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!Disroot Community
I was working on the #Disroot app to let it store cookies so that the app can remember login credentials, when i was testing the app i noticed that downloading files from Lufi didn't work. The problem is that Lufi encrypt/decrypt files end to end and generate a blob link.
Unfortunally webview aspects a link to start as http(s) and not blob.
I searched a lot to find a solution and i am not able to find a working solution by my own so as solution i used a workaround, make the app load Lufi in an external browser.
If someone knows a better solution it will be nice.
In meanwhile i appoligy for the weak solution.
I will update the app asap

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@massimiliano Hi, is there any issue in gitlab you can link? what is lufi? Do you mean that the http/https request won't work because of https ? Any link to another person mentioning the issue? :) hugz
@Albatroz Jeremias
lufi is an encrypted file hosting. and when it decripts it generates the file locally and creates this blob:https://... link
witch webview doesn't understan out of the box.
No one has noticed that it didn't work besides me.

cheers ;-)
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@ajeremias ^^ it's an alternative service to wetransfer, but encripted
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Test upload image with Nomad

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Download files in Nomad
Another good news.

With the next update you will also be able to download all files in #Nomad \o/

So keep an eye on #f-droid in coming days ;-)
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I've been hearing of Hubzilla lately. So Nomad is a client for Hubzilla I take it?
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I saw this the other day and I’m so glad I don’t have one of these #devices in my #home . .

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Results of internal meetings regarding solving the registration issue on
Hi there,

We would like to share our thoughts that came out of the series of brainstorming sessions we have had the last days.

Possible solutions we have considered and our opinion about them.

1. Invite only - where new accounts can be created only when invited by other users.
We have quite a strong position on that one. We started Disroot with the intention of being accessible to a wide audience. Invite only solution creates a barrier where only certain circles of people are allowed in. We want to be as open as possible for anyone seeking better solutions for their digital realm. By allowing invite only account we would've exclude a big portion of our current disrooters, supporters and contributors.

2. Paid accounts.
Money is the solution to everything... It's seems like the perfect tool to get all the abusers, scammers and spammers out of the platform. Paid accounts seems to solve the financial situation too. However, money also means another set of complications. First of, it closes the doors to those that can't afford to pay. It changes the whole nature of the project and creates a different relationship between disrooters (users) and admins, where certain expectations are held. It also asks for a whole set of new administrative tools and financial obligations which we would rather avoid. Such change to the project's nature is too drastic so that we feel it would be more honest to start a new separate platform based on paid accounts rather then change Disroot into such.

3. Approval based user creation.
This is the solution we are leaning towards. Originally we thought it to be too labor intensive, but after giving it some further thought we start to think approving account after a short delay will prevent most obvious abuse from happening. And with the help of some good automation backstage, we hope the extra work will be minimal.
The idea would be to ask new signups for a confirmation email address. After confirming the request (which will prevent automatic bot account creation and thus render re-captcha obsolete) we, the admins, will still have to approve the account based on a specific criteria we will develop, this will take up to 24 or 48 hours (to be decided). The waiting time will prevent spammers that need immediate access, our approval criteria will prevent other obvious abuse cases. Users could afterwards remove the verification email address or keep it as another possibility to reset password. We would like to try this method and see what the results are. How much abuse we can prevent, how much work will it impose on us and what other consequences it will bring.
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Nomad waiting for approval -->F-Droid merge request
#Nomad is now waiting for approval to get on #F-Droid.

Hope it won't take to long. :-)
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Disroot Community updated their cover photo

Logo for Nomad poll

!Disroot Community

Thanks to all. We have now a few logos to make the poll possible.

Here you find it:

I'm happy that a logo derived from one of mine is there for the poll! :)
on the poll.disroot site only one logo is visible. Where are the others?
@King Emir The poll is over. The remaining logo, is the one who got more votes. :-)
Disroot CommunityDisroot Community wrote the following post Fri, 07 Sep 2018 15:13:39 +0200

When we started Disroot, we wanted to have a bunch of privacy respecting tools and share them with other people, with a community of those who may share our ethical or technical choices. We had put a lot of our time and effort to build this platform and give the best and useful free and open source solutions we could find, sharing our experience and knowledge in the process. That’s the Disroot essence.

Since a year ago, we’re experiencing a non-stop growing problem with our email service. Now we have a huge amount of abuse accounts stealing our time and creating a lot of troubles every single day. That means we dedicated significant chunk of our lives trying to solve this issue instead of improving the services. Currently we bet that about 80% of our user base are scammers, spammers and abusers of all sort. Most of our energy goes into fighting these people and we are continuously maintaining a platform that is being abused by people with ill intentions. We know that as a result of our recent popularity we should expect a certain percentage of shady accounts, but in the current situation this percentage has become overwhelming with a number far exceeding the credible Disrooters we want to support. This is not only an irritant for us but a threat to the credibility of the platform and therefore to all who are using it trustfully.

This means we need to find a solution to this problem. For now we've decided to close registrations as a protection measure for our users and Disroot itself while we are trying to think of proper ways to solve it.

In coming days we will be busy cleaning up our user-base from all the abusive "pest" accounts and we will plan out how to go about user registration in the future. We want to maintain the model where onboarding is as easy as can be and where anyone could join the Disroot community and feel right at home. At the same time we want to prevent malicious behavior from ruining it for all of us. It's a hard nut to crack but we hope to find a solution that will satisfy most of us.

#disroot #disrootnews

Occupy silicon valley

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How do we take on the largest and most corrupt corporate Goliaths to ever exist?

Occupy Silicon Valley | A Billion People
Tags: #Nomad

*via Nomad client url=[/url]
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Ogni volta che ci sono precise responsabilità si evoca il silenzio e l'unità nazionale. No basta questa è solo ipocrisia. Fra qualche giorno dei morti non interesserà più a nessuno e si parlerà solo di "ripresa economica" della città e di milioni da mettere sul piatto
#Genova #copione
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Logo for Nomad - Hubzilla for android app

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!Hubzilla Development
Now that we have a nice name for the app, we also need a nice logo.
So here i am to ask to share nice logo's, if you feel creative enough.
After that we will vote it on a poll.

Thanks ;-)
I do like @Albatroz Jeremias rock, tent, mountain thingy the most so far. I think if noone comes up with anything @Massimiliano you should consider using it (turn the logo into icon etc).
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Yes i like it too. But i promised a poll and there where a few logo suggestions in this post too

That i have to consider.
So i will create a poll and lets vote :-)
Created the poll
here it is:

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'...Mark Zuckerberg lost $119 Billion dollars on the stock market today (7/26/18). This is the largest loss of wealth in a single day in modern stock history.

This will literally not change his lifestyle or effect his livelihood at all. He is still a multi-billionaire...'

#Facebook #Capitalism

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#linux and #gnu too
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"When algorithms judge everything we do, we need to protect the right to make mistakes."