Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha - Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)


"CLOSE YOUR EYES (AND COUNT TO FUCK)" | Run The Jewels and Zack De La Rocha
by AG ROJAS on Vimeo
[Zack De La Rocha:]
Run them jewels fast, run them, run them jewels fast
Run them, run them, r-run them, run them, f*ck the slow mo

[Killer Mike (El-P):]
Fashion slave, you protestin' to get in a fckin' look book
Everything I scribble's like The Anarchist Cookbook
(Look good, posing in a centerfold of Crook Book)
Black on black on black with a ski mask, that is my crook look
How you like my stylin', bruh? Ain't nobody stylin', bruh
'Bout to turn this mothaf
cka up like Riker's Island, bruh
Where my thuggers and my cripples and my bloodles and my brothers?
When you niggas gon' unite and kill the police, mothafckas?
Or take over a jail, give those COs hell
The burnin' of the sulfur, God damn I love the smell
Like it's a pillow torchin', where the f
ck the warden?
And when you find him, we don't kill him, we just waterboard him
We killin' 'em for freedom cause they tortured us for boredom
And even if some good ones die, f*ck it, the Lord'll sort 'em

[El-P (Killer Mike):]
We out of order, your honor, you're out of order
This whole court is unimportant, you fckers are walkin' corpses
I'm a flip wig synonym, livin' within distortion
I'll bite into a cyanide molar before you whores win
I'm a New Yorkian, I f
ck for the jump
I wear my Yankee so tilted I actually walk with a hunch
Look at Mikey, I think he likey, we are sinister sons
(Aye, we the type to beat the preacher with a grin and a gun)

[Hook - Zack De La Rocha:]
Run them jewels fast, run them, run them jewels fast
Run them, run them, r-run them, r-run them, run them, r-run them
Run them jewels fast, run them, run them jewels fast
Run them, run them, r-run them, r-run them, run them, r-run them

[El-P (Killer Mike):]
A wise man once said, ("We all dead, fck it")
Just spit it disgusting youngin', and hold your nuts while you're gunnin'
I listened, tatted a sentence on my dick last summer
Now I'll never get that phrase off my brain, it's no wonder
I'm here to buy hearts, I got hundreds, honey
The cheaper the parts, the better buy for the money
I'm trained in vagina whisperin', glistenin'
Waitin' for their christenin', I know the neighbors can't help but listen in
A dirty boy who come down on a side of dissonance
I can't even relax without sirens off in the distances
Not shittin' you, little buddy, this f
ckin' island's a prison
The only silence I have is an act of conjugal visitin'

[Killer Mike (El-P):]
My solitary condition's preventin' conjugal visits
Go mane and missin' my misses, they keepin' me from my children
Conditions create a villain, the villain is givin' vision
The vision becomes a vow to seek vengeance on all the vicious
Liars and politicians, profiteers of the prisons
The forehead engravers, enslavers of men and women
Includin' members of clergy that rule on you through religion
(So strippin' kids to the nude and then tell 'em God'll forgive 'em)


[Zack De La Rocha:]
It's De La on the cut, liftin' 6 on your stitchy crew
I'm miles ahead of you, you can sip my bitches brew
My battle status is burnin' mansions from Dallas to Malibu
Check my résumé, your residence is residue
Call her a skin job and my honey dip'll backflip for you
You playin', God your eye sockets, she gon' rip in two
We sick of bleedin' out a trace, spray a victim, you
Done dyin', Phillip AK Dickin' you
With clips in the bottom, we dippin' from Gotham
Yes eclipsed by the shadows, a dark dance to the coffin
I'm a fellow with melanin, suspect of a felony
Ripped like Rakim Allah, feds is checkin' my melody
Yes aggressively tested we'll bump stretchers and penalties
Dump cases with face and the cop pleas when we seizing a pump
With reason to dump on you global grand dragons
Still pilin' fast, plus Afghani toe taggin'
Now they trackin' me and we bustin' back, see
The only thing that close quicker than our caskets be the factories


