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Beetroot Theme

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!Disroot Community !Hubzilla Development First Disroot #theme is available at
With custom theme settings options and and pin-able app menu in top left navbar.

thanks @Philip Wittamore - i will look into it when i have more time
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@grey If you are not using your own instance, and I see by your address you are actually using our hub. In order to change to this theme, just go to Settings > Display Settings and choose the theme from dropdown menu.

If you are running or planning to run your own hubzilla instance, you need to download the theme to your instance. The easiest way is to ssh to your server, change directory to your hubzilla and then run:
sudo -u www-data ./util/add_theme_repo [zrl=][/zrl]] dishub-themes
to update the theme:
sudo -u www-data ./util/update_theme_repo dishub-themes
Unless you use different user then www-data then change accordingly or run this command as root without the sudo -u www-data part
@muppeth Thanks. Yes, I am using your hub and I was already using "beetroot" it seems. From the screenshot above, the area with the "privacy slider" is kind of pinkish, while mine is light grey. And the menu line corners on the top of the page are a bit rounded, mine is not. But minor details anyway, it is good enough for me. I should concentrate more on understanding hubzilla ...
NEW! Apps in navbar pinned by default (new channels only)

if anyone is wondering what happen to the links at the top left navigation bar of our hub - they have been removed in favor of adding more customization.
All new channels will have the core apps pinned by default in the navbar and will be able to unpin them if preferred. All existing channels need to go to the 'Add Apps' page via the hamburger menu and pin the icons manually.
You can also arrange them in the order you want!

Thanks @Antilopa thumbs up sign
I changed the order twice, but it doesn't stay in the order I set them...
Changes to login settings

!Disroot Community
Due to ldap login plugin and the fact hubzilla tights directly to email address, in order to login to our hub, you should use your disroot email address (old users should be able to logn with just username). The good news is that channels as well as user acounts can be deleted now.
 from ActivityPub
Cant we as a community a forum style forum instead of one single thread? It gets hard to follow the comment list which is like 39 now.
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huh? Not sur eI understand your post.

I guess you mean the thread about onboarding. Yeah it de-railed a bit, but yeah of course, you can start new threads (just like you did now).

Its important to add Categories to your treads, so that it can be easily findable later on.
Onboarding, first steps

Hi all new disrhubbers.

I'm very curious to hear your experience with onboarding and first moments on hubzilla. Please share your feedback as its very important for us to gather as much information as possible from all the people testing it right now, so when we open it to public it will be easier for all new commers to find their way around here.
@pavi I'm not sure I understand. Which tag you click where? I just clicked on the tag under a diaspora pod I i was shown the search result on that tag on my account.
@muppeth , I think what he means is that if you click the icon it displays in Hubzilla but if you click the name it takes you to the original source..... that threw me off as well at first.
@LPS when you click on which name? Persons profile name? yes thats how hubzilla works. I takes you to the profile page of the person. Takes some time to get use to(I'm too coming from diaspora), but now i find it very natural and it makes sense (you are visiting others persons site rather then a profile)
!Disroot Community synapse dead?
muppeth tagged ciechomke's post with ⋕matrix
muppeth tagged ciechomke's post with ⋕synapse
fun that we use hubzilla to overcome matrix issues!
Mess with posts in the forum

Ok. So finally I have clear answer to the weird forum post behaviour we've seen and wondered about.

To sketch and sumarize again the issue:
We've noticed that some of the posts are not displayed in our personal activity stream on specific forum tab. We've noticed this usually happens (specially your own posts) when you post using the mention (!Disroot Community). We've been trying to find out the answer to the question *Is it a bug on our server? Is it how it's suppose to be and if so why is that?*

Few of us asked the question on hubzilla forum and matrix channel. Today I got (I think) clear answer from Mike (the main dev behind hubzilla) and I would like to share it with you.

There are two ways of posting into the forum.
1. Via mention (for example when using activity stream / forum tab from your account)
2. Directly onto the forum wall (on forums channel page)

Up until now, Forum tab in activity stream on your channel displays posts that were sent by the forum. That means that it shows only posts that have been created on the forum channel directly (option 2.).
You often won't see your own posts in the forum tab, because as mentioned in an earlier comment, when you use that tab, we are only searching for posts that were sent by the forum. The post in your stream was sent by you. When the forum then sent you a copy of your own message it was rejected as a duplicate.

So generally this now explains why. Personally I dont think this is the correct way as it breaks consistency and like in our case makes newcommers very confused. The more I use hubzilla the more i realize that for example forums should be used from within the forum channel, since you can see the categories, you can browse and have better overview of things. So it means getting used to the different workflow. However since hubzilla is an amazing tool, developed by very flexible devs that listen to other suggestions,  things can change. So:
Perhaps this query could be extended to show posts that mentioned the forum as well as those sent by the forum. I'm worried that query could run as fast as molasses in Antarctica, but it might improve the consistency of viewing the forum through these completely different vantage points.

