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We have reached the part of tonight’s wind storm in which I have come to the conclusion that if this were a true apocalypse, I would probably be one of the first to be eaten by zombies or, more likely, my fellow survivors. <whimper>
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I read "credenza" for some reason, and I like it better. :) Oh, I'm gonna have fun with you, Cleroce. Will stand on street corners with a big posterboard sign, just for you, "Looking for attractive and functional dishwasher for use during zombie attacks." That oughtta net us some attention...
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excellent :D we'll have a taker in no time!
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Strom’s a’rollin’ in. That weather app screenshot shows a drop from 16 to -3 for you Celsius users. The wind is creaking the doors and flapping the vent covers. And the Italian Greyhound is characteristically in that blanket pile somewhere. It’s good thing I finished watching “The Haunting of Hill House” yesterday.
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Brrrr! Wrap up!

It’s a cold and rainy day here in #denver.

I noticed here for the first time today that we really are getting closer to winter. It was around 0°C this morning when I went for my run. People had to scratch their car windows. Getting back down there again now (7:30 pm over here.) We had a lot of sun, though. Lots of people were happy about that, but we really could do with some rain. Send some over ;-)
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Nice #Tiltshift
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We have snow and ice. None of it is nice.
Sunday was short-sleeve weather, and Pasha and I went cruising. Forecast for tonight: snow!

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alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:18:55 +0100
Sunny sundays are for cruising with Pasha.




i think i never voted in my whole life loudly crying face for a long time the options were SPD (social democrats, center-left), CDU (christian democrats, center-right), or FDP (free democrats, center-god-knows-what). i really didn't see a point then: was all the same anyway.

then, some 30+ years ago i left for india where i'm still living. during the last election i happened to be in berlin for a short visit and decided that, with all the neo-nazi stuff going on i simply had to vote. unfortunately i was registered in west bengal, means i would hava had to apply for a mail-vote, and when i found out it was already too late. so still: no vote from me...
@phanisvara das You are forgiven ;-) It must be a lot harder to keep up with what's going on, living that far away. I would imagine that you're a lot more concerned with local politics than with what's happening halfway around the globe.

@alysonsee Sorry, somehow your cruising dog post became about politics... my fault, I guess ;-) It's really hard to keep politics out of anything these days.
@Tanja I hear you. We are outnumbered by dogs in our house. And they tend to vote unanimously pro-chicken, pro-peanut butter, and anti-bath time. According to the dogs, we are freedom-hating treat hoarders who discriminate against those without opposable thumbs. :)
And what are you doing so far away and so cold?  :-) Morning!
@Manuel , this is a picture from my backyard! Please send me some sunshine from Spain. :)
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Wow, so white! Since I have had Zoya I have loved winter, especially with a lot of snow. But for now I'm happy that it's warm (19 Celsius degrees) and colorful. Stay warm!

I’m not sure what I love more about this time of year:
- The quality of the sunlight.
- The color of the leaves.
- Wearing flannel shirts.
- Wearing knit sweaters.
- Eating pumpkin pie.
- Drinking hot apple cider.

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Thanks, @Manuel and @Birne Helene . We have a 130+ year old house. This window still has its original, leaded glass.
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oh oh oh <3
The Heat Is On

And so has begun the autumnal progression of ...
Sweater weather outside -->
Sweater weather inside + jacket weather outside -->
Extra duvet on bed and fuzzy slippers on feet -->
Furnace kicking in -->
Inability to get Glenn Fry's 1984 hit "The Heat Is On" unstuck from my head.

Happy Fall, Fediverse.
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So happy it's finally cooling down. As my Uncle would say this is "big boy" weather. Image/photo
The song is now in my head. Soon my entire family will have it.
@squozebrain , my gift to you. :)