Tabular ohne tabcolsep-Abstand in LaTeX

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In #LaTeX entfernt @{} den durch \tabcolsep definierten #Abstand links und rechts einer #Spalte in der #Tabular -Umgebung.
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RGB-Farben in LaTeX

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In #LaTeX mit dem Paket xcolor werden mit \color{RGB}{} #RGB-Farbenwerte im Intervall [0,255] angegeben, mit \color{rgb}{} im Intervall [0,1], das heisst mit 1/255 normalisiert.
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Das waren noch Zeiten, als ich alles getex-t hatte.
Python console in Blender

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By pressing Shift-F4 in any #Blender Editor type (3D View, Timeline, etc.) you can change it to a #Python Console Editor.
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Internationalization of Blender

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How to change the #language of the user interface in #blender:
User preferences -> check "international Fonts" -> choose #language -> activate "interface"
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Thank you
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after seeing your python console tip, then this post, i cant help but think:

can haz haskell?


free / libre open source digital audio workstations (DAW)

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@Music A friend using MacOS asked me what #foss #DAW alternatives I know. She uses an Adobe program but has issues with it sometimes…

I used Logic Pro for a long time, now I prefer Ableton Live or no DAW at all, making music just instantly with real acoustic / electric instruments (drums, guitar, Continuum Fingerboard, Tetr4, Soma Lyra 8, …)

Sometimes I program music with Pure Data and Axaloti

So here's the updated list:

ardour - the digital audio workstation


Grab yourself a nice audio interface. Plug in a microphone or a keyboard. Add a track. Press record. Got it. Import audio or MIDI from your hard drive or the Freesound database. Cut, move, stretch, copy, paste, delete, align, trim, crossfade, rename, snapshot, zoom, transpose, quantize, swing, drag, drop. All with unlimited undo/redo. All in the sa...



free, but not open source:

For programming:
An easy patch example, for recording:

MacOS's Quicktime Player can also be used for audio recordings: File -> new audio recording !Free / Libre Open Source Softwares