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Hello all,
A wonderful man from xmpp chat sent me here to ask my question for more clarity.
1. I want to post from to twiiter. The add on drives to a twitter page but instead of giving a pin to add on the add on page, it wants to give access to Diaspora profile at
2. I want to post from to Mastadon. It could be a mirror.
3. I want to post from to Diaspora. It could be a mirror.

Thank you all in advance.
From the NextCloudPi community.
1. looks like a misconfiguation of the addon. Let's try summoning @muppeth
3. Unless you switched off the diaspora addon, you are doing that right now. Your public posts from hubzilla should be visible from diaspora, diaspora users can follow your dishub account and so on.
2. Should be the same as 3, but I don't have much personal experience with it. I follow some Mastodon accounts and I can comment on posts of the people I follow. I haven't tried anything else yet.
Yes, my bad. Wanted to be a cheap and lazy skunk and though that using same api key would make both apps work (hubzilla and diaspora). I'm currently in the plane awaiting departure so wont fix it until later today.

Thanks for pointimg it out and sorry for the issue.
Logo for Nomad - Hubzilla for android app

!Hubzilla Development
Now that we have a nice name for the app, we also need a nice logo.
So here i am to ask to share nice logo's, if you feel creative enaugh.
After that we will vote it on a poll.

Thanks ;-)
You can try to mash up something. Maybe you will surprise everyone.
First thing that came to mind to kick this thing off:


(probably not ideal as a small size logo though)
@Massimiliano I don't know… time is my current enemy (for more than a month now), triaging my ToDo items which for some reason grows back again when I'm half-way done. lols. If I get a free time and it's still open, I'll post one… but don't wait for me.

@Antilopa I think the bindle would look fine by itself, maybe a little shorter stick and will look fine as an app icon. While the text logo can be used separately, say in website or repository, or in description areas.
!Disroot Community
just discoverd that in this hub, outgoing links from my channel got added an 'zid' to any outgoing link. Since this will give data to the sideowner of an external page I consider it as an privacy issue.
(they will see that someone visited their page with a link that contains "zid" and their specific hubzilla username.)
Just pushed a possible fix for this to dev branch:

I am a little hesitant to push this to master just yet since there might be drawbacks from this change i did not think about. It should be no problem to cherry-pick this commit for testing though...
@Mario Vavti briliant. I will pull it and see. Pretty sure if there are any issues disrooters will find it and yell.
@muppeth i just realised that i forgot to un-comment one line from my last commit. If you cherry-pick the  fix, please also cherry-pick this commit:
!Disroot Community

How do you guys change your channel's background image?
Thanks, but I'm not talking about the cover photo, I'm talking about the page background

Ohh someone used my channel. I feel flattered. You can change the background in theme settings. Depending on the theme u use. Redbasic and beetroot support it. You can there pretty much change any color and number of other settings.
Settings > display settings > custom theme settings > background image

Happy Birthday Disroot (and muppeth)

Yay! Disroot is 3 years old today!
Thank you for everyone who stuck around and took part. It was a hell of a year - many more to come!

(Oh and if you are wondering about the extra 5 on the cake - that's for our beloved admin muppeth 🦄 )

Have a birthday drink for us. Cheers! 🍻

Auguri birthday cake
Parabéns!!! :D

thanks for all your work
 from Diaspora
Very happy birthday, Disroot! And a big thank you!
Changing language doesn't work

!Disroot Community when changing the language, anytime resstarting the browser session brings someone back to default lang, as if the settings were only stored in the browser, but not on sever side.
Interesting. I will have to check it out. Probably @Mario Vavti has an answer to that.
Hubzilla is using the browser language setting.

The Hubzilla language selector setting is a per session setting and is mostly used by translators/devs to debug translations...
propably that's a rare case; but someone likes to have choosen lang in browser different then in their hub.
But also not a big deal if not.
!Disroot Community
!Hubzilla Support Forum
Hi everybody,
With the last update I no longer see my private groupes on the left side (and nowhere else, neither). Is it a problem with "Betroot" theme?
Have a nice day!
Ok thanks! there's no emergency.
ok, I was on the right path, I just missed the _ in the widget names. It works. I like it. Thanks
I just actually did update the theme and setup the additional feature options as default, so you should not need to do anything (unless you want to disable some of them.)
DisHub updated to 3.6 version

!Disroot Community
Hi Disrooters,

@muppeth just managed to upgrade hubzilla to the latest 3.6 version. 👻
You can check the detailed changelog here:

Here are some highlights posted by @Mario Vavti

hmmm... should have just do reshare of marios post and add the text on top, it would format better.

Need to check how to do same type of formatting in this case as when we just do normal reshare.
Migration to new server

Yesterday evening we have migrated some services over to the new server (thagard). The operation went pretty smooth considering the enormous heat and lack of proper ventilation in the house (working in summer should be forbidden). All servers are now much more happy with the extra resources gained. We hope we created enough buffer for a good while.