The director A.G. Rojas about the music video:
When Run The Jewels sent me this track, I knew we had the opportunity to create a film that means something. I felt a sense of responsibility to do just that. We had to exploit the lyrics and aggression and emotion of the track, and translate that into a film that would ignite a valuable and productive conversation about racially motivated violence in this country. It's provocative, and we all knew this, so we were tasked with making something that expressed the intensity of senseless violence without eclipsing our humanity. For me, it was important to write a story that didn’t paint a simplistic portrait of the characters of the Cop and Kid. They're not stereotypes. They're people - complex, real people and, as such, the power had to shift between them at certain points throughout the story. The film begins and it feels like they have been fighting for days, they’re exhausted, not a single punch is thrown, their violence is communicated through clumsy, raw emotion. They've already fought their way past their judgments and learned hatred toward one another. Our goal was to highlight the futility of the violence, not celebrate it.

Killer Mike about the music video:
this video represents the futile and exhausting existence of a purgatory-like law enforcement system. There is no neat solution at the end because there is no neat solution in the real world. However, there is an opportunity to dialogue and change the way communities are policed in this country. Salutes to AG Rojas for his unique take on the subject matter and to Shea and Keith for giving us their all and bringing it to life.

El-P in a mail to the Huffington Post about the music video:
this is a vision of a seemingly never-ending struggle whose participants are pitted against each other by forces originating outside of themselves.
!Hip Hop !Music #hiphop #hip-hop #rap
Kery James - Racailles (2016)


