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It’s a cold and rainy day here in #denver.

I noticed here for the first time today that we really are getting closer to winter. It was around 0°C this morning when I went for my run. People had to scratch their car windows. Getting back down there again now (7:30 pm over here.) We had a lot of sun, though. Lots of people were happy about that, but we really could do with some rain. Send some over ;-)
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Nice #Tiltshift
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We have snow and ice. None of it is nice.
Sunday was short-sleeve weather, and Pasha and I went cruising. Forecast for tonight: snow!

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alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:18:55 +0100
Sunny sundays are for cruising with Pasha.




i think i never voted in my whole life loudly crying face for a long time the options were SPD (social democrats, center-left), CDU (christian democrats, center-right), or FDP (free democrats, center-god-knows-what). i really didn't see a point then: was all the same anyway.

then, some 30+ years ago i left for india where i'm still living. during the last election i happened to be in berlin for a short visit and decided that, with all the neo-nazi stuff going on i simply had to vote. unfortunately i was registered in west bengal, means i would hava had to apply for a mail-vote, and when i found out it was already too late. so still: no vote from me...
@phanisvara das You are forgiven ;-) It must be a lot harder to keep up with what's going on, living that far away. I would imagine that you're a lot more concerned with local politics than with what's happening halfway around the globe.

@alysonsee Sorry, somehow your cruising dog post became about politics... my fault, I guess ;-) It's really hard to keep politics out of anything these days.
@Tanja I hear you. We are outnumbered by dogs in our house. And they tend to vote unanimously pro-chicken, pro-peanut butter, and anti-bath time. According to the dogs, we are freedom-hating treat hoarders who discriminate against those without opposable thumbs. :)
No Forks Allowed


On my walk to work, lunch bag in hand, I stopped at the city services building to get my neighborhood parking passes renewed. (Shhh, yes, I know I’m late.) Went through the scanners. Found out the hard way: NO FORKS ALLOWED.

Now that I think of it, I wouldn’t want to be forked by a grumpy citizen either. And they probably get a lot of those. I may adopt this as my new tag line. #denver #noforksallowed
Not to mention revision forks
Damn autocorrect. I recursed it (not recorded it).
Found on the sidewalk on the walk to work. Usually, it’s just discarded socks and food containers along the way. #denver #photo

(Photo: bible with cover ripped off, showing ToC, sprinkled with gold leaves)
The Davinci Code...
Now you know too much
The sun is back out and the snow has melted. I love having a job that requires me to get out for urban walks in #denver

You too, @Thom Horton !
@alysonsee The advantage of living in a small town, like me, is that you can walk from one place to another in any circumstance for any purpose :-)
@Manuel , that is ideal indeed.
And what are you doing so far away and so cold?  :-) Morning!
@Manuel , this is a picture from my backyard! Please send me some sunshine from Spain. :)
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Wow, so white! Since I have had Zoya I have loved winter, especially with a lot of snow. But for now I'm happy that it's warm (19 Celsius degrees) and colorful. Stay warm!
New friends

At Haus Ov Where with @Alien (A23P) (not pictured). It was the first time we’ve met in person, and he is downright bubbly. He invited me out to his stomping grounds, introduced me to his friends, and made me feel welcome and special. #denver #federation

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It was bound to happen :P
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ahhh, it was a pleasure miss @alysonsee :-D admit though, while I feel it was in it's own way totally fitting to the eve, our talk portion of the went down absurdly LoL. Video of the talk should be posted soon though.

I was a bit surprised earlier in the eve by the sparseness (Smash is typically pretty filled), but then surprised again as there was a surge later in the eve (seemed to pick up considerably between 1-2ish.... guess it was the clubs closing maybe)..... which was kinda cool, as that's when bands and things had to start.

Anyhow, just realized we'll be away from the wrkshp again next weekend, BUT we will have a couple booths at the Maker Faire (and will have a good deal more of our workings out with us). So would have to wait a couple weekends before we could do a tour of things on that front. :(
we'll have some cool things about for the Maker Faire though

Hope to be able to link up again sometime soon.
Goodnight, friends.

I found out why photos in friends-only posts aren’t visible to friends on other networks. It’s a fairly simply explanation, and I promise to share what I learned once my eyelids are not drooping. In the meantime, please enjoy tonight’s rooftop sunset.

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good afternoon

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Interested to know what caused that sharing issue.

I’m still trying to figure out why photos included in a friends-only post don’t show up for some of my non-Hubzilla friends (even though they can see the post with its text). In the meantime, please enjoy tonight’s sunset.


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Today's posts are so #denver
- Great American Beer Festival tickets available!
- fully nude male masturbating in alley
- Stolen bike
- Found chicken

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Blue blue blue

One of the things I love about Colorado is the intense shade of blue that is the sky. I feel like I could fall into it and never stop falling into blue.


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New here, not new here

Hello, Federation friends and Fediversians. I'm not exactly #newhere. I joined #diaspora 6 years ago, disappeared after I got no response on my first 6 posts, and then came back 6 months ago. I've made some lovely connections, and my online world is the better for it. I'm now in the process of migrating my presence from D* to this Hubzilla account. If you knew me before, I hope you follow me here.

If you are bumping into me for the first time, I enjoy discovering kindred spirits across the globe. Thanks for sharing your life changes, challenges, and celebrations, and for making my world a bigger, more connected place.

Let's get down to #introductions. Here's some 411 to help you decide if I'm your cup of tea: I’m a progressive, middle-age, cis-gendered, able-bodied, white, first-generation middle class, American, female IT professional. Also #INTJ (#meyersbriggs). No kids—never had the urge. My wife is the same sex but different race, culture, and religion. Also, she is shorter and more idealistic. Despite our very different upbringings, we seem to keep each other constantly amused with common pop culture references. Went to grad school in both Computer Science and Jungian Psychology. Worked for years as a #programmer in the private sector; now work as an IT Manager in #publicservice. I live in a diverse, #urban neighborhood with the usual challenges that come with density, disadvantage, and differences. A shared sense community can be sometimes tough to achieve, but it is very rewarding when it happens. I used to #meditate a lot. Nowadays, I prefer sitting on the back porch and petting the #dogs. My day job can be pretty demanding so I really appreciate small opportunities to slow down and just be present.

#kindness and #gratitude - I never tire of people being decent to each other and appreciative of what they've got--be it privileged or meager.
#dogs - You got ‘em? I love ‘em. Three of our own (the legal max where I live). Show me your dogs pics.
#iphoneography - Especially Hipstamatic with filters on “shuffle” because every picture is a surprise.
#cocktails - I never developed any interest in cooking, but I do a pretty good kachumber cooler.
#not-driving - OK, that’s not an actual hobby. But I’ve become a much happier human being since I ditched driving. There’s a lot of truth to #bowlingalone.

Favorite places evah:
#annapolis-royal (Nova Scotia)

As far as making new friends online goes, I’m not your gal if …
* your posts are routinely N S F W.
* you think reverse racism is a thing.
* you think white privilege, male privilege, or class privilege is not a thing.
* you think feminism is up for debate.
* any of these are your main topics of conversation.

Carry on and #beexcellenttoeachother

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Welcome back (not "back" ;) ) @alysonsee!
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you sound really cool...thank you
Thanks, @organic420 mechanic# and @Allan Haverholm . I look forward to getting to know you.