Are You a Carboholic? Why Cutting Carbs Is So Tough

about carb-cravings
and how (speculative) our bodies (we) work

I’ve been eating a high-fat, carb-restricted diet for almost 20 years, since I started as an experiment when investigating nutrition research for the journal Science. I find it’s easy for me to maintain a healthy weight when I eat this way. But even after two decades, the sensation of being on the edge of a slippery slope is ever-present.

and response
What Taubes may not be aware of is that there is no need to propose a speculative new explanation for why we crave desserts, because researchers have already provided an explanation that’s quite compelling. And it doesn’t involve insulin.
Thomas de Gendt & Tim Wellens back to home

these two pro-cycling riders are going back home from Italy (theirs last season race) to Belgium

Here at San Gotardo mountain pass.

love #cycling <3

source: Thomas De Gendt twitter feed
"Pain dictates your level of effort, and your joy."

Dr. Cucuzzella

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III Trail da Baña

so after running on saturday evening I went next morning to this #trailrunning race


O recorrido é variado e entretido sobre todo na primeira parte. Despois hai que subir ao monte por pistas e unha baixada rápida ate a vila.

Estivo moi ben organizado.
XXXVI CP de Amaía

esta semana doblei en competición, o sábado fun a #Brión correr a clásica da vila. Moi bo ambiente como sempre, corrín descalzo pero non o desfrutei moito polas condicións do chan, moi diferentes ao ano pasado.

Esta é unha pequena crónica e foto

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Run for your life

New book from Dr. Mark Cucuzzella
He's interwiewed un this episode

Run to the Top #Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running: Run for Your Life - How and Why with Dr. Mark #Cucuzzella:
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Run to the Top Extra Kick Podcast | Answers to Your Running Questions: Two Most Common Causes of Injuries for Runners
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Eric Schranz: How to Develop a Love of the Outdoors and Passion in Your Kids

great episode of #Running4Real #podcast

#running4real #running #tinamuir #EricSchranz

Today’s Guest
Eric Schranz, Ultra Runner and Podcast host has run the 2013 Bryce 100 mile race but had to pass at an opportunity to run Western States and instead ran 100 laps of a local park while he awaited the birth of his first daughter. Schranz started the Ultrarunningpodcast as a hobby with three friends, never expecting it to take off and make him one of the best known voices of Ultrarunning.

What you will learn about:
What to do with leftover spinach in your fridge before it gets slimy.
How he felt nervous interviewing Ann Trason (greatest female ultrarunner) when she returned to the Ultrarunning scene but mostly he feels he is just having a conversation with all the people you are standing next to in the porta-potty line. Interviewing and knowing some of those at “the top” are just normal people and they have the same issues we all have. They are just people who happen to be really good at a sport.
How he has had to learn to check his own competitiveness and stubbornness in order to not influence his kids so as to let them develop their own interests and drives. I am trying to impart a love of running and being outdoors to them but then to let them develop their own interests.
How he wrote an article about his daughter Sunny and her competitive drive and how she likes to do things that are hard. She ran the Broken Arrow Sky Race 10k recently at 8 yrs old, with Ladia Albertson-Junkans as her coach on the run. Sky races have unusual distances and elevation requirements. Ladia ran the 52k the day before but agreed as a favor to run along with Sunny to coach her along and be sure she was safe.
How he has learned from Sunny about how to run naturally and with near perfect form as only kids just naturally can do.
The nice thing about the Ultrarunning community is that volunteerism is a strong value and an important one to teach our kids (and ourselves), seeing others out there struggling and persevering/carrying on.
How we don’t encourage kids to take up running as a sport and something they can do for a lifetime.
V Alas de Vida (Burela)

Sunrise at early morning run

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took this picture this morning, on a early run in a local easy trail.

Felt great, not cold yet (around 15ºC).
No Such Thing as too Much Distance with Allen Currano

Yesterday morning went for a short run on "my" local trail course listening this interesting #podcast from #RunnersConnect

Allen Currano is a former rock climber, now avid ultra-distance trail runner. He ran his first 50k in 2010 and has since run several 50k’s, the North Face 50-miler in Marin, the Miwok 100k, the Wasatch Front 100 mile and Tahoe Rim Trail 100 mile trail races. He has also run the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim, and for a while had the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the East Bay Skyline Trail. He enjoys the competitive and social aspect of trail races, but what really excites him is long, self-sufficient adventure runs in the High Sierra

After listening talking about "Unsupported" movie I've been searching for similiar movies around there

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The joy of running

by #IanCordless

#running #photography #trailrunning

This photo makes me smile so much... So much! The joy of running. #Love #Laugh #Live @mira.rai and @d.sueding ‘running’ or so they pretended on Primrose Hill. #makeyournextrunfun #nowatch #nosetdistance #notimeworries #justrun
XIV Cross de Broña

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Crónica fediversal da carreira popular do domingo pasado en Broña (Outes)

Summer time running gear

New blog entry where I talk (in galician) about how good and how easy is to choose our running gear on summer time. Fast wash it, fast dry it, run again.

You can comment and/or follow my blog from your #fediverse account (#activityPub enabled) just adding to your following list

Three books I read two years ago
all three in english (the article is not tho).
XXIII carreira popular de Ordes

Last sunday I run a local race near home.

You can add/follow to read my running/fitness experiences (or whatever).
new blog in the fediverse

I'm found a way to share (public available) all those things running in my head when I'm running AND testing #plume #blog system.

It's really nice to use the clean interface, just #markdow, let you focus on writing

Sometimes I'll write in english, but as it's a blog to put personal things then it will be mainly written in galician.
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