Kery James - Racailles [Clip Officiel]
by Kery James on YouTube

Vous en avez assez, hein?
Vous en avez assez d'cette bande de racailles
On va vous en débarrasser
On devrait vous nettoyer au Kärcher
Le jour où le peuple se réveille vous allez prendre cher
On a le sentiment qu'aller voter
C'est choisir par lequel d'entre vous on veut se faire entuber
Républicains ou PS
Rangez vos promesses dans vos sacs Hermès
Vous n'avez jamais connu la précarité
Vous vivez à l'écart de nos réalités
La rue le pense, j'le mets en musique
Et pour ceux qui l'ignore encore j'le rends public
Je n'soutiens aucun parti, j'marche plus dans vos combines
Vos programmes électoraux ne sont que des comptines
On prend les mêmes et on recommence
Les mêmes promesses, les mêmes mensonges
Les mêmes tapent dans la caisses, les mêmes plongent
Les mêmes sont dans la hess, les mêmes mangent
Les mêmes menteurs trafiquent les mêmes comptes
Les mêmes commis au service des mêmes pontes
Les mêmes fils de pauvres sont incarcérés
Les mêmes fils de riches sont formés pour règner
En attendant qu'un homme du peuple émerge
C'est rare de trouver un élu avec un casier vierge
Ma haine du système est toujours intacte
Lequel d'entre eux peut jeter la pierre à Cahuzac?
Claude Guéant, Racailles! Balkany, Racailles! Jean-François Copé, Racailles! Philippe Bernard, Racailles! Harlem Désir, Racailles! Alain Juppé, Racailles!
Tous ceux que j'ai cité ont été condamnés
Ce sont les mecs de cités qu'ils traitent comme des damnés
Vous étiez choqués par le groupe Tandem
Vous faites la même à la France, mais jusqu'à ce qu'elle saigne
Jusqu'à ce qu'elle coule comme la Grèce ou l'Italie
Vous avez meurtri le pays jusqu'à l'agonie
Cumul des mandats jusqu'où vous irez?
Est-ce le cumul des salaires que vous désirez?
Comme toute la France d'en bas j'crois plus aux politiciens
J'continue le combat, j'crois au réveil citoyen
Pour changer les choses il faut le vouloir
Vous n'avez pas de cause profonde si ce n'est le pouvoir
Vous faites de la politique sans conviction
Parfois vous en faites même pour éviter la prison
En costume-cravate sont les vrais voyous
Vous ne croyez plus en rien, plus personne croit en vous
Y'a qu'à observer les taux d'abstention
Faut pas trop prendre les gens pour des cons, attention
Sentez-vous le vent tourner comme vos vestes?
Entre vous et la rue, y'a plus que les CRS
A bout de souffle, votre système est dans un cul de sac
A essayer de se débattre, comme un cul d'jatte
Vous êtes élus pour un truc
Vous ne le faites pas plus
Vous faites l'inverse, en plus
Ça ne vous gêne pas
Et si le peuple a l'idée de se rebeller
Vous disposez d'une armée de flics bien dressés et zélés
Le dialogue social gît dans un cercueil
Les keufs tirent aux flashballs, tu peux y perdre un œil
Vous faites monter le sentiment anti-policier
Usez de la police comme d'une armée privatisée
Le politique, qu'il soit femme ou homme, pour moi, en tous les cas et pour l'instant
Peut-être que demain j'aurais changé d'avis
Il sert plus à rien, c'est un prestataire de service
Ces putains de dettes, là qui emmerdent tout le monde qui mettent les peuples à plat,
Qui les mettent à genoux et ainsi de suite
On n'arrive pas à les éliminer, comme vous les politiques
Vous arrivez pas à les faire éliminer, ces putains de dettes
Parce que la banque elle est plus forte que vous!
Tout le monde le sait c'est une évidence
Vous êtes complètement soumis à la finance
Vous votez les lois que les riches ordonnent
Après le 49.3 plus rien ne m'étonne
On travaille plus mais on gagne moins
On attend juste le printemps européen
On cotise pour des retraites qu'on ne verra peut-être jamais
Tout l'argent qu'on fait rentrer vous nous le reprenez
Chaque fin de mois à découvert
On a l'impression d'être esclave du système bancaire
Même les riches connaissent le jeu, jouissent des niches fiscales
Les petites PME croulent sous les charges sociales
Radar, on paye! Péage, on paye! Pollution, on paye!
Oh! Qu'est-ce que vous faites avec tout ce fric?
Que foutait Eric Zemmour sur une chaîne publique?
Payer pour propager sa haine
Semer des graines récoltées par le FN
Pour vous même Marine Le Pen est devenue fréquentable
Quiconque combat l'Islam peut s'asseoir à votre table
Incapables de gouverner vous divisez
Incapables de rassembler vous stigmatisez
Aveuglés par le pouvoir vos cœurs sont voilés
Beaucoup plus que le visage de cette femme voilée
Tout vos prétendus principes de laïcité
Ne concernent pas cette saoudienne sur les Champs Elysées
Pour vous tout se négocie, tout est question de gent-ar
Vous êtes même prêts à livrer les banlieues au Qatar
Votre jeu est trouble
Votre discours est double
Au pays dit des droits de l'Homme
L'Etat d'urgence est devenu la norme
Et vous prétendez faire la leçon au monde entier
Imposer la démocratie à coups de mortier
Sans pitié vous avez buté Kadhafi
Aujourd'hui dans quel état se retrouve la Libye?
La rue le sait, j'le met en musique
Vos médias le taisent, j'le rends public
J'vous tiens tête comme un mec des Minguettes
Est-ce le genre de texte qui peut me valoir une fiche S?
Droit dans mes bottes Je n'baisse jamais mon froc
La tête haute j'suis intègre J'fais du Hip-Hop
Vous appelez ça de la musique nègre
J'sors en indé
Tu m'verras plus jamais
Mettre les pieds à Skyrock (Jamais, jamais)
Ils n'aiment pas c'que je suis, c'que je défends, c'que je porte
C'est réciproque Ils ont travesti le R-A-P
Je fais parti des rescapés Ils ont encensé la médiocrité
Ils ont fait du Hip-Hop de la variété
Ils ont joué les clashs pour nous diviser
Tant que ça fait de l'audience, on peut s'allumer
Quand un rappeur se fera buter Ils organiseront un concert au nom de la paix
Yeah! J'fais d'la musique contestataire
Vous vendez des espaces publicitaires
J'me suis sacrifié pour mes p'tits frères
Vous vous jouez des trucs qui les envoient au cimetière
Fric et violence dans vos playlists
Vous abrutissez les miens, ça plait aux élites
Vous vous êtes servi de moi, j'me suis servi de vous
Pour que mon message passe au plus grand nombre, maintenant j'peux le faire sans vous
J'ai un public qui me soutient
J'ai fait des choses, le peuple s'en souvient
La rue vous vomit, j'le rends public
Rien n'a changé depuis
Lettre à la République

L'IntrusL'Intrus wrote the following post Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:54:49 +0200

Kery James, Racailles

Toute cette haine, toute cette hargne, ça fait du bien...

