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Disroot CommunityDisroot Community wrote the following post Thu, 28 Jun 2018 13:11:24 +0200
🔥 The general slowness 🔥
Today our main server is not happy. You probably noticed that disroot services are less responsive then normally. This is a result of few issue and some hardware issues on the backup server that piled up on eachother at the same time.

Hopefully it will get better in the course of the day today and that we will provide more permanent solution in the coming days.
#disroot #disrootstate

Sorry! :|
 from Diaspora
I think the matrix was faster last year :))
MassimilianoMassimiliano wrote the following post Fri, 08 Jun 2018 13:24:51 +0200
Mobile app for Hubzilla
Hello Hubzillians,

We are trying to make a Hubzilla mobile app for android.
The idea is to hack dandelion* to make it work for Hubzilla. So we cloned it and started this project. We need to replace the endpoints, png's, icons and probably some other things.
Whoever feels to help is welcome, the project is on framagit

For the one who are waiting for a mobile app, hang on and hope that the expectations won't be to high.
I would like to install the app.  I downloaded the files form as a zip . but how do I get now a apk file?
@RockyIII you must build it.
Here is a wiki

But remember it still is far from being production ready. It is still under heavy developement.
Waitman GobbleWaitman Gobble wrote the following post Wed, 30 May 2018 04:42:38 +0200
reverse video
this is interesting, better telling the story this way

Modest Mouse-Little Motel


Modest Mouse's video for "Little Motel"
AntilopaAntilopa wrote the following post Tue, 22 May 2018 23:22:51 +0200
Beetroot Theme
!Disroot Community !Hubzilla Development First Disroot #theme is available at
With custom theme settings options and and pin-able app menu in top left navbar.

Tabla de Permisos de Hubzilla

disrootdisroot wrote the following post Mon, 07 May 2018 10:45:51 +0200

✉️ Emails to and blocked for users ✉️

Due to a spammer attack originating from our servers domain has been blocked by and email services.

We've spent last days trying to understand and find a way to eliminate that attack. We hope we've finally managed, but we are still blocked. At this moment we are monitoring closelly the email traffic and we've got in contact with, and (who are playing major role in this type of attack, and actually making it happend).

Guía para iniciar en DisHub (o en cualquier nodo de Hubzilla)

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Es una aproximación básica para los que recién se inician en Hubzilla. Es un trabajo en progreso, pero le falta poco para estar relativamente completo.

[ Fede ] DisHub: Guía para Iniciar - Home
Tabla Guía de Permisos de Hubzilla (Trabajo en progreso)

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Permssions Table Guide [Work in Progress]

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The default permissions are green coloured. The blanket ones are those the user can optionally set.
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I would add that this table is in work progress... So don't hesitate to give us feedback
In the table you have now the permissions are ordered into sets by function, social, forum and feed. This made more sense for some people. In the beginning, these sets did not exist. Each permission just had a scope for who had the permission, from only you to anybody on the Internet. The sets we have today are just the sets that most people struggled to get right, i.e. you can still ignore this way of grouping the permissions. :-)
disrootdisroot wrote the following post Wed, 02 May 2018 11:36:00 +0200

⚙️ Nextcloud upgrade and maintenance work⚙️

This Friday/Saturday night we will be working on our nextcloud instance. This includes nextcloud upgrade to the latest version, upgrading the operating system and php to version 7.2 as well as some other minor changes. This means that nextcloud will be offline for some time within a span of about two hours. We'll try to plan our work so that the downtimes are as short as possible. #disroot
Disroot Theme

!Disroot Community
Well, the theme looks really nice. I liked a lot the navbar icons! But it doesn't allow to change the background yet...
disroot theme allow background change now \o/
Cool! Thank you @Antilopa
Now looks really cool! Except for those WIP --... What is it?
Santé Les Amis - Huracán


SANTE LES AMIS "Huracán" (HD). En vivo
by Sante Les Amis on YouTube

El día es de un tono azul,
un vacío en la habitación,
puro silencio al despertar.

El día es de un tono azul,
el día es de un tono azul,
puro silencio al despertar.

Viste en visiones un huracán,
estoy oliendo ansiedad,
no quiero mirar hacia atrás.

Viste en visiones un huracán,
estoy oliendo ansiedad,
no quiero mirar hacia atrás.

Aprieto los dientes. Por tus labios
inconscientemente me dejo llevar,
sé que en tu tan perfecta piel van los caminos.
Todo muro cae con el tiempo,
no hay pilar que eluda su paso fatal.
Tal vez salga a dinamitar con mis amigos…
English translation
The day it’s of a blue tone,
a void in the room,
pure silence upon awakening.

The day it’s of a blue tone,
the day it’s of a blue tone,
pure silence upon awakening.

You saw in visions a hurricane,
I’m smelling anxiety,
I don’t want to look back.

You saw in visions a hurricane,
I’m smelling anxiety,
I don’t want to look back.

I grit the teeth. By your lips
I unconsciously let myself be carried along,
I know that upon your so perfect skin the roads goes.
Every wall falls down with time,
there’s no pillar that avoid it’s fatal passing.
Maybe I go out to dynamate with my friends...
Pravik SinghPravik Singh wrote the following post Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:48:58 +0200
Here are some tips @soloojos:

Welcome to The Federation!

The Federation (not to be confused with the Fediverse) is a combination of 5 different social networks:These networks are interconnected.Posts that are made on one network is shared with the others, but each network has different features and looks.

Instead of showing content according to popularity and/or individual user behavior, we use #hashtags and sharing. If a stranger's post has a #hashtag you are following, it will show up in your stream. If you are sharing with someone, you will see all of their posts.

You wont find any content unless you follow a bunch of appropriate #hashtags, check out other profiles and share with people. Also make sure you engage, leave comments and use proper #hashtags in your own posts, otherwise we wouldn't know you exist.

You are free to block and ignore users as you see fit. Please try to be excellent to each other, the admins shouldn't be bothered with childish trollwars or denouncism.

It's up to the community to distribute content, invite new people, pay for our servers and fight any kind of commercial spamming, propaganda, etc. (This #newhere message is a good example of this in action.)

You can find out more from the FAQ's and Tutorials listed above (next to each network). The tutorial for Friendica users is on every site, under /help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

The experience you have on this network is in your own hands... good luck! =D
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