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Friends and followers,

I'm going to spend a little time on my Friendica account so that I can better help Federation newbies navigate the user interfaces and features of the various platforms. (I'm already very familiar with Diaspora and Hubzilla, as those have been, in turn, my primary home for some months.) I'm also going to start beefing up the connections on my Hubzilla clone. (I want to experiment with swapping the primary and the clone see what I can learn from that too.)

So, if you follow me here, please also follow me on @Alyson See (Friendica). The more people I can interact with there, the more I can learn about navigating the features. And if you get a connection request from that account or from, please add me back and put me in whichever aspects/privacy groups you have for this account. You can tell the difference between my various alysonsee accounts based on the picture. I'll see about adding a D*, Hz, Fca to the channel names to help differentiate too.

Thanks for helping me help others!

#federation #friendica #hubzilla #diaspora #n00bie
Just be aware that channel cloning and federating via diaspora, activitypub and gnu-social is not compatible...
@Mario Vavti , yeah, I recently figured that out the hard way. So, if I ultimately wanted to switch my primary from Account 1 to Account 2, do I mark it as primary in Hubzilla and then redo all of the connection requests?
i don't think there is any other way. you can ask your (real) friends to keep all those accounts connected so they'd be there wherever you go.
Search bar in mobile UI?

!Hubzilla Support Forum

When I use Hubzilla from a mobile browser, I don’t see the search bar that is available in the upper right when viewed from my laptop. Where do I find that functionality on the mobile UI?

Feel free to point me to user documentation. I tried searching the internet but didn’t come up with helpful links.

I think I came across that issue a while back and the answer (at least for now) is to add search to the "hamburger" menu with the "Add Apps" option in the same menu.
A minor side-effect is that I get 2 search icons when I'm in full-width mode.
Thanks, @Marshall Sutherland . That worked! I can live with 2 search bar icons in full-width mode.