#music #musique #HipHop #Rap #KeryJames
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Gabriel, O Pensador - Filho da pátria iludido

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on hooktube
MM wrote the following post Wed, 30 Mar 2016 19:13:05 +0200
Filho da pátria iludido - Gabriel, O Pensador

Filho da pátria iludido - Gabriel O Pensador
by EducASB on YouTube

#politica #cançao #musica #arte #hip-hop #hiphop #rap #GabrielOPensador
!Hip Hop !Music
Anderson.Paak & The Free Nationals - "Suede" & a David Bowie tribute

#Anderson.Paak & #TheFreeNationals delivered live in 2016 the song "Suede" and a #DavidBowie tribute. Anderson has a great stage presence, don't you agree?

Worldwide Awards // Anderson .Paak // David Bowie Tribute + "Suede"
by Gilles Peterson on YouTube
!Hip Hop !Music #hiphop #hip-hop #soul #newSoul
Aesop Rock - Klutz

#Rap by #AesopRock

Brian Ó 🐟Brian Ó 🐟 wrote the following post Fri, 18 May 2018 21:50:04 +0200
#hiphop #hip-hop

Aesop Rock - Klutz (Official Video)
by Rhymesayers Entertainment on YouTube

!Hip Hop !Music
The White Mandingos - What You Waitin’ On?

“What You Waitin’ On?” chronicles the ups and downs faced by fictional emcee #TyroneWhite, frontman of #theWhiteMandingos, who is played by none other than legendary rapper #Murs. Tyrone’s story is rich and nuanced, and you can enjoy the whole of it on The Ghetto’s Tryna Kill Me ( #FatBeats ).

The White Mandingos - What You Waitin' On? (Official Video)
by Mass Appeal on YouTube

Thanks @Taschenlampe Müller for sharing it
#hiphop #hip-hop !Hip Hop !Music
Sa-Roc - I Am Her

#female #rap by #sa-roc

Sa-Roc - I Am Her (Official Video)
by Rhymesayers Entertainment on YouTube

#hiphop #feminism !Hip Hop !Music
thanks @André Henze for sharing it
 from Diaspora
wow <3
Princess Nokia - Tomboy

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J'aime Cajun

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Dhan HurleyDhan Hurley wrote the following post Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:41:32 +0100
Cajun Social Music by Smithsonian Folkways....BOSCO STOMP (3:02)..ACADIAN ( French Canadian ) into LOUISIANA, U.S.A...This song is sublime and has been "stolen" many times to produce world-hits.Enjoy.... Dhan #Cajun Social Music #BOSCO STOMP #MUSIC #ART #SOUND #ACADIAN #USA #LOUISIANA #UNPLUGGED #ARCHIVE.ORG

#musique !Music
Some spiritual music from India

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I don't know anything about the context... but the music is nice
Listen to the song on HookTube
Prabhuji, apake guna gane wale (2x)
aure hote hain
Tumhare nama par mit jane wale
aure hote hain
Pilakare prema ki madira
Bana le apana matavala
Bana le apana matavala
Vah saki aure hote hain vo pyale aure hote hain
Mache sansara main halachal
Vo tinon loka hila jaen
Vo tinon loka hila jaen
Vah ahen aure hote hain vo nale aure hote hain luv

!Music Thanks @"Madhuri G" for sharing it
 from Diaspora
hey yes, I can play and sing this song! Did I share this?? Can't remember
 from Diaspora
Good to see the huge Haidakhandi playlist on Hooktube
 from Diaspora
ps.. This song was written in honor of my Guru Babaji.
Continuum Fingerboard and a Kalimba plugged into the Lyra 8

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This is my most comfortable setup for #live #performances: The #Continuum #Fingerboard and a #Kalimba plugged into the #Lyra8. The setup is light (I can take it on my bicycle and with public transports) and easily built up. Neither sound engineering nor much space is needed on stage. The controlling interfaces of the three instruments allow me to #improvise intuitively, using only my both hands and feet. The audience can clearly observe how I interact with these very special instruments. The sound is completely #analog and very organic. All sound is triggered directly by me, a human being, without loops or sequencers. The only effect is the built-in delay of the Lyra 8. The tonalities are also controlled carefully by me. The three instruments allow me to do so. No pre-defined un-natural 12-half-tone equally tempered scale is used. Recorded 2018-03-21

