It's silly how Hubzilla has nicer web interface than Mastodon has, but on phone there are zero clients for Hubzilla, while Mastalab is nice. Hubzilla mobile web interface also seems to be hiding some buttons a lot, that I would expect to see, which again are easy to find on the desktop web interface.
hubzilla is much more a CMS , very different from..mastodon - twitter thing? ;)
is not easy to create  a app/mobile client, hubzilla has a lot of features  and "hidden"  things
I think  we cannot compare.
I would currently just miss something for mobile for the social media part. We should investigate the other parts too though.
Perhaps a solution could be to create (I have no idea if easy or hard ;) ) an app for hubzilla related just to the social network part, social interaction part, and leaving out the other 1000 things.
Let's say, an half-app, a simplified hubzilla app...for urgent answers when we are in the middle of the city?
Hello Hubzilla, I have now also joined you (without the host this time, we will see if there will be any need for them to appear within this account).

If this has so practical features for plurals, it would be a shame to not use them, wouldn't it?

Next step: Matrix?

if  you need help  you can add some forum ( there is support  - new here - and others ;) )
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