Continuum Fingerboard and a Kalimba plugged into the Lyra 8

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This is my most comfortable setup for #live #performances: The #Continuum #Fingerboard and a #Kalimba plugged into the #Lyra8. The setup is light (I can take it on my bicycle and with public transports) and easily built up. Neither sound engineering nor much space is needed on stage. The controlling interfaces of the three instruments allow me to #improvise intuitively, using only my both hands and feet. The audience can clearly observe how I interact with these very special instruments. The sound is completely #analog and very organic. All sound is triggered directly by me, a human being, without loops or sequencers. The only effect is the built-in delay of the Lyra 8. The tonalities are also controlled carefully by me. The three instruments allow me to do so. No pre-defined un-natural 12-half-tone equally tempered scale is used. Recorded 2018-03-21

Lyra 8 & Kalimba & Continuum ""Koto"" (In honor of Alice Coltrane) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

Lyra 8 & Continuum ""Tablas"" (In honor of Alice Coltrane) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

Lyra 8 & Kalimba ""Beatbox"" (In honor of Alice Coltrane) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

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My tracks are listed as examples on the website of the company which builds the Lyra 8:
@h.ear.t | tobias Freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat. Danke :-)

That must have been an interesting exhibition!

The Lyra has its own sound generators, they respond to closing the electric circuit with your fingers on contact spots. The sound generators have a really slow attack, so you end up using their sound to create spheric soundscapes, it's almost impossible to play melodies. Each sound generator can be tweaked steplessly in the pitch, and a pair of neighboring sound generators can be tweaked in the shape (triangle->square or so). They can also be used for modulating each other. Then, there's the effect section which is a quite unique delay.

Yes, I plug in an analogue picked up Kalimba into the Lyra, to let its sound be modified by the effect section of the Lyra, and to add the Lyra's own sounds.

The continuum has its own internal sounds (a mix of multisamples and digital sound generators) which respond sophisticatedly to the playing on the continuum surface and to foot pedals.
The Internal Sounds are implemented using a variety of synthesis techniques including FM, physical modeling, timbre morphing, pitch shifting, additive synthesis, waveshaping, convolution, and classical synthesis.

I used to control external synths (both analogue and digital) with it, but I hate all the midi setting up, it's so annoying, at the moment I use just the internal sounds (which could be programmed if you like). It's not possible to use the Continuum as a sampler/looper though.

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A #free-jazz / #hip-hop #experimental #avantgarde #noise #microtonal #psychedelic #jam recorded 2017-04-15 (onetake #drums by Meisterbeatz plus #Kalimba by King Emir) and 2018-01-25 (#analogue #synthesizer #Lyra8, #Monotron, #Continuum #Fingerboard & #DSI #Tetr4 onetake by King Emir) in Basel at my home. Everybody please be #creative and use this track (you can modify it or use it in your art)
#CollaboMusic #CollaboArt #CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Kaminari Jam (Meisterbeatz & King Emir) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

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