Lyra 8 & Kalimba & Continuum ""Koto"" (In honor of Alice Coltrane) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

Lyra 8 & Continuum ""Tablas"" (In honor of Alice Coltrane) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

Lyra 8 & Kalimba ""Beatbox"" (In honor of Alice Coltrane) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

#music #experimental #freejazz #psychedelic #microtonal #polyrhythmic #Improvisation !Calculator Music Appreciation Society !Music
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My tracks are listed as examples on the website of the company which builds the Lyra 8:
@h.ear.t | tobias Freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat. Danke :-)

That must have been an interesting exhibition!

The Lyra has its own sound generators, they respond to closing the electric circuit with your fingers on contact spots. The sound generators have a really slow attack, so you end up using their sound to create spheric soundscapes, it's almost impossible to play melodies. Each sound generator can be tweaked steplessly in the pitch, and a pair of neighboring sound generators can be tweaked in the shape (triangle->square or so). They can also be used for modulating each other. Then, there's the effect section which is a quite unique delay.

Yes, I plug in an analogue picked up Kalimba into the Lyra, to let its sound be modified by the effect section of the Lyra, and to add the Lyra's own sounds.

The continuum has its own internal sounds (a mix of multisamples and digital sound generators) which respond sophisticatedly to the playing on the continuum surface and to foot pedals.
The Internal Sounds are implemented using a variety of synthesis techniques including FM, physical modeling, timbre morphing, pitch shifting, additive synthesis, waveshaping, convolution, and classical synthesis.

I used to control external synths (both analogue and digital) with it, but I hate all the midi setting up, it's so annoying, at the moment I use just the internal sounds (which could be programmed if you like). It's not possible to use the Continuum as a sampler/looper though.

Wir können gerne auf deutsch weiter darüber austauschen, wenn du möchtest
Great animated feminist videoclip by Nina Paley to the funk music by the all female band The Pointer Sisters

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You Gotta Believe

You Gotta Believe
by Nina Paley on Vimeo

#animated #feminism #videoclip by #NinaPaley to the #funk #music by the all #female band The #PointerSisters
East Man --- Red, White & Zero

This is an interesting introduction by Paul Gilroy to the #grime #music album "Red, White & Zero" by East Man:

London’s young people have been seen as a problem by governments for many generations now. Their distinctive street cultures stretch back into the nineteenth century when, just like today, a stylish public presence signified danger to respectable people. At that time, Britain’s class conflicts were being re-made amidst all the glorious
fruits of a global empire. Divisions like class and sex had diafferent shapes and tempos that hardly resemble the machinery of our increasingly networked and unequal world. Religion, racism and nationalism were all important, but work, exploitation and poverty supplied the fiery core of politricks.
These days, Britain’s imperial wealth and prestige are long gone. Today’s young people are excluded and marginalized, confined and criminalized, yet they remain at the heart of the vital, energetic best of our city. Their energy and imagination drive London’s convivial culture. They duck and dive just like their predecessors. They hustle, they suffer and they survive. Even where knives are common, most of the problems that come up get resolved without murderous violence. The defining experience of their precarious situation is more likely to be fear or anxiety than warfare between gangs. Their violence is more likely to turn inwards on to their loved ones and family members. There are many forms of self harm and self medication.
Yet the space in which those youthful lives unfold has contracted. The scale on which life is lived has shrunk. Moving around can be expensive. Surveillance is constant. Dignity and certainty are difficult to find and hold on to. It can be hard to feel comfortable outside the spaces and places you know best. Those familiar circuits are marked out by the roadside shrines of dead flowers that show just how vulnerable you can quickly become.
We have been losing London to Babylon but we are busy making a new place. The edges of the city have become fertile. The weeds grow up explosively between palisaded concrete boxes and the litter-strewn greenery. This is not zones 1 and 2 where houses and flats are capital rather than buildings to live in. The music that comes out of that edgy world isn’t what it was a generation ago, but it’s still fundamental --necessary for life.
These shocking sounds can be a part of healing and repair while staying faithful to the pressures that forged them. Musicians can’t make a living from their creativity, but their listeners can’t understand this historical moment unless they get to grips with its local rules, meanings and poetry. This is not America. Even without words, this music speaks for itself and tells a story. It calls out to be understood while seeking ways to escape interpretation.

