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Woohoo, I GOT ONE! Paul is an IRL friend, has embraced the #deleteFacebook movement, and just joined #friendica. One of the downsides of my leaving FB was that I no longer got updates on where his wit, curiosity, and politics took him. This is gonna be great. Please welcome him, and give him a follow if you like smart, funny, humble, left-leaning people who never stop learning.

Paul, I'm looking forward to pictures of the cats in front of the fireplace, your melting basset hound, and the latest holiday decorations.

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Paul AlterPaul Alter wrote the following post Fri, 23 Nov 2018 15:38:46 +0100

New Here

Hello friendly people of Frendica,

I'm #NewHere. I decided to try this after a friend, @alysonsee (Fca), recommended it. She had done research/trying out of some federated social media services and seemed to like this one.

I had been becoming disenchanted with my primary social media service, Facebook. But the recent news about FB first covering up their discovery of the Russian's interference in the election process in 2015, then their use of Russian disinformation tactics to cover their behavior and try to lay blame on other competitors, well, that was just too Trump for me. Deleted my account and here I am.

Enough about that. What about moi? I'm an unrepentant liberal. What does that mean? I won't apologize for thinking we should care for the most needy in our society. Nor for the environment, education, universal medical care, and all those other socialist leaning policies. As the columnist Gene Weingarten is fond of saying, "I'm so liberal the trees hug me." When you raise the boat for one, you raise it for all.

Speaking of columnists, my favorite is #LeonardPitts. If you want to get a good insight into my social and political leanings, he matches my thoughts about 99.9% of the time.

I'm retired from the software/IT industry. I worked for #IBM for 15 years, then left to a small, local startup called #MDI, which was bought by #Sybase. I worked there for 6 years, then went back to IBM for another 15. My education was a double major in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Computer Science from the University of Colorado in Boulder #CUBoulder. I started working in the CU Boulder MCD Biology department, got married, and needed some real money to survive, so I went to work at IBM as a lab technician in analytical chemistry. A few years later, IBM retrained me as a mainframe programmer, and the rest - as they say - is history, I suppose.

My favorite aspect of my career was the people I worked with. Whether writing software, leading a team, being a manager, or working with clients, the individuals around me were the primary reasons the work either made, or broke, my enjoyment.

Next came the intellectual challenge, whether trying to figure out an algorithm, shooting a tough bug, figuring out how to make a good work environment for my team, helping an individual succeed, or with a problem that may/may not relate to work, figuring out an IT architecture, those were the things that motivated me.

Now that I'm #retired, my wife & I (she's also a former IBMer) (1) take care of our elderly furr-babies: a Norwegian Forest cat, a formerly feral racoon-tailed momma cat from Chicago, and a 15 year-old #BassetHound named Maggie. (2) volunteer with the City of Boulder Open Space/Mountain Parks #OSMPBoulder as a trail guide. We also volunteer with Voices for Children as Court Appointed Special Advocates (#CASA). We work with kids in the court system because of abuse and neglect, and make sure their needs are heard by the court.

We audit classes at CU Boulder, particularly enjoying astronomy and astrophysics. It's great not to feel the pressure of homework and tests, and just focus on learning! We have done some traveling, but are grounded right now because of the needs of our pets.

I love to cook. We're vegetarians and I enjoy coming up with creative recipes. They don't always work, but what the hey, gotta try. Oh, and I love to eat. That's a constant struggle with me...

I love a variety of movies, from romcoms to action to drama to mystery. I tend towards binge watching - not a good thing - and lately my wife & I have subscribed to #Acorn. We get lots of British, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand shows with that. We also have to watch it with closed-captioning so we can understand with their accents and slang. But we love it.

I decorate our yard heavily for #Halloween, I love #Christmas, and I love all things #Disney. My favorite project at IBM was working with Disney for about 5 years. What can I say? Great people, and intellectually challenging!

Aloha for now. I'm looking forward to finding new e-friends here.
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Welcome @Paul Alter
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@Michael Vogel , per our troubleshooting conversation, here is a comment from a Diaspora user on my Hubzilla post that came across, unthreaded, to my Friendica account’s feed as a Hubzilla post by my Hubzilla account.
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welcome n-n
I've had a fun weekend passing out maps of the Federation, providing directions, and serving virtual tea and cookies to all of the #gplusrefugees that are #newhere. Wish I could do it all again today but ... #monday.

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Thanks for your help!
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truly- thank you all for all the work. we will settle down soon, I promise! (I hope!)
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Thanks for all of the re-shares of my earlier welcome to the #gplusrefugees (from my Diaspora account). Some folks who are #newhere have expressed frustration with the lack of certain features on #diaspora. Please consider trying out #hubzilla or #friendica as alternatives if you are looking for the abilities to ...
- Edit posts or comments.
- "Like" comments.
- Post pictures in comments.
- Create groups (e.g., around a common interest).
- Receive autocompletes of mentions while composing on the mobile site.

Friendica and Hubzilla implement the Diaspora protocol as well as others ones. I moved from D* to Hubzilla about a month ago and took all of my D* friends with me and then made a bunch of new friends from Mastodon as well. A bonus on Hubzilla is that when the primary instance (pod) for my channel goes down--remember, these #federation instances/pods are all volunteer operations, so you gotta be patient and flexible--I can switch to using a cloned instance. No downtime! (My primary is on and my clone is on

Now, please enjoy a few more warm-hearted folks to follow: loves pets and people being kind to each other.
@JB Carroll generously makes his tech knowledge accessible. (And he's on Friendica!)
@Passagier 451 generously boosts newbies and shares humor and joyful curiosities.
@Johnny Rei shares his enthusiastic love of nature.