I've added this. It doesn't perform horribly on my server and improves the results of the forum tab query. It should land in dev in a day or two.

I love this guy smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
So seems like not only we  know now how hubzilla was intended to be used (posting on the forum channel directly), but there will be a change that will fix confusion as all the posts (sent by forum and with forum mention) will be visible on the forum tab in your activity stream. yay!

The scope of the messages is my main concern. Not in privacy terms, but if it is shown to the people I was posting for and not disturbing any other. As an example take THIS message. I want you and all other @Disroot Community member can read it, but not anyone outside (because they dont need to).

Thanks again and I will keep reading you and interacting with other people around here to learn. The nomadic identity and links to #federation and #fediverse are very useful, but this is much more (pages, cards, wiki,...) so I need to learn the specifics of every possible scenario for publishing content in the right way.
@Xose Well this fourm is public so I guess you post public. That said (i havent really explore the permission table myself) but if you create new post on the forum (or anywhere else) you can select who is suppose to see it.

I think @Massimiliano was posting comments here that were not publicly visible.

But beyonf the permissions (which indeed can be overwhelming but at the same time people who dont like to digg into this can ommit it).

Was the user interface and the general UX in terms of getting to use hubzilla as a social network, hard to grasp? Posting, connecting to poeple, commenting, checking directory etc.?
Was the user interface,
Yes @muppeth . Posts aren't visible on forum when posting from activity page with channel set as social - Private. but are always visible when posting from forum wall or from activity page with channel set as social - federation.
Didn't test it further.
Test from Disroot Community (not wall but in Forum)

I dont see the post on the forum tab, but i see it in activity. Thugh I dont see @Massimiliano comment in my activity. Something tells me it is still related to the slow delivery on disroot mike was talking about.

I hope he'll share some more details so i understand the process a bit more and will be able to torubleshoot and monitor it.
comment drom forum with channel set as social-federation
This time i comment from my activity with channel set as social federation
Cavatar on dishub

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!Disroot Community
FIY All new users get their own cavatar as the default avatar on our hub. They are so cute!
Now every day is #caturday on disroot
Permissions table - Feedback

Hi !Hubzilla Support Forum

I created a permissions table to help !Disroot Community users. I've read the help page and ahve spend a long time testing each permission for each channel role.
I would love to have some feedback, to see if I didn't do any mistakes or if you have idea to improve this work.

Thanks a lot

Then you could continue updating the files and still not change file name / path, so they're always accessible.

To do this, I think it could be convenient on Hubzilla to publish it as an Article :

  • It is a good format for important content to endure over time
  • You can create by yourself an easy to record and short url for it, suitable for easy sharing
  • Modifying/updating the content doesn't alter the url
@meaz I saved the image, but thought it would be nicer to link to your repo/hub, since you're the author :) I'll upload the image directly to website for now, and later change for the link to your GitLab repo. Thanks!
I'm actually creating howto for dishub, so that we'll probably there soon.
Yet another test

!Disroot Community
Because you can't have too many tests right?
umm i replied via mastadon, but don't see the mastodon reply here :(
We had a little glitch. the last 20 or so minutes hubzilla was offline.
Test to forum 666

!Disroot Community

Testing posting to forum... again
From theDisroot channel

Posting off the disroot forum
me too. Though now after reconnecting to disroot forum, I dont see any other pervious posts in the stream.
Though now after reconnecting to disroot forum, I dont see any other pervious posts in the stream.

If you remove a connection, the connections posts will be also removed.
I see. They won't be pulled on re-connection?

Also I still seem to not see my own posts on the forum activity stream (when accessing from my own account). Only when I go to the forums channel page.
Mostly public


i see it from test channel but not as muppeth
!Disroot Community
this is another test from me
I see it from the community page on my activity stream!
he i don't. i only see it when i go to the activity page but not after selecting the community page
last post i see on the community page from my activities is 'test 2' from an hour ago by meaz
Public post test

My 516 test

I see it from the disroot community channel
I think it has to do on how public you post i will try posting completely public

!Disroot Community
I wonder if I can see this post on testuser channel
Permssions Table Guide [Work in Progress]

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The default permissions are green coloured. The blanket ones are those the user can optionally set.
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I would add that this table is in work progress... So don't hesitate to give us feedback
In the table you have now the permissions are ordered into sets by function, social, forum and feed. This made more sense for some people. In the beginning, these sets did not exist. Each permission just had a scope for who had the permission, from only you to anybody on the Internet. The sets we have today are just the sets that most people struggled to get right, i.e. you can still ignore this way of grouping the permissions. :-)