Test for posting from Hubzilla directly to Wordpress

Curious on if this Hubzilla post will mirror over to Wordpress as a post with comment support via hubzilla_wp
Excellent, here is a comment about the post from within Hubzilla. Will add a "like" and "dislike" to the original post as well.
How do I know if my default posts are federating out to the public stream? Should I do something specific when composing posts in Hubzilla to know my posts can be read across Diaspora and ActivityPub besides enabling those plugins + creating a federated channel to use for the post?
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If your channel is set as federation like you said and the plugins setted to federate then all your messages are federated publicly by default. When you want a message to be more private you change the settings before sending the message by clicking on thw lock icon. There you can choose who can see the message and who don't.
@Matthias Pfefferle Curious on if you'll see this comment to your wordpress blog from Hubzilla. :)
Following Wordpress Activity Stream from Hubzilla

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I'm trying to follow my blog@james.network account from Hubzilla, but I'm unable to find it. Posts are from Wordpress, which has Activity Stream (ActivityPub) enabled via Pterotype plugin. I am able to find the stream from Mastodon. Any help appreciated!
Weird - I haven't used a premium channel in ages and thought I turned it off.

Anyway, I've provided a patch  in my personal "red-addons" repository which should fix this.The details are that we weren't recognising "Organization" as a valid actor type.

[master 37a77cc] support pterotype

I'll ping @Mario Vavti and see if this can be pushed into the next point release.
Should be no problem...
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fwiw @Mike Macgirvin, adding hubzilla-wp to the Wordpress app store would help spread the word and simplify installation. Interesting to hear about it in this thread! Obviously you have plenty of other fish to fry, but I'd just like to make the suggestion. Thanks again for your awesome help!


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How do I universally ignore or filter out posts that are only notifications of likes when browsing any (and all) hubzilla forums?
/settings = Click on your profile picture or down arrow on top left then Settings.
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Thanks for your feedback. I've already disabled notifications of likes and dislikes. I would like to also not see them at all when browsing through posts.

How do I filter out posts on forum or channels that only say: x liked y's comment.
Not sure but haven't you your Stream Order on the left panel in "Date Unthreaded"? I guess you can just choose Commented Date or Posted Date.
Wordpress ActivityPub plugin now available!

https://wordpress.org/plugins/activitypub/ was just published to the plugin store.

Here is the project github.

Does !Disroot Community use a wordpress-based website?
Someone should reach out to the plugin author, Matthias Pfefferle, and tell him about Osada and Hubzilla. He is clearly an advocate for the open web and decentralized social networks and would probably be interested.
Hi @Matthias Pfefferle, loving your good work on Wordpress-Activitypub, and a request has been submitted to add your plugin to https://the-federation.info

@Jeremy :ivoted: is also developing ActivityPub integration for Wordpress with the plugin Pterotype. You might also be interested in Osada and the Hubzilla project.


Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a
decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.
His work is related to indieweb.org - there are quite a long set of plugins which when installed together try to make Wordpress site behave like a member of the Fediverse. It didn't work very well for me and it actually seemed like Hubzilla already contains all or most of that functionality in a contained way, with less effort.
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What are the best custom channel themes you've seen? Curious on if anyone has made custom themes that highlight specific types of content, such as photos or video.
I like having my own theme
using Show advanced settings (in new hz version)
Hubzilla Docker releases

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Hi! Any recommendations for current Docker releases of Hubzilla? I've found several around Github, but they are all unmaintained.
What is a docker release?
@Andrew do (or did) something in this direction.
None are maintained. I have been experimenting with Docker for Hubzilla but do not have anything robust enough to promote.
Get Together (Meetup.com self hosted) adding ActivityPub and iCal integration for events

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See this demo instance
. It would be handy to sync Events between Hubzilla and Get Together. Also, to authenticate to Get Together from Hubzilla. This is currently being discussed on Github as noted in the wiki entry below. Dev chat is taking place on Gitter here.

[ sunjam ] ActivityPub Integration Possibilities - Home
Shouldn't have to do much of anything for basic integration. Hubzilla events are ActivityPub compatible iirc and iCal import/export is provided. Note that events over ActivityPub hasn't really been tested because there were no existing compatible implementations when I did this over a year ago. The Osada project has a few significant improvements in ActivityPub event handling, so if you *do* see any issues, you can look there for fixes. Hubzilla also supports OAuth2. Recurring events in iCal feeds may be an issue, because these aren't supported in the Hubzilla calendar. Work was begun on this several years ago, but it really needs somebody to grab the torch and start running.
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@Zot universe NEWS

I'm curious on relevant Zot6 info could be presented to the Nextcloud dev team to encourage them to adopt zot6. Any info appreciated so I can give as many relevant links/docs in the first request as possible. Afaik, no one has yet contacted them about the benefits of Zot to their project via their server Github.
Zot protocol implementation request submitted here to official Nextcloud github.