We are always more than either this or that. We are more than either black or white.

Paul Gilroy 2017.

#EastMan is a new project from #AnthoneyHart and its material predates his previous work as #BasicRhythm. His unique take on grime reduces the sound to its steely fundamentals, bringing in influences from #dancehall, #drumandbass and #techno to gird the voices of the MCs he works with. His own name for this hardcore continuum mongrel is 'Hi Tek'.
Pre-listen here: ANOST | East Man - Red, White & Zero  @Music
 from Diaspora
feelin some so solid crew vibes here ;)
@h.ear.t | tobias
I like Dogtribe by Fun-Da-Mental!
ZGTO has some potential, but it's too stoned for my taste.
Cheers! Always happy to get some suggestions
B.t.w. this is my newest upload from yesterday, it's a #deep #experimental #tribal #polyrhythmic #house #techno #dub #footwork #bass #mixtape for some friends of mine:

De La Tribu - Tip2 by De La Tribu
by De La Tribu on SoundCloud
사물놀이 김덕수

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@taiko 太鼓+  @Koreanisch - 독일의+
Ich habe einigen von euch ein Beispiel einer Samul-Nori-Aufführung mit Kim Duk Su versprochen. Hier ist es. Es ist genau in dem Stil, wie ich es live in Seoul gesehen habe. Sogar mit den gleichen Spielern.

사물놀이 레전드 공연. 김덕수 이광수 외 Drum Korea! Korean Beat "Samulnori 사물놀이"
by Khan goBig on YouTube
#samulnori #사물놀이 #김덕수
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!Music !Hip Hop  A #free-jazz / #hip-hop #experimental #avantgarde #microtonal #psychedelic #jam recorded 2017-04-15 (onetake #drums by Meisterbeatz, #analogue #synthesizer #Korg #Monotron, #Haken #Continuum #Fingerboard & #DSI #Tetr4 by and #turntables by King Emir) in Basel at my home. Everybody please be #creative and use this track (you can modify it or use it in your art)
#CollaboMusic #CollaboArt #CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 #ownmusicalwork

Interstellar Travel Jam (Meisterbeatz, & King Emir) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud
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A #free-jazz / #hip-hop #experimental #avantgarde #noise #microtonal #psychedelic #jam recorded 2017-04-15 (onetake #drums by Meisterbeatz plus #Kalimba by King Emir) and 2018-01-25 (#analogue #synthesizer #Lyra8, #Monotron, #Continuum #Fingerboard & #DSI #Tetr4 onetake by King Emir) in Basel at my home. Everybody please be #creative and use this track (you can modify it or use it in your art)
#CollaboMusic #CollaboArt #CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Kaminari Jam (Meisterbeatz & King Emir) by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

!Music !Hip Hop
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A #Hip-Hop #instrumental #beat by me, using some rare #samples of #ethnic #instruments. Everybody please be #creative and use this track (you can modify it or use it in your art)
#CollaboMusic #CollaboArt #CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

King Emir- Berimbau by KING EMIR
by KING EMIR on SoundCloud

!Music !Calculator Music Appreciation Society !Hip Hop
King Emir# hat King Emir#s Beitrag mit ⋕ownmusicalwork verschlagwortet
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BeatclubFCBeatclubFC wrote the following post Tue, 23 Jan 2018 18:59:39 +0100
#music #experimental #dfa #digidub #dub #post-punk #tape #bristol

Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss - Can I Get The Real Dub?

DFA Records and Bokeh Versions have teamed up for a joint release - a reworking of the freaky post-punk stylings of Guerilla Toss by Athens, Greece-based musician and producer Dimitris Papadatos, a.k.a. Jay Glass Dubs....
Aerrortation 2017 review

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@Music  This is a nice mix by the diaspora user @432202

aerrortation 2017 review
by 8261 on
 from Diaspora
Thanks for your support... highly appreciated!