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This post is for the help pages.

This intro may sound silly but I include it because I think it is relevant when it comes to your username.

I wanted my username to be “ana” but ana@disroot as an email address was already taken, so I chose nanas instead.

Now to sign up for new services you need that existing email address, as your login, because no new accounts are allowed in disroot for now.

So I signed up as nanas@disroot for hub.disroot.org, and here, you can choose another username, and ana was available so my address is https://hub.disroot.org/channel/ana even though I login with nanas@disroot email address.

You can upload images to your hub channel using the web interface and also using WebDAV,
which is especially useful if you use a Gnu/Linux operating system like Ubuntu/Debian. I use Lubuntu but these instructions will probably apply to similar flavours too.

On the file browsing application (which in windows is called “file explorer”; different desktop environments have a different one, but it is the graphical interface you can use to browse through the files and folders in your computer) you go to “Go”, in the menu.


(I couldn’t get a screenshot with the menu open, but:) Under “go”, the last option should be “connect to remote server” and you input the values as:

Type: WebDAV
Host: hub.disroot.org
Port (leave as is, or 80)
Path: /dav/yourusernameonhub
Login as: yourusernameonhub


Your user name is the one you chose in hub.disroot.org , but when you are asked for the password, it is the one you chose for your email account (in my case nanas@disroot).

Then you will get one, maybe two messages, saying the location has been moved and/or it has not been mounted.

I think it is because on the address bar,
needs to be:

Once you input that “s” manually it allows to see your folders and from there you can drag more folders and pictures that will then show on the page


If this doesn’t work like this, don’t ask me please, choose one of the facilitated ways to contact the disroot collective: https://disroot.org/en/contact

This should be added here:

Thanks for reading
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