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LsN; Las Alpujarras

Global Independent Streaming Support (GISS)

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if we can implement these tools with existing #communications services such as, #mumble #xmpp & #federate with #hubzilla, #mastodon, #diaspora, #plethora etc. then we can offer a richer, more diverse level of #openservice
Our FairMarket {week 2} / Nuestro FairMarket. {semana 2}

 Andalusia, ES. 
LsN; Las Alpujarras. Modus Operandi.
Location: #Orgiva
Thursday 23rd August 2018. / Jueves 23 de agosto 2018


Peer 2 Peer

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XMPP to Telegram Bridge

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Thanks to the amazing work by @Albatroz Jeremias & now has a working bridge to
Here is the pull request:
Many Thanks. Solidarity & ♥. #{}

Foundation Assembly for LsN; Las Alpujarras.

Today in #Orgiva, #Andalusia we peaceably assembled, as is our right, agreeing the following points to be true.
We now seek the 'incooperation' of #lasalpujarras within the #faircoop ecosystem.



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#Market Day in #Orgiva and out our stall with #jams #cheese #kefir #bread #vegetables & #faircoin
Pi for #socialhub

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Capital Introduced: Raspberry Pi 3b from @adinfinitum
#{} requirement for #{} use -
Howto install Devuan on RPi
Getting image from
dd if=<image-name.img> of=/dev/sdx
Good to know about that image…
SSH and root login is enabled: user 'root', password 'toor'
rpi-firmware is integrated! (Asked multiple times in #{} on freenode, not yet documented)
/boot is not mounted automatically (reason?)
raspi-config is integrated, but…
coming from Raspbian and is maintained for systemd compatibility (since Debian Jessie); needs rewrite?!
Raspbian uses bash as default shell. Change '#{} to '#{} in '/usr/bin/raspi-config' to avoid errors
Needs lua: 'apt-get install lua5.1' to avoid errors
Generate your own image

additionally install package 'dosfstools'
Special use cases, RPi with Devuan as…

LAN router with WiFi uplink
3D Printer server



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