Summer time running gear

New blog entry where I talk (in galician) about how good and how easy is to choose our running gear on summer time. Fast wash it, fast dry it, run again.

You can comment and/or follow my blog from your #fediverse account (#activityPub enabled) just adding to your following list

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Hi #fediverse #federation wherever we meet on :D

I've create this channel on #hubzilla (thanks again @disroot !!! ) to join people with interest on #outdoor activities, #running , #trailrunning , #cycling , #hiking , #food (whatever you eat I respect), #realfood , #barefootrunning

On @Xosé M.✅ @Xosé M @xosem I'm more focused on #opensource #freesoftware #coop #photography #foto #archlinux and wanted a place where I can share this other aspects of my life and "bring" people from all other networks (#hubzilla allows this).

My home language is galician #galego , but I'll try to write as much as possible on english/spanish.

So first I will add/follow anyone out there who writes about the quoted specific tags


If I then unfollow you PLEASE dont get me wrong, it may be I just make a mistake following you in the first moment. Feel free to dont share with me, of course ;)

Many thanks