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Commenting on public ActivityPub posts

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to understand what determines whether I can answer to ActivityPub statuses from the posters who I'm not connected to.

When browsing through the #dishub public stream, I noticed that I can't comment on any Mastodon or pleroma posts I see. Except when those are made by the people I following.

At first, I assumed that's how it's supposed to work, but then I did some testing on #tiksinet (where I have a clone of my channel).
While the public stream on tiksi@net seems to be disabled, I did some searches for common mastodon tags and discovered that on tiksi@net I can reply to most of the posts I find, including some I'm unable to reply to on DisHub.

For example: this post

Later I have found some posts on DisHub that I'm able to comment on without following any of the participants, like this one (I have more examples in case somebody is interested in them).

So, what the expected behaviour there and where to look for possible reasons things do not behave as expected?
@jsv Could you copy paste @Mike Macgirvin answer, because I can't see it for some reason and I don't see it either by going on Mike's channel. And I'm really interested in the answer. Thanks!
Here you go:
thanks @jsv that was quick!