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Weekend kill count

Weekend kill count: 1 mouse, 5 new Ailanthus shoots, and 20-30 yellow jackets. I respect their place in the ecosystem--just not in the crevices of my house. Except for Ailanthus--Ailanthus can eff right off.
I caught a little mouse tonight. @HernanLG , you'll be happy to know this one was alive (albeit a bit disoriented) and I carried it to the culvert at the end of the block.

For anyone taking notes, I'll have you know that I found it within a few inches of the highly mint-scented repellant packet and within a few feet of two ultrasonic deterrents. So, in short, the remainder of the mint packets will be better repurposed as air fresheners and the electronic devices will be repurposed as night lights elsewhere in the house. Because they sure ain't deterring the mice.
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Awesome! Now we safely say no animals were harmed in the making of this :D
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@alysonsee Major argh-ing for your sake.

But thank you for the data!
The remorseless face of a dog who ate something she shouldn’t have. On the upside, if Crayola calls, I have some suggestions for new names for vibrant shades of green.


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