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The Mystery of the Missing & Late Cross-Platform Posts

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Fellow Hubzillans, I apologize in advance for combining so many questions into one post. I'm super confused and frustrated but I don't understand cross-platform #federation well enough to know what to be frustrated with or how to tease these issues apart. Yesterday, I wanted to test #hubzilla notifications of "mentions" from multiple platforms. So, I created posts mentioning this Hubzilla account from my #diaspora, #mastodon, #friendica, and #osada accounts. In case it matters, note that my Hubzilla account has a two-way connection with each of these other accounts. Skip to the bottom for my questions.

Results of posting and mentioning from different platforms:

Diaspora: The post from @alysonsee (D*) showed up in my Hubzilla feed quickly, as did a notification of the mention. The comment I made on it from my Friendica account ( @alysonsee (Fca) ) also appeared in my Hubzilla feed and I got a notification of the mention the Fca account made of the Hz account. That's good news. What's weird is that my comment from Fca showed up only once from the perspective of D* account and my Hz account but showed up TWICE for @boet 's Hubzilla account--delivered once via Friendica and once via ActivityPub. In fact, a number of Hubzilla users have reported seeing some Friendica comments twice in threads lately. (Original post is here: .'s copy is here: )

Mastodon: It took nearly a day for my post from @alysonsee to show up in my Hubzilla feed. But it eventually did, along with the reply from my Osada account, which strangely came in over ActivityPub rather than Zot. However, I got no notifications for the mentions in the original Mastodon post or the Osada comment. @Mike Macgirvin has recently added a fix for "mention" notifications from ActivityPub events which will likely go out in Hubzilla v4. So, the only real frustration here is that it took so fracking long for the post to arrive on in comparison to posts from my Mastodon account (which show up within a minute) and that account is only a one-way connection (from Hz to the account). (Original post is here: )

Friendica: It has been over a day and my post from @alysonsee (Fca) still has not shown up in my Hubzilla feed. In fact, if I look from my Hubzilla account at the "Recent Activity" on that connection over the last couple of months, the content is very spotty. Some "likes" are there but not all. Some "comments" are there but not all. The last post that came through was 2 months ago, shortly after I connected the two accounts, which means that it has missed 5 other posts. My Hubzilla clone account (on only has one of my Fca account's posts from the last 2 months, but a different one than the one my primary Hubzilla account has. Strangely, @boet received my Friendica test post in his Hubzilla feed straight away--in fact, faster than he gets my posts. Even my Mastodon and Osada accounts received the post and were able to comment on it. Also, I have received posts from other (Friendica) users in my feed. So, why are the posts from my Fca account missing in my Hz feed?

Osada: My Osada post showed up in my Hubzilla feed pretty quickly but via ActivityPub. I mean, that's fine. I just would have expected Zot --> Zot would be the default. It also means that my Hz account didn't get a "mention" notification. Also, it didn't show up in my Hubzilla clone's feed. My Friendica account saw it and was able to comment on it. But that was about an hour ago and the comment still hasn't shown up in my Hubzilla feed (primary or clone).

One last tidbit: After a couple of hours of trying these different combos, went down for at least 12 hours. (I went to bed and so stopped trying until morning.)

So, to recap:
(1) Why do comments from Friendica show up twice in threads (delivered once via Friendica and once via ActivityPub)? (I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that these comments are coming from users on an Fca instance running the dev branch implementation of ActivityPub. Tagging @Michael Vogel because I think that's his area. )
(2) Why did my post take nearly a day to arrive on Is that a problem or a problem?
(3) On a related note, why does it take about 24 hours for my Hubzilla posts to be delivered to @boet ? Is that a problem or a problem?
(4) Why can other Hubzilla users get my Friendica posts and my Hz account can see others' Fca posts but my Hz account can't see my Fca posts?
(5) If my Hubzilla primary and clone accounts can receive one post from a Friendica connection, then why don't they get all of them?
(6) On a related note, if my Hubzilla clone can receive one post from a one-way Mastodon connection, then why doesn't it get all of them? Or, for that matter, why doesn't it get the posts from a two-way connection on a different Mastodon instance?
(7) Why does my Hubzilla account get posts from Osada via ActivityPub rather than Zot?
(8) How many of these behaviors could be related to my primary Hubzilla instance being at v3.6.1?
yeah i wouldnt take our hub as a reference or testing instance as we had sone issues the last day. also we are not up to date (finally planned for this week) so if anything i would wait for next week annoucement that we have updated to latest and got rid of all the issues before using our hub to test anything.
consider that, knowing the problems of zotum hub with the queues, I, often, I go to respond directly on the page of the forum or the person, this is probably to be considered in the solution of the bug.
 from Diaspora
I've got nothing from my Friendica account for about a week >.<
Friends and followers,

