I make my point clear...
@Meaz I tested it in more detail like you, and i agree with your point. It doesn't feel logic the way it is now.
Add a profile - Help page

!Hubzilla Support Forum
In the help page, it is said that: "To create an alternate profile, first go to Settings > Additional Features and enable "Multiple Profiles" there, otherwise you won't have the ability to use more than just your default profile."
It seems to me that this option doesn't exist, that you can create multiple profile by default. Am I correct?
By default, it is a member preference. In this case the hub admin enabled and also locked the feature in the enabled state. They can also lock it in the disabled state. I'm not certain you want to add this clause to the description of every feature that exists. It would of course be nice if our documentation could note and be conditional with the precise state of the admin settings, but that's an issue for another day.
I will keep that in mind if I come to this part of the documentation.
Thanks for the clarifications!
Create a new channel - Validate

!Hubzilla Support Forum
When you create a new channel, there are two buttons: Validate and Create.

What does Validate mean? Checking if you can create the channel? So you first validate and then create?

I ask myself the same question. I tryed to create a new channel and clck create but yes why validate.
If you want to be helpful, figure out how to validate when you click submit and stay on the page if it doesn't validate. I tried to do this but couldn't get it to stay on the page (without losing anything you've selected/typed so far) if something went wrong - so created the validate button to accomplish this. Once you've done that we can get rid of the button. Thank you.
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I think I understand the reason If you keep validation please remove the other button and show it when it is validated. It is very confusing for user. The best (if validation is important according to you) is to add one more step.
If the validation is not important. maybe put it very small and not a button like the other one. Because we understand Yer or No Validate or Create. .... If I validate I will not be able to create. What I am doing... I want to create a channel ok Create then the validate scare.
"Advanced" search

!Hubzilla Support Forum
How could someone search a word in a post that was published on a forum?
Here is why: I know I read something about inserting photo on the hubzilla support forum. I remember that there were no tag on it. So I tried to search the word "photo" . But obviously I then see any posts with this word from the whole network.

So, is there is a better way to find something than the magnifying glass icon on the nav bar?

If not, it would be neat if there could exist advance searching tools.
One thing you can do is visit the forum channel page, so that when you search you are searching the database of the forum hub and not just imported content on your own hub, which will typically be less complete, especially if you are expiring remote content on your hub.
There is an advanced directory (people) search. It's not well documented.

There is not currently an advanced content search from the navbar.

You may be able to muck with the url on your network page and achieve the desired results if the post hasn't been expired on your site yet. Select the support forum from the forum widget. You'll now see a URL with


{some number}

add "&search=photo" onto the end of that url and that should give you just the posts/comments to the forum which contain the word photo.
Guest access tokens

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Guest access token: inherited ones can be uncheck!

I found some issues with the Guest access token:
  • I can access to the channel with the hub.disroot.org/channel/meaz?f=&zat=password but not by going to hub.disroot.org and trying to log in with the login and password. Is that a hubzilla issue or a server problem?
  • In the help, it is said that we need to use "&zat=password" in the url, so hub.disroot.org/channel/meaz&zat=password But in the guess access token setting page, at the bottom, it is writtent that we need to use "f=&zat=password" in the ul, so hub.disroot.org/channel/meaz?f=&zat=password. Which one is right?
thanks a lot!

@muppeth do you have the problem I told about in 1) ?
@meaz I havent test that myself yet.
@muppeth Let me know when you have so that I can update my howto about this if needed.
F-DroidF-Droid wrote the following post Sun, 13 May 2018 08:36:32 +0200
The third TWIF is live! https://f-droid.org/en/2018/05/11/this-week-in-fdroid-w19.html

Also time to start submitting your favourite updates.The list is at https://gist.github.com/Matrixcoffee/a61370a7615244ddace38afccfdab671.git and will be continuously updated throughout the week.
Test from Disroot Community (not wall but in Forum)

I dont see the post on the forum tab, but i see it in activity. Thugh I dont see @Massimiliano comment in my activity. Something tells me it is still related to the slow delivery on disroot mike was talking about.

I hope he'll share some more details so i understand the process a bit more and will be able to torubleshoot and monitor it.
comment drom forum with channel set as social-federation
This time i comment from my activity with channel set as social federation
Permissions table - Feedback

Hi !Hubzilla Support Forum

I created a permissions table to help !Disroot Community users. I've read the help page and ahve spend a long time testing each permission for each channel role.
I would love to have some feedback, to see if I didn't do any mistakes or if you have idea to improve this work.

Thanks a lot

@meaz I saved the image, but thought it would be nicer to link to your repo/hub, since you're the author :) I'll upload the image directly to website for now, and later change for the link to your GitLab repo. Thanks!
I'm actually creating howto for dishub, so that we'll probably there soon.
French translation

Hi @Philip Wittamore

I noticed another translation issue: "Privacy groups" are translated by "Groupes de contacts" which is not at all the same! It would better to translate it by "Groupes confidentiels"

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Hi @meaz
good find! there were two items:
Privacy Groups = Groupes confidentiels
Enable management and selection of privacy groups = Active la gestion et la sƩlection des groupes confidentiels
updated in Transifex
perfect! thanks
Hi @Philip Wittamore I found another mistake with the French translation. When someone wants to create a new channel, part of the page is in English, as you can see in this screen capture:

Difference between privacy group and permission group?

!Hubzilla Support Forum

What is the difference between privacy group and permission group?

Also, I've read somewhere that we normally can modifiy the privacy group settings. However, the only thing I found it how to change its name and its members. Where can I change its settings?

thanks @RockyIII and what about Privacy group then?
@meaz a privacy group is a group of contacts (channels) you can share stuff with. You can have unlimited privacy groups (e.g. Friends, Family, Acquaintances). A contact (channel) can be member of many groups. The privacy groups will also appear in your ACL selector so you can easily select if you want to share something with only your friends or only your family.
thanks a lot!