The tagging should include "protocol" and "decentralization" - using only "dav" seems to confuse the nextcloud-bot.
The bot added the tag. I'll figure out how to change to your recommendations.
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@funkwhale@mastodon.eliotberriot.com is developing ActivityPub support for sharing audio and video streams, plus allowing Funkwhale users to be followed via ActivityPub. Discussion of integration is in the PixelFed developer Github and Funkwhale Gitlab.
I hope they just use the normal 'Announce' activity which is used for sharing things instead of a new word that isn't in the ActvitivyStreams vocabulary. I've added a note on the funkwhale issue. Will need to double check but if they don't overthink it, everything should just work in Osada.
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Rocket.chat and Nextcloud have officially announced and released integrations between their software. I know Disroot has shifted from Matrix towards focusing on XMPP, but it is worth noting that Rocket.chat is also a very awesome service to consider!
Uhh... the way that XMPP bridge is implemented and based on years old code is not very promising. I hope someone will make a different bridge similar to Biboumi (which is an awesome XMPP to IRC bridge).
@sunjam The main issue with rocketchat is that it does not federate. We do not want to create yet another walled garden. One of our main criteria (especially for communication/collaboration) services is: "Does it federate?"

It would be awesome if rocket.chat would be built on top of xmpp but since it isnt, we need to build one ourself :)
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cc at !Zot universe NEWS

Socialhome project is interested in adopting the Zot protocol as mentioned here on their Gitlab or discussed on the Github mirror here. Looks like they will be exploring it once ActivityPub support is completed.
honestly I think that for now it has been abandoned, in fact in github there is nothing left.
Project issue is still alive on Gitlab. https://git.feneas.org/socialhome/socialhome
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Currently I have a domain I pay for year by year. How do you manage payments on your own domain? Do you recommend a particular registrar and options for covering 10+ years of payments at a discount rather than simply paying year by year?
We use greenhost.nl because it's a local friendly provider. Their prices aren't luring with stupid 1 euro for domain adverts (and then you pay double the normal price the next years), and its a small company running 100% on green energy and sharing similar values and principles towards, privacy, sustainability etc (they were one of few providers offering personal information ghosting on the domain).

Plus they're located in Amsterdam so if they fuckup, we can kick in their doors smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
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Hi, how do you go about discovering new channels / forums / communities for the arts and other social interests across Hubzilla or other federated networks? I'm still only aware of Disroot, Hubzilla Support and Hubzilla Development. Thanks for any suggestions or feedback.

Search for art and #art
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Hey. I've been thinking about ActivityPub support for the Nextcloud Talk app, see this Github issue. What do you think of the scenario where the Talk app sends out a federated ActivityPub notification to users to join a video/audio/chat?
Documenting bugs and feature requests in Nextcloud

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I've begun a wiki page for Nextcloud bugs and feature requests I've encountered, or submitted, on Github. Take a look, and I'll continue to flesh this out. Eventually, I hope to re-write all of it as articles for https://ownyourbits.com

[ sunjam ] Nextcloud Bug Report, Feature Requests and Integrations - Home
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How does one match their profile pic with the icon show on their posts? Still seeing the adorable cat photo in NextcloudPi, but profile pic has been updated.
But what role? Social, private, ...?
I'm not sure how to tell that from within Hubzilla. Would I need to ask the main admin?
@sunjam you might experience a browser cache issue. Please try a hard reload of the page (ctrl-shift-r) and see if the issue resolves.
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I was recently granted administrative access to NextcloudPi channel on Disroot, but unsure on how to edit it as an admin. Trying to figure out what I'm missing. It still appears as though it were a standard channel afaik, and I cannot find the documentation on how to control/login to it as an admin user of the channel.
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I can't find any documentation, should be added in the how to.
But for now i can tell you that you can access that channel by clicking on your profile picture (top-left) and then on chanel manager. There you find the chanel you have admin access. Select it and once in you use it like it is your own chanel.
That worked; thanks. Changing between the users is a bit confusing. afaik I received no kind of notification in my regular channels after being made a delegated admin. I am able to login after browsing inside Channel Manager... only way to then get out of delegated admin access is to Logout of the Channel. I was assuming there would be some other ways to switch to my previous Channels from Channel Managers or drop down menus on right/left side of the screen, but it seems that is not possible as the delegated admin is completely locked out of my standard channels.
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I was wondering about the same thing a short while ago, but no response.
Good question. I havent notice it being gone tbh. Though looks like @poVoq has asked that question already:

Small world. :). Hi @poVoq. afaik, Bjorn (activitypub’ed) is the dev that originally took that screencap. Perhaps he will have some info!