Ostrakon figurato con rappresentazione di una ballerina in posizione acrobatica (1292-1076 a.C.)


Luogo:#Museo Egizio, #Torino / #Italia
Epoca / origine:Nuovo Regno, XIX-XX dinastia (1292-1076 a.C.) / #دير المدينة (#Deir el-Medina).
Medium:#Pittura su #calcare
Fonte: Ostrakon figurato di una ballerina - Museo Egizio
#Ostrakon #ballerina #Egitto antico #Painting #Ancient Egypt !art
Илья Репин - Везущая лошадь (1892)


Owner/Location:#Irkutsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts (Sukachev Museum) / #Russian Federation
Artist age:Approximately 48 years old
Dimensions:24 cm x 32 cm
Medium:#Painting - #crayon on paper
Source / larger image: wikiart.org
#Илья Репин #Везущая лошадь #Ilya Repin #Ilya Repine
Илья Репин - Какой простор! (1903)

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#Ilya Repine #Илья Репин #lang ru

Какой простор ! Quel espace !

Owner/Location:The State Russian Museum / #Russian Federation - #St Petersburg
Artist age:Approximately 59 years old
Dimensions:Height: 179 cm (70.47 in.), Width: 284.5 cm (112.01 in.)
Medium:#Painting - #oil on canvas
Source: the-athenaeum.org
Carlo Carrà - Il Funerale dell’anarchico Galli (1911)

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The Funeral of the Anarchist Galliby Carlo Carra
The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli (Il Funerale dell’anarchico Galli) is a painting by Italian painter Carlo Carrà. It was finished in 1911, during the artist's futurist phase. It currently resides in New York City's Museum of Modern Art.

The subject of the work is the funeral of Italian anarchist Angelo Galli, killed by police during a general strike in 1904. The Italian State feared that the funeral would become a de facto political demonstration and refused the mourning anarchists entrance into the cemetery itself. When anarchists resisted, the police responded with force and a violent scuffle ensued.

Carlo Carrà was present. His work embodies the tension and chaos of the scene: the movement of the bodies, the clashing of anarchists and police, the black flags flying in the air. He reflects in a later memoir:

”I saw before me the bier, covered with red carnations, wavering dangerously on the shoulders of the pallbearers. I saw the horses becoming restive, and clubs and lances clashing, so that it seemed to me that at any moment the corpse would fall to the ground and be trampled by the horses…” (Carrà, La Mia Vita, 1943)

Carlo Carra at WikiArt

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Childe Hassam - Looking into Beryl Pool (1912)

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Wolf Kahn - Green Under Green Trees (2013)

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Wolf Kahn. Green Under Green Trees. 2013 [+]

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Ich liebe Bücher


#books #Bücher Thanks @Yogrt** for sharing
Patterns made in Krita

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Been making patterns in @krita . Which is your fave? (1/2)

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Great animated feminist videoclip by Nina Paley to the funk music by the all female band The Pointer Sisters

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You Gotta Believe

You Gotta Believe
by Nina Paley on Vimeo

#animated #feminism #videoclip by #NinaPaley to the #funk #music by the all #female band The #PointerSisters
Rufino Tamayo - Perro Aullando, 1960

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color lithograph, ed. 2/75
22 3/8 x 29 7/8 inches
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Rufino Tamayo est un peintre mexicain né en 1899 à Oaxaca au Mexique, décédé en 1991 à Mexico. Considéré comme un des peintres mexicains d'importance majeure du XXe siècle, avec Rivera, Siqueiros et Orozco, il a travaillé avec eux sur certains projets, comme le mouvement muraliste qui s'est étendu sur la période qui comprend les deux guerres mondiales, même si sa peinture a des caractéristiques propres et le distingue des autres artistes du groupe.

#Art #peinture #painting #Mexique
Paul Gauguin - At The Big Mountain

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I lived 3 years in Lausanne, and I miss it! My girlfriend will probably move there soon, so I might live there again :-)
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Félix Vallotton - Outskirts of Lausanne - [1893]

#Vallotton #art #painting #field #Lausanne

ver na tela inteira

Be black and proud!

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Be #black and #proud!

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Orapeleng Modutle

hello and, good day! let's have some #ladies from #SouthAfrica... #fashion can be #intriguing... #hm.
최영걸 (崔令杰)

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최영걸 Choi Yeong-Geol (1969-) Autumn Valley 2011 (110 x 159 cm) watercolour.
@Koreanisch - 독일의 #painting #art #Korea #Wasserfarben #Gemälde #Malerei #Kunst
Lev Feliksovich Lagorio - Capo di Monte, Sorrento (1860)

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Owner/Location:Regional Museum #Tula / #Russian Federation
Artist age:Approximately 34 years old
Dimensions:76.5 cm × 63 cm
Medium:#Painting - #oil on canvas
Source / larger image:Lev Feliksovich Lagorio - "Capo di Monte, Sorrento" on arthive.com
Joy Kngwarreye Jones - Flowers at Enteebra

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Sehr schöne #Kunst von Joy Kngwarreye Jones - really nice #artwork by Joy Kngwarreye Jones
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Flowers at Enteebra (2015)Image/photo#art by Joy Kngwarreye #Jones