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@grey I think screenshot from @Antilopa includes her personal changes. You can change most of the aspects of the theme (colors, roundness etc) via the settings Settings > Display Settings > Custom Theme Settings so you make your own flavour. if you made something you would like to share with others, you can then poke us with the screenshot and the values you changed on and we could then include your take on the theme and add it as a schema, so that others could use it too.
@Philip is there a reason why both Ajouter en Suivre are used in the french translation? why not chose just one of the two?
There could be an error, in Transifex both 'Connect' and 'Connect/Follow' are tranlated to 'Ajouter/Suivre'
but I don't think text is necessary for this widget anyway.
Pinned apps default

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Is it possible to have selected apps pinned to navbar by default for the whole hub?
So going with an own fork for now, but still wondering if there is a way to make this feature available for other in the future. What about creating a plugin to manipulate those .apd files? Is there a way to do that?
I've just added a hook 'get_system_apps' which is passed the array of discovered (and parsed) system apps. You can create a plugin to manipulate this array in any way you want. It should arrive in dev in a day or two.
wow Mike you are the best!
changing default icon set

!Hubzilla Support Forum Another question: is it possible to change the default fa icons for the entire hub? I've been trying to find where the default $icon value for network or channel are set without much luck.
Most are coded into the UI templates and changing icon sets is a theme decision. Some of these templates get icon hints from code (the icon name with the 'fa-' removed). At one point we had a jquery icon translator but it became un-maintainable and was abandoned. For single icon renames, I think you'd basically want something like


To swap out font|fork-awesome with another icon suite entirely would require a theme with its own templates.
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Perfect! just what I was looking for :)

Edit: One thing I'm still considering - if someone wants to change an icon to one of the icons replaced globally via the 'manage apps' they will not be able to as 'fa-something' will always be 'fa-somethingelse'.
Christian BundyChristian Bundy wrote the following post Sat, 12 May 2018 23:10:47 +0200
I don't remember how I found this, but in 2015 Matt Damon gave a talk on civil disobedience and internationalism and it's fantastic:
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this is another test from me
I see it from the community page on my activity stream!
he i don't. i only see it when i go to the activity page but not after selecting the community page
last post i see on the community page from my activities is 'test 2' from an hour ago by meaz
victorhckvictorhck wrote the following post Thu, 03 May 2018 10:45:05 +0200
Wierd insect

Came across an odd little bee-like insect with a long snout hovering over this thistle's flower.
Never seen such a creature before..

Only thing my partner (she's a biologist) could say about it is that's a pollinator, meaning an insect that transfer pollen.
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Haha same here so far :)