I'm going to spend a little time on my Friendica account so that I can better help Federation newbies navigate the user interfaces and features of the various platforms. (I'm already very familiar with Diaspora and Hubzilla, as those have been, in turn, my primary home for some months.) I'm also going to start beefing up the connections on my Hubzilla clone. (I want to experiment with swapping the primary and the clone see what I can learn from that too.)

So, if you follow me here, please also follow me on @Alyson See (Friendica). The more people I can interact with there, the more I can learn about navigating the features. And if you get a connection request from that account or from, please add me back and put me in whichever aspects/privacy groups you have for this account. You can tell the difference between my various alysonsee accounts based on the picture. I'll see about adding a D*, Hz, Fca to the channel names to help differentiate too.

Thanks for helping me help others!

#federation #friendica #hubzilla #diaspora #n00bie
Just be aware that channel cloning and federating via diaspora, activitypub and gnu-social is not compatible...
@Mario Vavti , yeah, I recently figured that out the hard way. So, if I ultimately wanted to switch my primary from Account 1 to Account 2, do I mark it as primary in Hubzilla and then redo all of the connection requests?
i don't think there is any other way. you can ask your (real) friends to keep all those accounts connected so they'd be there wherever you go.
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Thanks for all of the re-shares of my earlier welcome to the #gplusrefugees (from my Diaspora account). Some folks who are #newhere have expressed frustration with the lack of certain features on #diaspora. Please consider trying out #hubzilla or #friendica as alternatives if you are looking for the abilities to ...
- Edit posts or comments.
- "Like" comments.
- Post pictures in comments.
- Create groups (e.g., around a common interest).
- Receive autocompletes of mentions while composing on the mobile site.

Friendica and Hubzilla implement the Diaspora protocol as well as others ones. I moved from D* to Hubzilla about a month ago and took all of my D* friends with me and then made a bunch of new friends from Mastodon as well. A bonus on Hubzilla is that when the primary instance (pod) for my channel goes down--remember, these #federation instances/pods are all volunteer operations, so you gotta be patient and flexible--I can switch to using a cloned instance. No downtime! (My primary is on and my clone is on

Now, please enjoy a few more warm-hearted folks to follow: loves pets and people being kind to each other.
@JB Carroll generously makes his tech knowledge accessible. (And he's on Friendica!)
@Passagier 451 generously boosts newbies and shares humor and joyful curiosities.
@Johnny Rei shares his enthusiastic love of nature.

If you decide to try out Friendica or Hubzilla and want to follow warm-hearted people from the #fediverse as well, I recommend starting with @Ignacio Gallup-Diaz and @Gwenfar, aka Julieanne.

Have fun, make friends, and block the nazis!

Update: Hey, it would have been helpful if I provided some links to learn about the Federation and Hubzilla. Fortunately, on Hubzilla, I can edit my post! Where to start:
* How the Free Network (Federation and Fediverse) work:
* Intro to Hubzilla:
* Where to find nodes (instances) of everything:

AlysonAlyson wrote the following post Sun, 14 Oct 2018 01:03:51 +0200
Welcome to the #gplusrefugees . It's energizing to see so many new faces embracing #diaspora .

