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I've been doing my job (which covers my predecessor's scope and then some) plus my boss' job since late May. Long about July, I was so exhausted that, when I got home, I changed straight into my PJs and I was lucky to not fall asleep by 8:30. So, I bumped up the self-care and started going to acupuncture. I did it once a week for month, then twice a week for 2 months, and now I'm cutting back to once a month for probably 5 more months just make sure I've got a safety net built in.

My workload isn't less, but I'm feeling a lot better. (Evidence: it's 8:30 PM and I am not yet in my PJs and I'm not even sleepy.) I don't know squat about how acupuncture works, but this is the 3rd time in my life that it has saved my bacon. Nowadays, it's only $25 a session. And, even if it is only napping with needles, it has been totally worth it.

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@alysonsee So you'd recommend it, then? I'd been thinking about trying acupuncture, but it isn't covered by my insurance and it's a lot more expensive here..

Unless the price has gone down when I last checked 3 or 4 years ago.
@Kurt A model called “community acupuncture” has brought the cost down a lot since it caught on over the last 15 years. Basically, rather than being treated privately, the treatment room is a circle of recliners. Everyone does their best to stay quiet and not bug each other as they come and go. So, rather than napping alone with needles, it’s like group, drop-in napping with needles. See if you can find a community acupuncture place and compare the cost.

I don’t have any objective basis for recommending it to others. While correlation is not causation, the stretches during which I have used acupuncture have been highly correlated with my issue clearing up. I’ve had no negative side effects. So, it seems there is nothing to lose by trying.
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@alysonsee Sounds like it's worth a shot if nothing else. Thanks for the info!