If you decide to try out Friendica or Hubzilla and want to follow warm-hearted people from the #fediverse as well, I recommend starting with @Ignacio Gallup-Diaz and @Gwenfar, aka Julieanne.

Have fun, make friends, and block the nazis!

Update: Hey, it would have been helpful if I provided some links to learn about the Federation and Hubzilla. Fortunately, on Hubzilla, I can edit my post! Where to start:
* How the Free Network (Federation and Fediverse) work:
* Intro to Hubzilla:
* Where to find nodes (instances) of everything:

AlysonAlyson wrote the following post Sun, 14 Oct 2018 01:03:51 +0200
Welcome to the #gplusrefugees . It's energizing to see so many new faces embracing #diaspora .

The #federation is amazing invention, and a very different way of finding and connecting to others. Briefly, your pod (the part after the @ sign in your webbie) is one instance of the software platform known as Diaspora (which implements a protocol also called Diaspora). And Diaspora is just one platform in a multitude of other platforms that interconnect. You can connect with people on any platform that implements the Diaspora protocol (e.g., Friendica, Pleroma, Hubzilla, or Socialhome). For example, I usually post from my Hubzilla account ( @alysonsee ), and my posts from that account are seen by all of my D* friends and I see their posts. Here is a handy intro.

If you are looking for new friends out here, let me suggest some of the most welcoming, warm-hearted folks I've met: @Adam Hunt is always ready with a helpful hand, whether on the shoreline IRL or out here in the ether. @Jose Luis always brightens my day. @Birne Helene makes it easy to find other lovely and interesting Diasporans to connect with. @Sunyata makes me a better person just by being who he is.
@Philip Setnik , I forgot to tag you in my response above.
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Thanks for your generous sharing of information. I've been enjoying Pluspora but am not sure it's my best option.

Hubzilla seems to be feature rich (from reading about it.)

How does one intelligently select an instance? I di like that it seems fairly straightforward to move from one Hubzilla instance to another.

I dred the task of adding my list of Pluspora G+ Castaways to a new system.

this is too much work. 😎
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@Ron K Jeffries I've been trying out a Friendica instance, and it seems rather slow, and some of the links bring me back to pluspora. I'm sure that if I were to fire up another browser or clear my Cache out, the problem would be solved.

I've also thought of moving to another Federated Pod on one of those software platforms, but haven't found one that is working well, or it could a cookie issue as I've not cleared out my cache here. But yes, it seems like it's going to take more time and effort than I'm willing to put in at this time, considering that I don't get time to sit down at my computer during the week like I used to.
New here, not new here

Hello, Federation friends and Fediversians. I'm not exactly #newhere. I joined #diaspora 6 years ago, disappeared after I got no response on my first 6 posts, and then came back 6 months ago. I've made some lovely connections, and my online world is the better for it. I'm now in the process of migrating my presence from D* to this Hubzilla account. If you knew me before, I hope you follow me here.

If you are bumping into me for the first time, I enjoy discovering kindred spirits across the globe. Thanks for sharing your life changes, challenges, and celebrations, and for making my world a bigger, more connected place.

Let's get down to #introductions. Here's some 411 to help you decide if I'm your cup of tea: I’m a progressive, middle-age, cis-gendered, able-bodied, white, first-generation middle class, American, female IT professional. Also #INTJ (#meyersbriggs). No kids—never had the urge. My wife is the same sex but different race, culture, and religion. Also, she is shorter and more idealistic. Despite our very different upbringings, we seem to keep each other constantly amused with common pop culture references. Went to grad school in both Computer Science and Jungian Psychology. Worked for years as a #programmer in the private sector; now work as an IT Manager in #publicservice. I live in a diverse, #urban neighborhood with the usual challenges that come with density, disadvantage, and differences. A shared sense community can be sometimes tough to achieve, but it is very rewarding when it happens. I used to #meditate a lot. Nowadays, I prefer sitting on the back porch and petting the #dogs. My day job can be pretty demanding so I really appreciate small opportunities to slow down and just be present.

#kindness and #gratitude - I never tire of people being decent to each other and appreciative of what they've got--be it privileged or meager.
#dogs - You got ‘em? I love ‘em. Three of our own (the legal max where I live). Show me your dogs pics.
#iphoneography - Especially Hipstamatic with filters on “shuffle” because every picture is a surprise.
#cocktails - I never developed any interest in cooking, but I do a pretty good kachumber cooler.
#not-driving - OK, that’s not an actual hobby. But I’ve become a much happier human being since I ditched driving. There’s a lot of truth to #bowlingalone.

Favorite places evah:
#annapolis-royal (Nova Scotia)

As far as making new friends online goes, I’m not your gal if …
* your posts are routinely N S F W.
* you think reverse racism is a thing.
* you think white privilege, male privilege, or class privilege is not a thing.
* you think feminism is up for debate.
* any of these are your main topics of conversation.

Carry on and #beexcellenttoeachother

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Welcome back (not "back" ;) ) @alysonsee!
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you sound really cool...thank you
Thanks, @organic420 mechanic# and @Allan Haverholm . I look forward to getting to know you.