The #federation is amazing invention, and a very different way of finding and connecting to others. Briefly, your pod (the part after the @ sign in your webbie) is one instance of the software platform known as Diaspora (which implements a protocol also called Diaspora). And Diaspora is just one platform in a multitude of other platforms that interconnect. You can connect with people on any platform that implements the Diaspora protocol (e.g., Friendica, Pleroma, Hubzilla, or Socialhome). For example, I usually post from my Hubzilla account ( @alysonsee ), and my posts from that account are seen by all of my D* friends and I see their posts. Here is a handy intro.

If you are looking for new friends out here, let me suggest some of the most welcoming, warm-hearted folks I've met: @Adam Hunt is always ready with a helpful hand, whether on the shoreline IRL or out here in the ether. @Jose Luis always brightens my day. @Birne Helene makes it easy to find other lovely and interesting Diasporans to connect with. @Sunyata makes me a better person just by being who he is.
@Philip Setnik , I forgot to tag you in my response above.
 from Diaspora
Thanks for your generous sharing of information. I've been enjoying Pluspora but am not sure it's my best option.

Hubzilla seems to be feature rich (from reading about it.)

How does one intelligently select an instance? I di like that it seems fairly straightforward to move from one Hubzilla instance to another.

I dred the task of adding my list of Pluspora G+ Castaways to a new system.

this is too much work. 😎
 from Diaspora
@Ron K Jeffries I've been trying out a Friendica instance, and it seems rather slow, and some of the links bring me back to pluspora. I'm sure that if I were to fire up another browser or clear my Cache out, the problem would be solved.

I've also thought of moving to another Federated Pod on one of those software platforms, but haven't found one that is working well, or it could a cookie issue as I've not cleared out my cache here. But yes, it seems like it's going to take more time and effort than I'm willing to put in at this time, considering that I don't get time to sit down at my computer during the week like I used to.
New friends

At Haus Ov Where with @Alien (A23P) (not pictured). It was the first time we’ve met in person, and he is downright bubbly. He invited me out to his stomping grounds, introduced me to his friends, and made me feel welcome and special. #denver #federation

 from Diaspora
It was bound to happen :P
 from Diaspora
 from Diaspora
ahhh, it was a pleasure miss @alysonsee :-D admit though, while I feel it was in it's own way totally fitting to the eve, our talk portion of the went down absurdly LoL. Video of the talk should be posted soon though.

I was a bit surprised earlier in the eve by the sparseness (Smash is typically pretty filled), but then surprised again as there was a surge later in the eve (seemed to pick up considerably between 1-2ish.... guess it was the clubs closing maybe)..... which was kinda cool, as that's when bands and things had to start.

Anyhow, just realized we'll be away from the wrkshp again next weekend, BUT we will have a couple booths at the Maker Faire (and will have a good deal more of our workings out with us). So would have to wait a couple weekends before we could do a tour of things on that front. :(
we'll have some cool things about for the Maker Faire though

Hope to be able to link up again sometime soon.
Test post 4 (public) - Hubzilla --> Diaspora, Friendica, Mastodon

Posting from Hubzilla, commenting from D*, Friendica, and Mastodon. Audience: Public. Let's verify who can see what. #fediverse #federation

Checking for ...
1. Post federation
2. Embedded media

No Problem Thumbs Up GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. Linking: Link 1,

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video)
by RickAstleyVEVO on YouTube

4. Markup: bold, italic, underline,
, code
5. Uploaded media (see photo at bottom of post).
6. Post emoji reaction (from Hubzilla)
5. Comments - TBD
6. Comment likes - TBD
7. Links and embedded media in comments - TBD

 from Friendica
Embed media seems not work/not implemented in #friendica ... @Hyp☀️li🌷e Pet🌸van (he/him)
@Mike Macgirvin , if you don't mind me bugging you, any idea why this post didn't federate to my Friendica account? The two accounts are mutual friends but so far, none of my posts from Hubzilla show up on my Friendica stream (even though they show up for my friended Diaspora and Mastodon accounts).
@Mike Macgirvin , nevermind. User error. I was looking at Friendica from my phone and, using the Frio theme (which was not high-contrast enough to be friendly to small font size), I didn't see that the filter had been changed to "Personal".