#disroot #disrootnews
Disroot CommunityDisroot Community wrote the following post Wed, 11 Jul 2018 12:35:21 +0200
DisHub / Hubzilla - Tutorials
!Disroot Community

For last weeks @meaz @Massimiliano and @Fede have been working hard documenting and writing howtos on all the basic aspects of this amazing and at the same time full of features project.
Two days ago we have published their recent work on our howto website:

Guys say this is not over yet, and they will continue to work on more detailed tutorials.
So big heavy black heart to those guys! They Rock!
!Disroot Community
Racking new server

!Disroot Community
@muppeth is in the datacenter racking new server
Thagard will be hosting now some of the services (including hubzilla) to spread the load a bit.
Nice. Server racked and configured. Now we can slowly migrate services to it.
thumbs up sign
rack it... rack it good.

Salt-N-Pepa - Push It
by SaltNPepaVEVO on YouTube

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The great @muppeth ...he say...
the thing with #xmpp is:

    []tiny #server resource footprint[]#federated (anyone can set one up and communicate with others just like email)[]no single point of failure[]state of the art #encryption (omemo derived form signal)[]mobile and desktop clients[]free as in #freedom

!Disroot Community
Tags: #AndHub #disroot #xmpp

*via AndHub client url=[/url]
XMPP also bridges well to other networks, has good website integration support and web clients, and even a cool microblogging system with
I fixed some typos in the disroot-howto repo and pushed the changes to master branch here:

You should be able to merge the changes with a few lines:

git remote add anaqreon
git fetch anaqreon
git merge anaqreon/master
!Disroot Community I'm using the nextcould feedreader. I'm wondering if it is resource consuming anytime a page publish a new article, or just when I'm opening it?
the fetching process is the most resource hungry. Specially when we have users that went totally craxzy with amount of feeds and items those feeds produce (we have a user with over 500 feeds which adds up to 130 000 feeds a week or so).

We are looking into ways to reduce amount of feeds and items per user and purge the old items (80% of the database overall is news feeds) to avoid situations we currently have where most of the feed items (over 1.5 milion a month) does not get read which is a terrible waste of resources.
DisHub / Hubzilla - Tutorials

!Disroot Community

For last weeks @meaz @Massimiliano and @Fede have been working hard documenting and writing howtos on all the basic aspects of this amazing and at the same time full of features project.
Two days ago we have published their recent work on our howto website:

Guys say this is not over yet, and they will continue to work on more detailed tutorials.
So big heavy black heart to those guys! They Rock!
I've wrote some time ago a howto specific for sexworkers, during the ban with FOSTA/SESTA.

I've done also a view screen recordings for the howto. Maybe it's usefull for someone.

YOu'll find it here:

(it is licenced under 'fuck off copyright' :-p)
Wow! great work !
This is really outstanding work. As someone who has spent so much time on documentation, I know how long this kind of thing takes to construct. It is accurate, accessible, and it is remarkably comprehensive for the aspects of the software people need to understand in order to use it properly. Plus, the animated images really help more than one might expect.

My stalled dev work on the documentation should not be any obstacle to anyone who wishes to improve content now. Most of the useful stuff I did "recently" is not actually content anyway; it is restructuring for improved translation support, and that can be integrated independently of content updates.

Hopefully I can find time to help integrate what you have done or guide you in how to do so if that would be helpful.
DisHub Meeting Minutes


 DisHub Community Online meeting

Starts: Sunday July 08, 2018 @ 8:30 PM
Finishes: Sunday July 08, 2018 @ 9:30 PM
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Monthly meetup of disrooters involved in Disroot Hubzilla instance. We talk about the progress and development of our hubzilla instance, themes, plugins, AndHub, tutorials and other cool things to make hubzilla shine.

Agendas and Meeting minutes:

Thanks all for joining the meeting yesterday. It took much longer then expected (i think we need to be more focused and be more prepared next time).

We've moved the minutes to wiki here:
Poll for Hubzilla app name

Hello again,

Thanks to everybody, we now have enough names to start a poll so this is what we did.
Here is the link.

Poll stays open until 03-08-2018
Thank you.
The poll results


In the coming days AndHub will be renamed as Nomad
yay Nomad!time to work on some nice logo.
Pro-Tip: the graph would be easier to read if the results were sorted :)

Will Nomad be available in F-Droid?
We have some serious issues with our database server. We are working on it and will be back asap.
if you wonder what happend to nextcloud, its down and we are working to get it back up.
Good news folks. Finally nextcloud is back up!!!!

It was a hell of a night. Time to sleep / nap.
🔧 Host server update and reboot; database maintenance 🔧

Tonight (in about two hours) we are planing to update our host machines which means reboot. So expect a downtime of about 15min (depending how fast machines reboot) somewhere around 1:00 at night Amsterdam Time.

We are also going to do some maintenance on database containers which will means reboot and downtime of some services for few sec/min.

#disrootstate #disroot