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The Split, Season 1

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I've got one word to describe season 1 of "The Split": Overwrought.

Nobody portrays anguish like Nicola Walker. So, the storyline was, frankly, overkill. Also major points off for the portrayal of men: When the men behaved badly in the direction of women, they fell into such predictable tropes that they all just seemed shallow and dumb. But the women's faults came off as more nuanced and empathy-worthy. No, no, and no.

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Four Blocks, Season 1

Hopefully, I'm not being too spoilery by saying my favorite part of "Four Blocks" was the hidden moral of the story which is that the best way to get saved from a no-win situation is to adopt a dog.

Also recommended if you like gangsters, intrigue, double crossing, action, or beards.

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The Man in the High Castle, 3 seasons

Here's my synopsis of "The Man in the High Castle" thus far. (No spoilers.)
Season 1 - Soundly based on a story by a popular novelist. Opened up a multiverse of possibilities.
Season 2 - Holy shit, we got renewed and there's no more of the novel left. What should we do?
Season 3 - Let's milk this and take an entire season to move the plot forward to what should have taken 2 episodes to accomplish.

Time = wasted.

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 from Diaspora
I made it to episode 3 season 1 then removed it from my Prime watch-list.
You Are Wanted, Season 1

Finally got back to "You Are Wanted". It was a fast-paced, fun ride and made me want more OSINT-based intrigue (but perhaps with a little more detail and authenticity as, say, "Mr. Robot".)

I'm hoping season 2 can maintain the pace and geek appeal without going off to hand-wavy, technology-is-unquestionable-magic, James-Bond territory.

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Watching the final season of "A Place to Call Home".

"I'm not crying. It's just been raining on my face." - Jemaine Clement

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A Place to Call Home, Season 6

So, I just found out that there is a season 6 of "A Place to Call Home" (Australian, period drama). Now, I LOVE this show. But it got canceled after season 2 and was awkwardly and hastily wrapped up. Then it was picked up again and moved distributors--twice. Season 5 seemed to wrap things up so nicely. So, I feel like I loved it, I lived it, I grieved it, and I moved on. And while there is no way I'm not watching season 6, I feel a little emotionally yanked around. Phew.

For those of you that haven't seen it and have a "Downton Abbey"-shaped hole in your heart, check it out. It really is lovely.

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For those of you in the USA, you can find it on AcornTV.
Ozark, Season 2

Finished season 2 of Ozark this weekend and was not disappointed. I do loves me some long-game machinations and dastardly doings (e.g., House of Cards, Damages). The first few episodes felt like they weren't progressing much beyond last season. But by the last four episodes, the complications had piled on, and desperation pushed key characters to source dimensions of themselves they didn't know they had (conniving, decisive, sympathetic, faithless). Some threats were neutralized while others were only temporarily pacified. Looking forward to season 3 to see who is in charge and who has a handful of monkey wrenches to throw into the works.

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Having regard to the first chapter.  I like it a lot!
This series has been a real discovery. Just finished season 2 and have loved it.
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@elmussol Judging from what I've seen so far, the show has a mixture of black humor and background criticism, a sample of the relativity of good and evil, really admirable...
CB Strike

We knocked out season 1 of CB Strike this weekend. (In the USA, it's on Amazon Prime with a 7-day free trial of Cinemax, which is more than enough time.) It was 3 crimes over 7 episodes. The first 2 mysteries were written as a sort of the classic damaged loner detective (humanized by plucky sidekick) characters meet Agatha Christie-style pacing (i.e., lots of misdirection that is wrapped up quickly by a confrontation with the accused). But the last one was grittier and more personal. Not sure how I feel about that twist. I was enjoying the easy entertainment of the first two. They were a nice break from the constant drip of personal vendetta/prey stories that are intense but also exhaust a lot of ground too quickly. All in all, it was an enjoyable way to wind down and be entertained by one of my favorite genres.

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I think J. K. Rowling did it 'cause your birthday, Manuel.
did you thank the writer? You must do it. :))
Great present, yeah! :-)
We enjoyed it.
Deutschland '86

Deutschland '86 has a release date! October 19 in Germany (on Amazon Prime) and October 25 in the USA (on Sundance TV). If you have not yet seen the first season, called Deutschland '83, cancel your plans and prepare to binge. (Espionage and 80s music--what's not to love?) In the USA, it's available on Hulu and iTunes. I haven't heard yet if Hulu will pick up the Deutschland '86 streaming rights. But Walter Presents seems to have nabbed them. This might be the thing that finally gets me to buy that Walter Presents subscription.

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Fortitude, Season 3

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Fortitude will have a season 3! It's only gonna be 4 episodes but I'm sure glad for another dose of this locked-room-mystery/crime/sci-fi/horror show. There's really nothing else like it (that I know of and like) on television these days.

In the USA, you can catch the first 2 seasons on Amazon Prime or iTunes.

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I need to enter in this trip ! ;-)
Noted for the future.
Part way through season 1.Thumbs up so far.
Queen of the South

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Finished season 3 of “Queen of the South”. It was mostly shoot outs, and the plot did not move as decisively as the first 2, excellent seasons. And the writers are not making the most out of the juicy issue of permeable borders. Still, I love the character. And, because viewers know her fate (from flash forwards), we know there is still more of the story to tell. So, I’m hoping for a strong season 4.

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